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Plan Your Lighting Now to Avoid Impending 2019 U.S. Tariffs

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis implores any commercial outdoor lighting or residential landscape lighting clients, planning outdoor lighting in 2019, to get your project underway now to avoid higher prices beginning January 1.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis would like to inform its clients and potential clients, who are planning a project in 2019, that our company will, unfortunately, be affected by higher tariffs beginning January 1. If you are on the fence about starting your residential landscape lighting or commercial outdoor lighting project, we hope that you will reach out to us to begin planning immediately to avoid substantial cost increases.

Minneapolis commercial outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis

How will new U.S. tariffs affect our commercial and residential landscape lighting product costs?

Raw materials that are used to create our outdoor lighting products will see a 15-20% cost increase, which will be in effect beginning January 1, 2019. There is no grace period on the tariffs – it will be immediately effective the first day of the new year. All our LED chips are sourced overseas, and those costs will be impacted as well. Increased product costs will regrettably be passed on to the consumer.

Minneapolis path lighting
Landscape lighting fixtures see up to a 20% cost increase in 2019.

What can you do to maintain your upcoming landscape lighting or commercial outdoor lighting budget?

minneapolis landscape lighting near driveway
Minneapolis LED landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis

See more about Minneapolis LED landscape lighting!

Residential landscape lighting clients and commercial outdoor lighting clients alike have one avenue of recourse – and that is to act immediately – do not wait to call us to begin planning your 2019 lighting project, so we can order your products before January 1! If you contact us now, we will take a down payment on your project, order your lighting components, and install in 2019! Even though we might not be able to install your project until after winter, your outdoor lighting products will be up to 20% less than they would be in 2019.

If you’re planning new landscape lighting or outdoor lighting in 2019, don’t wait! With tariffs causing a 20% rise in prices next year, getting started today could save you a lot of cash! 763-208-0555

Stillwater Living, Made Brighter with Professional Façade Lighting

Highlight the character of your home and yard with Stillwater exterior home lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.

With character homes, new and old, Stillwater MN is the kind of idyllic small town we have all imagined ourselves living in at one time or another. Residents know the value in that statement and are fortunate to call Stillwater home. With its nationally acclaimed historic downtown, chock full of locally-owned businesses, waterfront homes, and attractions, Stillwater sets the perfect scene for professional architectural façade lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is pleased to call Stillwater residents clients.

Stillwater Architectural Lighting

New homes have character too! Sure, Stillwater’s historic mansions and older homes are beautiful, but such designations are not just for older homes. In neighborhoods like Liberty on the Lakes, we find the spirit of historic Stillwater. With gorgeous craftsman styling, these homes lend themselves flawlessly to professional architectural lighting.

This showstopping home in Liberty on the Lakes is the epitome of exquisite Stillwater architectural lighting. Character elements like the high gable arts and crafts trim on the front of this home is made more beautiful at night with added depth created with light and dramatic shadows. With uplighting, you can see the texture of the lap and shake siding and the beautiful stacked stone elements in a whole new dimension at night. If there were a fourth dimension or a fifth, it would apply here! The architectural lighting also calls into play the beautiful contrast between the white trim of the home against its darker siding and stone color. The turret is the cherry on top, with lighting on each side that highlights the angular architecture perfectly – all the way to the top!

See more professional outdoor lighting design ideas and options in our video library!


High drama is the name of the game on this charming craftsman cottage. How could you ever be blue in this home? Lighting the stacked stone façade of the home takes on a very dramatic aesthetic with plays on color, shadows, and highlights. The saturated blue sets the perfect dark backdrop for the white corbels, gable trim, and window framing to pop. Let’s not leave out effect of highlighting the front porch area, while leaving the overhead lighting by the front doors off. Admit it…you kind of want to live here!

Stillwater Curb Appeal

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, lighting your home and landscaping is about providing curb appeal at night, as is evident with the home below. This home is defined by its gables and bump-outs, which lend themselves beautifully to our professional lighting. Notice how you can see the texture of the shake siding perfectly on the high front gable. The hallmarks of professional lighting design are in the placement of the lighting, where one element of the home plays in direct contrast with the other. The tall gable behind is dark, which to the eye, pulls the one in front out even farther. All the triple windows with lattice design transoms are revealed with lighting at night. This beautiful porch and front door are perfectly showcased with the home’s overhead lights on to highlight additional custom design touches, like the curved tongue and groove ceiling over the door. That’s what we call curb appeal and then some!

Show off your gorgeous Stillwater home at night while adding visibility at night. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Professional Architectural and Landscape Lighting vs. Do-it-Yourself in North Oaks

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers professional residential lighting that will set your North Oaks home apart from the rest.

North Oaks landscape lighting professionalsThe enormous trend of all things DIY is facilitated by websites, like Pinterest and YouTube, and even dedicated TV networks and popular personalities, like Martha Stewart. With tutorials for baking and holiday crafts, to home building and remodeling techniques, we have all likely made a solid attempt at a do-it-yourself project. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we encourage you to hone your creative skills but ask you to call on us to provide your home, outdoor living, and landscape lighting in North Oaks.

Allow us to make your home shine with custom North Oaks landscape lighting.

Communities like North Oaks are fantastic venues for professional lighting design and installation. With stately homes, winding roads, nature vistas, and large private yards, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis aims to provide professional lighting services that will optimally highlight your home and property.

Why is professional lighting advantageous for your home versus DIY?

north oaks best outdoor lighting companyThe finer benefits of professional residential landscape lighting begin with high-quality lighting fixtures. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses only the upper echelon in lighting fixtures, with a choice between brass and copper. Sure, you can purchase plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel fixtures at a low price from a big box store – but low-cost does not equate to a good value. We implore you to avoid cheap lighting fixtures, as they are short-lived. Savings now is not worth the trouble and cost to re-purchase a short time later. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also offers solutions for high-quality, low-environmental-impact LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a full-service outdoor lighting provider. This means we do all the work for you!

Another advantage is that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is a total turn-key outdoor lighting provider. We not only offer the benefits of high-quality lighting products and expert design and installation, but we will maintain your lighting for life. We offer a yearly outdoor lighting maintenance plan that covers important lighting care services to keep your system working and looking beautifully! With our service plan, you never have to worry about things like enhancing your design with small adjustments, checking connections, cleaning lenses and fixtures, or concealing exposed wiring. Hand over all your outdoor lighting maintenance to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis!

We are your preferred North Oaks outdoor lighting experts.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been an approved and recommended expert lighting company for twenty years – longevity is our most valued accomplishment! When it comes to planning your lighting, we will create show-stopping focal points on and around your home. We can highlight your home’s grand architectural elements, such as large columns, turrets, stone and siding elements, wood trim, and other ornamentation. Having lighted commercial and residential buildings of historical significance, we can guide you through showcasing your home in its very best light.

See beautiful photos of our residential architectural lighting!

When it comes to lighting your North Oaks home and property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will take the repetitive fixture purchasing cost, time, and hassle of do-it-yourself lighting off your hands. Even if you have always installed your own landscape lighting, call on us to update your design and fixtures. Yes, we can do that! If you are tired of DIY lighting at your North Oaks home, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is ready to take the reins.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of providing the best quality North Oaks landscape lighting that will last. Call today to schedule a design consultation! 763-208-0555

Quality Landscape Lighting Begins with Choice Materials – Brass or Copper, Period

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers only quality landscape lighting materials that will keep your lights healthy for many years to come.

landscape lighting that will lastWhen it comes to investing in quality landscape lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will deftly guide you through the process of choosing a great design, but professional outdoor lighting is about so much more than setting a beautiful scene. It’s about offering products that will give our clients the best, safest, and longest use. Compared to companies, who might offer lower-quality landscape lighting materials, brass and copper fixtures might seem exorbitant, but we are here to tell you they are not a luxury – they are the standard on which we rest our reputation as lighting professionals.

Brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures will offer long-lived service and beauty. For this reason, these are the only two options you will see at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Sure, you see many choices in big box stores, such as plastic and aluminum. Those lower-level landscape lighting materials will offer savings on the front end of your lighting installation. When it comes to getting continued service from those materials, the buck stops there. Within a few years, after a few Minneapolis winters, those cheaper lighting fixtures must be replaced. There is only one way to avoid catastrophic breakage and corrosion – use copper or brass landscape lighting.

The truth about lower-quality landscape lighting fixture materials – they fail.

Truth is, aluminum will quickly corrode, even if produced or coated in a way that inhibits corrosion. Plastic will warp, crack, and break. Plastic and aluminum will cost the least amount of money upfront, but you will spend that money over and over to replace. Costly grade 316 stainless steel will offer longevity if placed in areas without a lot of humidity, rainfall, or in waterside locales. Even if the high-grade stainless steel is used, it requires cleaning and polishing. That’s unnecessary maintenance and upkeep for your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Brass and copper are smart materials.

brass landscape lights are the best choiceThe truth about brass and copper landscape lighting is – they are costlier on the front end, but they will last for many years to come without needing replacing. Why? Well, both of these finishes have one thing in common – natural patina, a form of corrosion, which actually happens to naturally protect the material from environmental factors. Instead of rust corrosion, these metals will function under a cloak of patina without breaking apart or rotting away like other materials. Many high-end items inside your home are made of brass. Lighting, bath, and kitchen fixtures to name a few. Copper is a widely-used high-end material inside and outside homes. Roofing and siding elements, rain chains, railing post caps, and other outdoor ornamentation are commonly produced in copper. The green patina that will eventually cover copper is considered a beautiful, natural aging process. Copper is gorgeous in the first and latter stages of its lifespan! Brass and copper are not just smart choices, but they are inherently smart in the way they age.

Consumers are getting smart about investing in quality materials, decreasing their carbon footprint, and creating less waste. As a whole, we are wising up to combatting the problems of waste production by using materials that are long-lasting, which won’t end up in a landfill. If you have considered these ideas when choosing LED over incandescent lighting for your home, it only makes sense to apply the same logic when choosing landscape lighting materials.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of providing the best quality landscape lighting that will last. Call today to schedule a design consultation! 763-208-0555

Don’t be Caught with Your Lights Down This Holiday Season!

Have your Minneapolis Christmas lighting installation ready for Black Friday madness…um, we mean retail bliss and merriment!

neighborhood holiday lighting servicesSo, you’re asking yourself, “When is the perfect time to plan my outdoor Christmas lighting for my Minneapolis area business?” Well, run, run, Rudolph, to your telephone, and give us a call, because the time is NOW! We don’t mean to yell. We are just excited that you are considering professional Minneapolis Christmas lighting installation, and we want to set the scene for your business’ successful holiday season, no matter what you do!

When we think about the Christmas season, we obviously know that we must first get through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Those two holidays tend to throw us off a bit in the fall season because we think we must wait until both have passed before we even think about planning for outdoor Christmas lighting. That notion is absolutely wrong when it comes to being ready for the start of the Christmas season, which is literally the moment we begin to digest our first helping of turkey! Truth is, some Black Friday shopping begins on Thanksgiving Day, and we want your Minneapolis business to be ready to flip the switch and turn on your beautifully planned and installed professional Christmas lighting.

Install your Christmas lighting before Thanksgiving to be ready for the start of Christmas season.

holiday lighting for businessesAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we want you to be ready this Christmas season. Don’t be caught with your lights down on Black Friday! Call on us now to indulge in Christmas fineries that we have to offer. We not only plan, design, and install your Christmas lighting, but we will take it down for safe storage and re-use each year! That’s a huge load off during this hectic time of year. Businesses are open longer hours during the Christmas season, and our personal lives become just as busy after hours! Give the worry and fret over your Christmas lighting to us – it’s our job to fuss over your holiday lighting.

Do you hear what we hear? Yep, that’s the sound of fall holidays closing in, and with them comes Christmas. Impress your friends with your ingenuity this holiday season with a new level of preparedness in Christmas lighting. While you’re relaxing with a second glass of wine post-turkey dinner, everyone else will be running around trying to be sure their business is ready to ring in the holiday season! It’s okay to brag a little. Tell them about how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis took all the worry and woe out of your holiday planning. Tell them that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the wherewithal to actually see to it that your holiday is merry and bright – because that’s the truth!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business helping our business partners maximize their season by creating a festive atmosphere with Christmas lighting. Call today to schedule a design consultation! 763-208-0555

How to Choose the Best Twin Cities Landscape Lighting Company

professional landscape lighting contractorsAdding landscape lighting to your home or business should be treated the same as any other property renovation project. Don’t do it yourself and find the best professional for the job.
Taking your time to find the right provider, with the best reputation and the best service should be a top priority. After all, this is an investment in your home.

Whether you choose a landscape lighting contractor or a company with a team of professionals, you should make sure they are the right choice for you. To make this important decision, ask your lighting prospect the questions below to get right to the bottom of it.

Tips for Choosing a Landscape Lighting Company

  1. How long have you been in business?
    The landscape lighting industry can be finicky. Often landscapers or other service providers will do it “on the side” when it works for them. We advise choosing someone who has been in the business for a long time and has plans to stay to get the expertise for design and installation and the availability for maintenance down the road. Even Home Advisor points out that design is one of the most important skills of a landscape lighting contractor.
  2. Can you provide me with referrals?
    Reputation is everything. You will want to see completed projects, have names and numbers of people or businesses who have worked with them, and have checked their online reviews. If it doesn’t all add up to a quality landscape lighting provider, then don’t choose them.
  3. Is landscape lighting your only business?
    We briefly touched on it above, but to get the best provider, your lighting company should have a full-time staff dedicated to the business. While they may have other businesses running simultaneously (like Conserva Irrigation or Mosquito Squad) it is vital that their businesses are separate and equal. If you find a small irrigation company or landscaper who “also does lighting” trying to sell you lights, don’t buy.
  4. Do you provide a nighttime demonstration?
    We offer a complimentary nighttime demonstration to help you see with your own eyes how landscape lighting can transform your property. We are confident that for those who are on the fence — seeing is believing!
  5. Are you a full-service landscape lighting company, providing design, installation, and maintenance?
    The most reputable long-lasting landscape lighting companies are built to be turnkey. The idea is that you never have to worry about your lighting system. If the company you are looking at doesn’t offer maintenance and service, keep looking.
  6. Are your landscape lights covered with a warranty?
    It is important to invest in brass or copper outdoor lights of the highest quality. They are required for the Minnesota climate. To prove they offer the best light fixtures, a trusted lighting contractor will offer warranties on their product and work, to give you peace-of-mind.

If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable, landscape lighting company with a history of satisfied customers and a team of highly-trained lighting designers and technicians, we fit the mold! Call us today 763-208-0555 Ask for our portfolio, references, and client list. We are happy to provide you with whatever information you need, and we hope you’ll schedule your design consultation soon!

Landscape Lighting is All Treat, No Trick!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will help beckon tiny ghosts and goblins safely to your door with custom Minneapolis landscape lighting this fall.

halloween safety lightingAs summer winds down, we begin to anticipate all things autumn. Cooler evenings, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice everything! One of the most notable nuances of autumn is abbreviated daylight hours – though, many of us do not look forward to shorter days, they are soon to arrive. Now is the ideal time to plan a bit of landscape lighting, most especially with the spooky splendor of Halloween on the horizon. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to help prepare your home for Halloween with exceptionally-lit walkways and stairs.

Lower the Risk of a Trip & Fall

All Hallows’ Eve is supposed to be a night of frightful delight, but don’t let your home be the scene of a major Halloween faux pas this year! Scraped knees, torn princess dress hemlines, or tear-smeared face paint doesn’t exactly make for any such delight. Keeping your tiny visitors safe this Halloween is easier than you might think. If your outdoor stairs and walkways are out of reach of street lamps and front porch lights, it’s time to consider path lighting. As for any holiday other folly – we wouldn’t recommend giving out toothbrushes in lieu of candy.

illuminate your home's dark sidewalksOur brass and copper LED path lighting will subtly illuminate the dark and potentially treacherous paths without creating too much light. They are such a simple solution to fall hazards, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of them already! Not only will path lights invite short sugar-seeking humans safely to your door, but they can also be a perfect complement to spooky Halloween décor. If you’d like to give the little vampires and mummies a true fright, set the scene with lighting to showcase your creepy graveyard – hands reaching from the dirt, tombstones, low-flying vampire bats, or any other frightful scene your imagination can conjure!

This Halloween, create a yard to elicit screeches and howls – not due to stumbling werewolves or fumbling Frankenstein’s monsters, but because you have the creepiest, yet safest professionally-lit stairs and pathways. Allow us to illuminate your paths and walkways and add your own squeal-provoking Halloween decorations to boot. Don’t let your home and yard be tricky! Treat yourselves and your ghoulish visitors with Minneapolis landscape lighting this fall.

Halloween Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to Halloween safety for our children, we take many things into consideration. We offer alternative treats for those with particular food allergies. We keep our pets safely inside and pick up leaf debris or other items that could create fall hazards. Take one additional step to light your yard and home for visitors this Halloween.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of creating beautiful landscapes that happen to add safety and function for all your daily and annual activities. Call today to schedule a design consultation! 763-208-0555

Prepare for Fall and Winter Now by Combining 3 Important Minneapolis Home Services

minneapolis home servicesCertain things in life go hand-in-hand; combining outdoor lighting installation with tick control and mosquito control—and also, with irrigation services for your yard—are perfect examples. When you add outdoor lighting, you’re going to be spending a lot more time on your deck or patio, which means you’ll increase your exposure to pesky insects as well. Being outdoors, even more, you’ll be able to enjoy the increased beauty that proper irrigation brings to your yard.

Why do we mention these interconnected home services? Because Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities and Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities are sister companies under common ownership. We provide this family of Minneapolis home services so you can experience the ultimate in convenience and reliability. We also offer package deals, so that’s a huge savings benefit for Minneapolis-area homeowners.

Fall is the Time for Twin Cities Mosquito & Tick Control

minneapolis mosquito control As we get into September, mosquitoes may be winding down but ticks are out in full force. Don’t let your family’s increased time outdoors in the evening make you more vulnerable to ticks and the danger of Lyme disease. With seasonal tick control, Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities can eliminate 85-90% of these pests in your yard. Fall is the time of year for your Mosquito Squad technician to place tick tubes around your property, so it’s imperative that you contact us before freezing weather. This fall treatment comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning there is no risk for trying our service. Our favorable customer feedback includes 4.5 stars and 44 reviews on Google.

Twin Cities Irrigation Services Will Make You Ready for Winter

minneapolis irrigation companies Our irrigation company, Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities, specializes in repairs, installation and maintenance. This time of year it is critically important that your system be winterized. Conserva Irrigation can take care of your sprinkler blowout regardless of who installed your system. Our winterization service for only $69 comes with peace of mind that winter will not wreak havoc with your irrigation system causing costly damage.

Conserva Irrigation can lower your water bill by as much as 40%. If you don’t yet have irrigation installed on your property, call us now because we install the most efficient systems right out of the gates. You can get a sweet package deal by combining irrigation services with outdoor lighting and mosquito and tick control. We are proud to say that Conserva Irrigation of The Twin Cities received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for 2017.

Our Minneapolis Home Services Keep You Safe and Prepare Your Property for Fall and Winter

Are you a new outdoor lighting customer or have you already installed outdoor lighting at your home? Either way, we encourage you take advantage of the opportunity to combine three home services for a package deal this fall. Adding Twin Cities mosquito & tick control and Twin Cities irrigation services to your outdoor lighting maintenance plan will wrap your family in the comfort of safety and security. Again, we can service your outdoor lighting and irrigation system regardless of what company installed them.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, along with our sister brands, is pleased to be able to offer you better outdoor living across the board. With new outdoor lighting, a lush and healthy landscape, and no mosquitoes or ticks to drive you indoors, you can take full advantage of the beautiful Midwest seasons. Call today to discuss package deals for your home. 763-208-0555

Grow Your Business with Commercial Outdoor Lighting in St. Paul, MN

Do you think commercial outdoor lighting is important for your St. Paul, MN, business, or do you KNOW it is? If you hesitated for even a moment, then you need to keep reading!

Which of the following answers is the most complete?
A. Fresh, innovative commercial outdoor lighting is critically important for any business serving customers who may come and go after dark.
B. Commercial outdoor lighting is quite important even if your business is not open at night.
C. All of the above.
ANSWER: If you answered ‘C’, you are correct.

Guests Have Come to Expect Sensational St. Paul Outdoor Lighting

Saint Paul  Business Sign LightingRestaurant, retail and hospitality establishments—any business serving customers at night—must implement every action possible to retain existing clientele and draw new customers. Your competition is paying attention to St. Paul outdoor lighting, so you must, too. You need every advantage you can get in today’s competitive market. If your restaurant, bar, cafe or lounge offers an outdoor space for drinks and dining at night, you need to make sure it’s memorable.

  1. ADD outdoor lighting at every possible point outdoors where guests might walk, sit or stand. If you have a courtyard that’s used during the day but not illuminated at night, you are throwing money away by not using the space for an enhanced guest experience. Also, a dark passageway is a liability. Don’t create a situation where you later look back and think, Oh, we should have had lighting there.

  2. UPDATE your outdoor lighting as a cost-effective way to keep your site design fresh. It’s something you can do more often than you might be able to implement costlier plans such as remodeling your space or revamping your interior design. Our lighting designers can custom-design unique lighting solutions for your patio dining or lounge areas, courtyards, rooftops and decks. Sensational outdoor lighting is one way you absolutely need to stand out!

  3. UPGRADE your commercial outdoor lighting if it was installed more than 5 years ago and has not been refreshed. Technology changes and you’ve got to keep up! Today’s LED lighting is so much more energy-efficient than previous halogen or incandescent lighting you’ll save up to 80% on electricity costs for lighting with LED. LED bulbs last a lot longer, too—another cost saver.

Provide Commercial Outdoor Lighting St. Paul Customers Can Rely On

Your guests aren’t thinking about outdoor lighting. They take it for granted, not conscious of doing so. It’s your job to plan for and provide the lighting they need (for safety) and want (for a heightened guest experience). They don’t know they want this, but they respond to it nevertheless! That desire for a premium outdoor dining or lounge experience is what you need to tap into.

  • Dazzle your guests! When you improve the guest experience, word of mouth will boost your profitability.
  • Our outdoor lighting designers can create a look for your business worthy of a magazine cover.
  • You may not realize what a difference great lighting can make. If you don’t have an eye for it, call in the experts: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.
  • Don’t take safety for granted; provide your guests enough light to eliminate potential tripping hazards.
  • Use outdoor lighting to deter crime, especially around walkways and parking lots.

Do You Need St. Paul Commercial Outdoor Lighting If You’re Not Open at Night? Yes!

commercial outdoor lighting creates a gorgeous atmosphereReturning to answer “B” in our quiz, above, we are always surprised to encounter a business owner who thinks outdoor lighting isn’t necessary if their business isn’t open at night. This might seem to be the case for some retail stores, service businesses such as insurance agencies and restaurants that only serve breakfast and lunch.

Regardless of your business hours, you want people to know where you are! The day will come when they need your product or service, and it will help if they recall passing your illuminated sign at night. You want to remain top-of-mind. Make sure they see you whenever they pass by, not just when you’re open.

For effective commercial outdoor lighting St. Paul residents will notice, you need more than an illuminated sign, though. If you have any landscaping whatsoever, you need landscape lighting. Architectural lighting can help you get noticed—and be remembered—as well. We don’t want to go overboard; we recommend a tasteful amount of subtle outdoor lighting for attention, safety and security.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can add that special touch to your business with custom outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is all we do and we are proud to help local businesses grow and thrive! Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting for Summer Night Fun in Your Backyard

Minneapolis summer nights in the backyardWhile the days begin to grow shorter but the nights are still warm, what is left of summer in Minnesota is no time to stay inside. With custom outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, your backyard can be transformed into a nighttime paradise you can’t wait to escape to. Make your outdoor kitchen sparkle with our hardscape lighting or hang LED string lights over your deck to make every night feel like magic. Our custom outdoor lighting is the perfect addition to brighten up backyard entertaining year round. Once the setting is right, all you need to do is head outdoors to discover the possibilities of summer night fun in your backyard.

Top 3 Ways to Have Fun in Your Minneapolis Backyard

1. Throw a Late-Night Pool and Hot Tub Party with Outdoor Lighting
Celebrate the warmth of summer with a late-night swim or soak in a hot tub. What makes it so much fun at night? With help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can take our hardscape outdoor lighting techniques and apply them to light up the area around your pool or hot tub. Not only will your pool and hot tub area feel safer, the glow of the lights is bright enough to keep you company all night long.

2. S’mores Are Perfect for Backyard Entertaining
S’mores are never a bad idea for a fun summer night and always the perfect excuse for a little backyard entertaining. Gather around your fire pit and start toasting marshmallows! With our landscape lighting, you don’t have to worry about losing a marshmallow or two in the darkness of the night. Landscape lighting in Minneapolis gives you the right lighting for every occasion!

3. Dance Under the Stars of LED String Lights
There’s nothing more romantic than having a delicious meal under LED string lights in the calming sounds of your backyard. Grill up your favorite dish in your outdoor kitchen and set up a romantic table for two under the LED string lights above your deck. Add in your favorite slow ballads and sway with your loved one under the string lights for the rest of the night.

Enjoy Some Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we love to help our clients increase their summer fun with beautiful and functional outdoor lighting. Call today to schedule a design consultation. 763-208-0555

7 Ways to Make Your End-Of-Summer Bash a Success

How will you bid summer farewell? It seems like moments ago we were greeting the first days of summer. Whether you considered that to be Memorial Day Weekend or the Summer Solstice in June, the time has gone by too fast!

We’ve been looking at ways to stage a memorable Labor Day bash as a way to honor the days of summer and acknowledge the shifting seasons. Most important, a Labor Day gathering of family and friends is a way to have fun! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we wish you much joy as you celebrate with the people you enjoy most. Here are some ideas:

  1. Advance prep: Get the kids to help you make a bunch of decorative paper lanterns and hang them all around. Here’s a video . Note: These aren’t actual lights, so be sure you have plenty of festive string lighting around your deck, patio or dock!

  2. Cookout idea #1: Preferably at the lake … Try a new marinade for your beef!

  3. Have a Labor Day craft activity for the kids after they burn off their excess energy running around. This Labor Day Cube is appropriate for all age groups.

  4. Cookout idea #2: Try these great Salmon Lemon Kebobs, a crowd pleaser!

  5. Want some cool landscape lighting installed before summer is too far gone? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, 763-208-0555, to get that set up.

  6. Cookout idea #3: For desert! Brownie and Fruit Kebabs! Can’t get enough of these …

  7. Plan a story-telling contest to entertain everyone around the fire pit after your Labor Day cookout. Let the kids pick the winners among these age groups: Over 80, 40-80, 18-40, 12-18, Under 12.

    Maximize your Minneapolis summer with outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis and mosquito control from our sister brand Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

5 Reasons NOT to Wait for Shorter Days to Add Outdoor Lighting

If you think of Minneapolis outdoor lighting as seasonal, you are partially right, and then again it’s not that simple. No matter how you look at it, though, now is the time to add outdoor lighting to your home and landscape before the cold sets in and days become oh-so-short again.

Why Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting is NOT Seasonal

We enjoy—and benefit from—outdoor lighting year-round here in Minneapolis. When you look at it that way, there is nothing seasonal about it! No matter what time it gets dark around here, we love the magic of outdoor lighting, the nighttime curb appeal and the increased enjoyment of our outdoor living spaces. As long as the calendar says this is a month in which it will get dark at night, it’s the season for outdoor lighting in Minneapolis.

Why Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Could Be Considered Seasonal

There are two reasons you could think of outdoor lighting in Minneapolis, MN, as seasonal. First, when we use the words outdoor lighting and seasonal in the same sentence, what comes to mind? Holiday lights, that’s what. So although we love our “every-day” outdoor lighting, we especially love our Christmas lighting, too. By the way, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers an outdoor holiday lighting service for homeowners and commercial properties, in case you were not aware of that.

The second reason outdoor lighting could be considered seasonal in the Minneapolis area is because of our cold winter temperatures. Once the ground is frozen, we will have to wait to install most types of landscape lighting. If you miss the window of opportunity before the ground freezes, you will be waiting until spring for an outdoor lighting installation.

Now that we’ve established that Minneapolis outdoor lighting is not seasonal—and it sometimes seems like it is—let’s look at why you should hurry to have your outdoor lighting designed and installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis before winter sets in.

Summer Solstice Has Passed: 5 Reasons Not To Wait to Add Outdoor Lighting

Now that we’re almost turning the calendar to August, sunset occurs before 9 pm. It won’t be long before we’ll be driving home from work in the dark. At the peak of summer the sun sets after 9 and last light is not until almost 10 pm. Winter solstice sunset is at 4:33 pm! That’s so early!

There’s a lot of “day” left after 4:33 pm—or there could be, if your home didn’t sink into darkness that time of day. Or should we say “that time of night”? We do keep turning that calendar, and while you are still enjoying long summer days, they are steadily shrinking.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to add outdoor lighting:

  1. Plenty of outdoor summer fun remains even as the days start to get shorter.

  2. You need to schedule your professional outdoor lighting installation before the ground freezes.

  3. You still have time to show off your gorgeous lawn and landscape before it goes dormant.

  4. Gorgeous fall evenings are just around the corner. Squeeze in a little extra R and R on the deck or patio or around the fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

  5. You don’t want to spend another winter with a dark driveway. You really don’t.

Counteract the shortening of the days by adding outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis before the short days of winter arrive. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Outdoor Entertaining 2.0: With Patio and Deck Lighting, Decorating for One Party Means You're Ready for the Next … And Beyond!

If you plan to have several outdoor parties or even simple get-togethers at your home this summer, we have a tip for you: just decorate once! With fun and flirty professional-grade outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, once your lights are up, you’re good to go for the rest of the season. Plus, you won’t need a special event to feel festive! With year-round outdoor lighting, any weekend can turn into a special occasion.

Where do you entertain outdoors? The two obvious answers are the patio and the deck. Do you have a fire pit or outdoor fire place, too? Regardless of the exact set-up of your outdoor living space, it’s a great idea to use outdoor lighting to set the mood and keep the party going past dark. You can also use lighting to define your party area for guests and light the way to other parts of the yard you want them to enjoy.

Patio Lighting and Beyond … When Your Patio Party Overflows Into the Yard!

This idea actually works great whether your group will be contained on the patio or spill over into the yard. First, let’s look at the patio itself. Our lighting designer will need to see your patio to draw up your custom patio lighting plan, but if you have landscaping around your patio, we’ll start there. Landscape lighting around a patio sets the mood, especially if you have the lights set up on a dimmer.

To add a magic, festive ingredient to any get-together, we recommend market lighting, also called café lighting, bistro lighting, string lighting and— a great name! —party lighting. Let our lighting designer know the size of the crowd you’re expecting. This will help us gauge how far out to hang the lights. If you’re planning several soirees this season, go ahead and arrange lighting for the largest of them. We can even put these light strings on a dimmer so you can easily adjust the brightness depending on the mood you want and the size of your group.

When your party is going to extend beyond the patio itself, flowing out into the yard, market lighting is the best way to define the party area. These wonderful strings of LED lights also provide illumination for tables set up in the yard with food and beverages. Then, when you have smaller, more casual gatherings on the patio, you can either leave the outlying lights off or use them to create a cheerful perimeter glow. It’s like being surrounded by a comforting circle of light with the mystery of darkness beyond.

Deck Lighting Serves a Dual Purpose for Any Occasion

We recommend deck lighting whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying the deck with family each night. Lights on and around a deck create the ambiance you desire while also increasing deck safety. Depending on what foliage you have around the deck, we can use landscape lighting to great effect there, too. You can define your space for entertaining with a boundary of gentle landscape lighting.

The deck is also a wonderful places for market lighting to increase the festive vibe and assure guests they are someplace special. Once you have string lighting you won’t want to wait for a special occasion to use it. Any night can be a special occasion on your deck with party lights. Add a dimmer and you control the mood. Party for two?

Transform a regular weekend get-together into a magical occasion every time with gorgeous Minneapolis landscape lighting. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Twin Cities Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas You Can Use!

Gone are the days of charcoal and lighter fluid in a grill sitting on your concrete slab. Today’s homeowners are spending time and money to build out extensive outdoor living spaces that include Grande outdoor kitchens.

Twin Cities’ outdoor kitchens include much more than a stainless-steel grill and a small counter-top. Depending on personal style and ambition, homeowners are taking their outdoor kitchens to the max.

Imagine it, an extensive paver patio, featuring an L-shaped cabinet wrapped with rustic stacked stone and topped with a Travertine countertop. Within this cabinet, there is a large grill top hooked up to the natural gas line that also features a flat top griddle. On the other half of the L, there is a sink for prep work. Under the counter, there is a wine fridge and a mini-fridge to hold cold beverages as well as a warming drawer to keep food ready to eat. At the very end of the counter is the perfect nook for the smoker. Lastly, to keep the chef cool, a pergola blocks the direct sunlight.

Take Your Outdoor Kitchen From Day to Night

Sounds great right? What if I told you that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outdoor kitchen build-outs? And what if I told you, after all is said and done, homeowners often find themselves struggling to see what they’re doing after dark, as the outdoor kitchen lighting was neglected?

Don’t get caught trying to rush your steak before the sun sets. With proper LED outdoor lighting design, you can cook a late dinner and entertain friends all at the same time. We recommend the following outdoor kitchen lighting ideas:

Focal Lighting

Having precise task lighting shining right on your cooktop is vital for making sure your meat is prepared just the way you like it. We offer stunning copper and brass focal lights that can be mounted from above to shine right on your cooking surface.

Hardscape Lighting

We offer gorgeous hardscape lighting that can fit right into your paver patios and stone surrounds. We recommend them for under your capstone or counter top to provide ambient lighting throughout the whole space. They are also great for mounting under a bar top to shine onto the prep counter too.

Patio or Deck Lighting

Wherever your outdoor kitchen is located, you should have some lighting for the space around it. The idea behind outdoor kitchens is to be a part of the party while you prepare the food. With deck lighting and patio lighting, the party can go as late as you want without missing a beat.

LED String Lighting

Market lighting or permanent outdoor string lighting has become one of the most requested outdoor lighting styles. They can be hung under a pergola, over your kitchen, and over the nearby eating area or lounging area to provide an instant party vibe. We can even string them from the house out to a nearby tree to make your entire backyard glow.

As today’s trend for bringing the indoors out continues, we want to remind you to make sure you don’t forget the lighting. With the right outdoor lighting, you can maximize the function of all your outdoor spaces for everyday living and entertaining. Give us a call today for a design consultation for your custom outdoor kitchen lighting system. 763-208-0555

The Dos and Don'ts of Twin Cities Outdoor Lighting

It is quite common for a homeowner to walk down the lighting aisle of their favorite local big box store and grab the year’s most popular outdoor lighting fixture. Or maybe, they grab a basic flood light if their purpose is security. Either way, this is a mistake. There is a lot more to landscape lighting than buying the brightest or least expensive light you can find and plug it in. For optimum results when installing outdoor lighting, the system should be well-designed to have the most pleasing visual impact possible. That is not necessarily a lot of lights, bright lights or otherwise, but a strategic, creative approach.

When designed and installed correctly, fantastic landscape lighting will establish the mood you want and the safety and security you need. We, of course, recommend you place this important task in the hands of the professionals, but, in case you are planning to install outdoor lighting on your own we offer you some important dos and don’ts:

Outdoor Lighting Dos

  • Focus on the house first. When designing and then installing your landscape lighting, start with the largest focal feature on your property first, the house, with architectural lighting, then work your way out. Next is trees, then outbuildings, pathways, shrubbery, outdoor living spaces, and finally smaller landscape elements such as flowers.
  • Layer your lighting. Don’t shine one light on a focal feature and call it a day. Use multiple lights from various angles to achieve shadows, texture, and depth.
  • Downlighting is preferable when possible. For clear visibility on pathways and other outdoor living areas, downlighting is the preferred method. It doesn’t shine in your eyes but instead illuminates the space in front of you.
  • Do contact the experts here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis if at any point you think you might be in over your head.

Outdoor Lighting Don’ts

  • Don’t use a chalk line. Path lights are not soldiers, they should not be lined in a perfectly straight line. They should follow the natural curves of whatever you’re illuminating to get the most beautiful effect at night.
  • Don’t rely on daytime results. It is vital to work on your lighting after dark to get the best effect. While you can install during the day, plan your design at night, and then make adjustments at night.
  • Don’t ignore your highest peak. Your home has many unique features. Installing lighting to shine on the highest peaks, the most gorgeous columns, stonework, or decorative overhangs will have the most impact.
  • Don’t forget dark corners around the sides of your home. It can be easy to focus on the beautiful areas of your home that are often utilized or seen from the street. But what about the dark corner where the garbage can is? These areas should be illuminated for safety to provide fewer hiding places.

While this short list barely scratches the surface, we encourage you to really take your time, do your homework and find lights that will be long-lasting. If burying lines, installing transformers, and gutter-mounting a light for your highest peak is beyond what you imagined, please feel free to call us. We offer expert outdoor lighting design, meticulous landscape lighting installation and the best-quality lighting available. Call today for an outdoor lighting design consultation. 763-208-0555

It's Time to Treat Yourself … With Twin Cities Landscape Lighting

What did you get for Mother’s Day? A bouquet of flowers that are already dying? Breakfast in bed (if that is what you want to call the concoction the kids brought you)? Give yourself the gift of light this summer. Illuminate your favorite places. Create an escape in your yard just for you!

Every now and then, you really do deserve to treat yourself! Maybe with something different than the usual treat-yourself ideas like shoes, a handbag or symphony tickets. Twin Cities landscape lighting is a real treat, and one you can enjoy year-round.

Is that a new concept for you, landscape lighting, or something you’ve been thinking about? If you’ve been admiring the landscape lighting at a neighbor’s home, try it for your own home. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it. Remember: you deserve it!

Create Your Own Escape

You know that little getaway you’ve been dreaming about? On a tropical island? Okay, we can’t offer you a tropical island, exactly, but we do have some ideas for your own oasis in your own yard. It might be as simple as rest and relaxation on your patio after dinner, with an understanding that will be YOUR time. Subtle landscape lighting around your patio will bathe your space in a gentle light that sets the mood for the R&R you need to recharge your batteries.

What else can we find for you? Do you have a gazebo that no one really uses? Sure, it’s decorative, but with gentle lights above it to give the effect of moonlight, and some jazzy and very comfortable throw pillows, that gazebo could be your escape after you put the kids to bed. Do you have a pergola with a bench under it? Again, throw pillows, landscape lighting and maybe a glass of wine. Ahhhhhh, yes. Time away, just for you. You deserve it!

We’ll Handle Your Twin Cities Landscape Lighting

This is no time for a DIY approach. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis do all the work. Even if you’re actually a designer yourself, we’ve got this. Our professional outdoor lighting designers may surprise you with how wonderful your custom lighting design turns out. What’s more, our technicians will pull the wiring and climb the ladders, because, remember, you’re treating yourself. This is not another task to put on your never-ending To-Do List. This is a time for you to point and let others do for you.

Don’t wait for the kids, friends, boyfriends, husbands to get you what you really want for a gift; treat yourself to the landscape lighting of your dreams. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Maybe Summer Will Get Here Faster if You're Ready for It!

If the snow is finally melting, after the last blizzard of the season, the mosquitoes cannot be far behind. You know what that means: SUMMER IS COMING! We have been waiting long enough for warmer weather to signal that summertime activities are not far behind. We are going to the lake; we are opening the pool; we are bringing out the summer wardrobe.

Are you ready for summer? Once the snow clears and you can find your outdoor living spaces again, what needs to be done before summer swings into high gear?

Landscape clean-up — All those dead branches you couldn’t see: now you can remove them. Masses of leaves that were covered by snow and ice before you could rake them: now you can rake them. If the melted snow has left behind any standing water on your property, be sure to drain it or dry it out before it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito and tick control — Speaking of mosquitoes, if you haven’t yet called Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, now is the time to call and set up your service. Mosquito and tick protection is one way to keep your family safer during the summer.

Outdoor living spaces — It may seem like a long Honey-Do list, but you’ve got to start somewhere! It’s time to clean the grill, refill the propane, clean the pool and spruce up your outdoor furnishings to make sure your deck, porch or patio is/are ready for summer. Whether you’re the Honey or the list-maker, you’ve got work to do!

Lighting for outdoor living spaces — Is this the year you’ll have deck lighting or patio lighting installed to make your outdoor living spaces usable for additional hours every evening? This is the time of year to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis for a free outdoor lighting design consultation. There’s no need to let darkness drive you inside night after night. Professional lighting for your outdoor living spaces is the best way to make the most of summer nights. String lighting, party lights, café lights, bistro lights—whatever you call them, they will elevate your festivities instantaneously. We can install professional-grade LED string lighting that stands up to tough weather so you can leave them up all year long.

Party planning — Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are the big ones, sure, but you don’t have to stop there. Any summer weekend is a reason to spend good times with friends … especially if you have professional outdoor lighting installed so you can extend your get-togethers beyond nightfall. Have you selected your recipes yet? It’s time to pull up those recipes you’ve been saving on Pinterest for months and try them out.

Start-Up your sprinkler system — Before the summer heat arrives, get your Twin Cities sprinkler system turned on, inspected, and fired up for the summer irrigation season. Our sister brand Conserva can handle it for you to make sure it is done perfectly, with efficiency in mind.

Maximize your Minneapolis summer with outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis and mosquito control from our sister brand Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Temporary Outdoor Event Lighting for Your Local Twin Cities Fair, Festival, Carnival, or Event

Are you responsible for planning a large event for your town, church, school, or charity? From Slice of Shoreview to Excelsior Crazy Days, the Twin Cities area is full of summer festivals and fairs. Whether carnie games, a Ferris wheel, a special cause, or a concert is the big draw, your event is going to need lighting to create the festival vibe and encourage your guests to stay longer.

There are a variety of options in lighting for your community event. Our lighting experts will assess your event space and offer a custom recommendation to meet your needs.

If your event is being held in a large parking lot, popular lighting options include:

  • Festival lighting – professional-grade LED string lighting hanging overhead will set a nostalgic carnival vibe.
  • Moonlighting is a fantastic idea to project a wash of light over the entire space if you have trees or other nearby structure to mount a light.

A variety of our landscape lighting solutions can work for your event if it is held in a field:

  • Path lighting is a great way to illuminate walkways and highlight perimeters.
  • Focal lighting is perfect for lighting up signs and feature events.
  • Uplighting allows us to use trees, statues, and other vertical elements at your event to indirectly illuminate the entire area.

If you’re planning a large outdoor event for your organization this summer, consider Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis your partner in outdoor event lighting for summer nighttime fun. Call today to learn more. 763-208-0555

Spring Cleaning: Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Time

Inside and out, when the weather is supposed to be warming up, even if it is not, we all get the itch to do some spring cleaning. We are ready to put our winter sweaters away, pull out our summer shorts, clean out the garage, open the windows, let the fresh air in, and get outside to organize the garage and clean up whatever we find underneath the melted snow. The landscape clean-up is where we come in. Spring is the best time to schedule annual maintenance on your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system.

Spring Landscape Cleanup

All across the Twin Cities, as we emerge from our hibernation, we are keenly aware of the forces of nature. With branches and small twigs littering our lawns, gravel pushed off the driveway from an errant snow plow, and bushes that need trimming, we get to work.

You may also have noticed a change in your LED outdoor lighting system. A variety of changes can happen to your system over the winter months. A burrowing animal could have chewed through a line, leaving a light or two offline. A pile of snow could have knocked over a path light or simply tilted a focal light so it doesn’t look so great. No matter what the case, our team can expertly assess your lighting systems function and design to refresh it before the summer outdoor living season.

LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

If your system is older than five years, chances are you do not have LED lights yet. Did you know most systems can be upgraded to LED? By retrofitting your outdoor lighting system to LED, you can lower your energy use by up to 80% and lower your maintenance costs with lamps that last 10x longer than halogen bulbs. And what better time to do it than during your spring landscape clean-up.

Refresh your landscape, refresh your landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today! 763-208-0555

Twin Cities Outdoor Lighting Adds a Perfect Spark to Your Memorial Day Celebrations

Are you ready for the unofficial start of summer? Memorial Day weekend is the much-anticipated beginning of warmer summer weather sticking around in the Twin Cities (or so we hope). To mark the occasion, homeowners around St. Paul and Minneapolis are throwing backyard barbecues while those with cabins up north or homes on the lake are putting their docks in and hosting the first bonfires of the season.

No matter how you are celebrating Memorial Day weekend, chances are you will be planning to spend the weekend outdoors (and every summer weekend until the leaves begin to turn). Could your outdoor space use an update? Have you been meaning to get around to adding outdoor lighting so you could spend more time on the deck, dock, patio, or playing yard games after dark? Don’t wait until you are mid-party this summer to think about it again. Take action now to create a summer full of outdoor fun, this summer and every summer from now on!

Summer Party Outdoor Lighting Ideas

What is your favorite outdoor space? Start there.

Yard games all day? Consider adding outdoor lighting to your sand volleyball court, horseshoe court, or open lawn where whiffle ball, kickball, and can jam are enjoyed.

Chilling in the Adirondack on the dock with a beer? Add dock lighting so you can fill the cooler and stay on the dock all day and well into the night.

Dinner on the patio? Add patio lighting to enhance function and set the perfect mood for drinks and dessert after dinner is cleared.

Brand new firepit or outdoor fireplace? With hardscape lighting added to your sitting walls and under the capstones, you’ll enjoy an easy ambiance and visibility when the embers begin to fizzle.

Is your deck the gathering place during parties? With deck lighting or permanent festive string lighting you can encourage guests to hang out, stay outside, and enjoy the fireflies as late as the neighbors will withstand!

Summer in the Twin Cities is short. And while most of us love parts of winter (or we wouldn’t be here) all of us want to make every moment of summer count. Maximize your Minneapolis summer with outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! 763-208-0555

Consider Twin Cities Landscape Lighting Before Landscapers Start Digging

Updating your landscape this spring? Are the landscape designers hard at work with a plan for the minute the weather breaks? Don’t forget the lighting! Whether your new landscape design requires a new residential landscape lighting system, a new commercial outdoor lighting system, or additional lights to an existing system, calling us before the landscapers start digging.

Landscape Lighting Designers

It can sometimes be an afterthought to add new landscape lighting when your landscape undergoes a renovation, but it is important to get the landscape lighting designers in on the landscape design early. We’ll work with your landscape designer to make sure we can maximize opportunities for beautiful lighting while also planning the phases accordingly.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscapes are no longer just flowers and mulch. With additions of landscape walls, paver walkways, and other hardscape features, it is even more important than ever to get our team in early during the renovation of your landscape. We can add the various elements that make up your complete lighting system with optimal timing. Potentially saving us from drilling into the freshly installed stonework, it can save us from having to dig up freshly planted flowers and will allow us the most flexibility in where the lights can go and how to conceal all the wiring required for a polished final look. Burying lighting lines at just the right time can save you a headache in additional messes after the new landscape is completed.

When we pre-prep your site throughout the process of landscape installation, we can very quickly and easily add the lights and adjust them as soon as the rest is complete for a more concise process overall. After all, who wants to wait for a project to be completed any longer than necessary.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today for all your Twin Cities residential and commercial outdoor lighting needs. 763-208-0555

Recent study shows remarkable real-life carbon emissions reduction by LED lighting usage

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we’re obviously big advocates of LED lighting. We’ve talked about the money savings one can get with an outdoor LED lighting system, and cannot stress the importance of energy savings and the environmental friendliness of outdoor LEDs enough.

It doesn’t take long after poking around our site to see that we love the numbers involved with the cost and energy savings of LED lamps. While addressing questions such as “How much energy do outdoor LED lights really save?”  we’ve given some great examples, like the fact that a 20-bulb outdoor LED lighting system uses only slightly more energy than two of those 60-watt bulbs that were standard in your house growing up. We’ve touted that with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis’s LED lamps, you can use 60-80% less energy.

LEDs saved HOW MUCH in CO2 emissions?!

However, while we love numbers and examples of energy savings by using LED outdoor lighting, it’s hard sometimes to separate the theoretical energy savings from the actual usage “in the real world.” But according to a recent report by analyst firm IHS Markit, it was calculated that in 2017 alone, LED lighting cut carbon dioxide emissions by half a billion tons. Yes, you read that right. Half a billion tons! To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent to shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants.

Houzz magazine recently reported in their 2017 Landscape Trends Study that as many as 73% of homeowners are upgrading to LED lighting. Yet, even with this upward trend, these numbers are both surprising and impressive.

After many years of tracking the market share of top LED component suppliers, IHS Markit was able to determine which how much carbon each company was able to save.

The principal analyst of this study, Jamie Fox, says that it’s not just the component companies responsible for such a drastic reduction in carbon emissions.  Lighting companies such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis contributed significantly by using the leading companies’ products in our outdoor LED lighting solutions.

"LED component companies and lighting companies have transformed their industry,” Fox said. “They are fighting climate change much more effectively than other industries, and they should be given credit for it.”

Save Energy With Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lighting System Upgrades

Even if you’re not installing a new outdoor lighting system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help you contribute to saving the environment by retrofitting your older system with LED lighting, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint but is a cost-effective solution, saving you money on your energy bills.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your existing outdoor lighting system with LEDs to join the movement. With every retrofit, we can further reduce CO2 emissions for an even more impressive number in 2018. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis at 763-208-0555, email us at  [email protected] or  drop us a line via our contact page to be a part of positive environmental change.

Every Business Can Benefit from Professional Minneapolis Commercial Christmas Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer amazing, full-service holiday lighting for local businesses. From Maple Grove to St. Paul, Lake Minnetonka, Blaine, Edina, and the entire Twin Cities area we are spreading the Christmas spirit more than the infamous Clark Griswold (but with tasteful, less-is-more design, of course.) Our expert lighting team designs the best holiday lighting displays, using top-quality LED Christmas lights, meticulously installs them, and come back to take them down and store them for the summer.

While you might be thinking your business is not retail or hospitality related, so you don’t need to create a festive holiday experience, you’d be wrong. Every business can benefit from spreading holiday cheer. This year we had the distinct joy of providing Christmas lighting for two very different types of businesses. Check out our hospital holiday lighting and golf club holiday lighting below.

TPC Twin Cities Golf Club Christmas Lighting

Creating a magical holiday feeling at the TPC Twin Cities Golf Club was a special treat. We were able to wrap all the right trees with warm white LED Christmas lights to create a festive welcome when members arrive after dark.

We also created a memorable experience on the patio for a magical view from inside the warmth of the clubhouse. By wrapping the large trees as well as the ornamental trees in Christmas lights, the patio becomes an enchanted scene for those who want to venture out and enjoy the chilly winter air with snow dancing all around them.

Maple Grove Hospital Christmas Lighting

We were happy to have the chance to create Christmas cheer and hope for patients, visitors, and the employees at Maple Grove Hospital. The holidays can be a difficult time of year for those who are in need of medical care, and any bit of joy that can be offered, should be.

We wrapped the trees leading along the parking lot to the entrance with classic white Christmas string lights to guide the way for visitors. We also provided some cheerful illumination on the patio outside of the cafeteria for a festive view from within.

Holiday lighting can go a long way in showing your clients, patients, employees, and guests that you care. If you’re interested in setting a festive mood for your business around the holidays, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis any time of the year to get started. We look forward to providing Christmas lighting for your business. 763-208-0555

Professional Year-Round Outdoor String Lights: Keep Them Up & Keep Them On, All Winter!

When you see festive string lights or market lights hanging over a restaurant patio or in a friend’s backyard, you immediately think of summer outdoor living. After all, summer carnivals and fairs, barbecues, and dining on the patio are what they are most commonly known for. But for those who enjoy owning these fun, popular outdoor lights, there may be some concern about snow and ice during the harsh Minnesota winter. While we can’t comment on the durability of lights bought at the local big box store, we can reassure you about our professional-grade LED string lights.

A Little Snow Never Hurt

Our professional quality LED string lights are built and installed to withstand the weather. While of course there are special extreme cases where anything can happen, general snow and light ice should not cause you any issues. In fact, our lights are specifically stunning with the glittering glow they create across a fresh coating of powder. A little bit of ice makes a spectacular reflection, only increasing your enjoyment of the beautiful lightscape. Created for the purpose of summer fun, permanent outdoor string lighting provides you with surprising winter delight.

Minnesota Outdoor Lighting for Winter Outdoor Living

Many Minnesotans embrace and love winter weather. When lows dip far below zero, the 20’s and 30’s begin to feel balmy and provide a perfect reason to get outside in the snow. Enjoy the fantastic glow of permanent market lighting on your patio this winter. With a fireplace or fire pit and your snow gear on, these lights are a perfect way to extend a day of playing in the snow into the evening and beyond. Grab the marshmallows and hot cocoa and enjoy a winter evening on the patio under the lights of our professional festive lighting.

If you’d love to create a nostalgic and festive feeling on your patio or deck that can stay up all year long, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today! 763-208-0555

Vic’s on Historic Main St. Gains Nighttime Flair with Minneapolis Market Lighting

Overlooking historic cobblestone Main Street, with views of the Mississippi River, Vic’s Dining is a staple in the old flour milling district of downtown Minneapolis. No stranger amongst its industrial neighbors, Vic’s restaurant offers the cool downtown factory vibe that makes the area a draw for young professionals and evenings out on the town.

With the neighborhood growing fast with new loft style apartments and high demand, Vic’s was ready to up their game by adding a modern vibe to their outdoor eating area. The large wraparound dining patio features fabulous views of the Mississippi River and during good weather is the preferred place to eat. To enhance the enjoyment of the space after sunset, Vic’s contacted us to add nostalgic and timeless market lights above the outdoor dining space.

To add a fun flair for diners, we used the old awning frame which is one of the building’s trademarks, to string commercial quality LED string lights around the entire dining space. Without an awning on the frame, it adds to the industrial/unfinished feeling and provides a perfect host for transformative nighttime restaurant lighting. These LED market lights will withstand the wind and deep freeze of winter and still perform fantastically.

Creating an enjoyable environment is an important complement to excellent food and service. Developing repeat customers and frequent word-of-mouth recommendation can take any restaurant business to the next level.

If your restaurant needs to step up its game to win diners in our increasingly competitive market, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. We offer custom outdoor restaurant lighting designs that will help attract new business, keep current diners coming back and improve your restaurant’s bottom line. We look forward to working with you. 763-208-0555

Blaine, Minnesota’s TPC Twin Cities Golf Club’s New Patio is the Place to be After Sunset Thanks to Custom Landscape Lighting

Do you have a place? A place that just feels like home? A place you can kick back, enjoy life, and relax away from the day’s worries and cares? TPC Twin Cities Golf Club in Blaine, MN is that place for many Twin City residents. With club amenities and of course the award-winning PGA golf course, there is no question why it is a great community to join. With the recent addition of an outdoor patio and the custom commercial landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, they just created one more reason to keep members at the club longer and encourage new members to join.

Commercial Patio Lighting

Illuminating outdoor dining spaces and patios has become vital for all hospitality businesses. From restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels, having outdoor amenities is a must-have. By adding a new patio, TPC Golf Club is keeping up with the demands for outdoor spaces by its members. To further meet those needs, the Blaine golf club contacted us to make the space not just functional at night, but intriguing, attractive, and memorable.

Surrounded by gorgeous landscaping, this prestigious patio gave us a perfect canvas to finesse with a custom outdoor lighting design. By illuminating trees and shrubbery surrounding the space, we created a soft perimeter lighting to set just the right mood for nighttime enjoyment.

Professional-Grade Outdoor String Lighting

To bring a spark of fun and festivity for the guests, we added gorgeous professional-grade market lights over the entire patio space. These lights are a classic way to set a fun-filled mood in any outdoor area. With our top-quality lights, custom design, and meticulous installation, TPC Golf Club and its members will be making unforgettable memories in this space for many years to come.

If your restaurant, bar, hotel, or club could use help creating an enjoyable outdoor space for guests, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today! 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Color-Changing LED Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

Is your Minneapolis area business involved in local events? Do you participate in charities, support hometown athletic teams, or big holidays such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Fourth of July? If any of these events throughout the year are big for your business, whether it is community outreach or a real money-maker, we have an idea to help you step up your game a notch. Minneapolis color-changing LED outdoor lighting for your business!

Color-Changing Lights to Show Team Support

If your business is near the U.S. Bank Stadium, you can show your support on game day with purple and gold for the Vikings. Attracting fans is a huge part of why you are where you are. With color-change lighting, you can draw in fans after the game, and then switch to regular lighting when it is back to business, as usual, the next day.

Not just the NFL; if your business relies on hometown foot-traffic after High School football, basketball or other sporting events, we can help you show your pride with the right color combination for your local team!

Color-Changing LED Outdoor Lighting for Charity

Participating in local and national charity events is an important way for Minneapolis businesses to give back. Whether it is teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, purple for Alzheimer’s, or another color for the charity of your choice, we can give you a sophisticated way to show your support during the time of year that is essential for fundraising.

It doesn’t have to be cancer, you can promote pride week with different colors in each light to create a rainbow, or show support for the veterans with a green light out front.

Sophisticated Lighting for Every Holiday

Don’t forget the holidays. With color-changing LED lighting you can create sophisticated festive lighting designs. Choose orange for Halloween, red for Valentine’s Day, red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, or classic red and green for Christmas. The choice is yours!

If you’re interested in displaying your support or festivity at your business, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. 763-208-0555

Professional Minneapolis Holiday Lighting: Could Your Business Benefit from the Holiday Spirit?

Being a business owner means being on your toes 150% of the time. With many moving parts from marketing to sales, human resources, operations, and accounting, you have to have your eye on every ball. The holiday season is an especially important time of year to be on top of things. For many businesses, it is the time of year to make a good portion of yearly sales and profits. If your business relies on the festive spirit to encourage generous spending on gifts, meals out, entertainment, or lodging, creating a holiday mood for your business is essential. Don’t take on yet another task yourself, let the professionals at "Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis at the holiday spirit to your business with professional Christmas lighting.

Welcome Guests with the Holiday Spirit at Your Business

One of the sure fire ways to invite patrons in is to exude holiday festivity from the outside in. Starting with commercial outdoor holiday lighting in the parking lot, on trees and around your business entryway lets everyone know that you are ready for the season of giving. The holiday spirit is contagious. In retail, it encourages generous gift buying. In restaurants and bars, it encourages indulgences and treating others to one more drink or a perfect dessert. In hospitality, you can make guests feel at ease from the hustle and bustle of travel and maybe get them to pamper themselves with spa treatments or other additional services. And if you’re in the personal services industry like hair, nails, and other spa treatments, you know how busy the holiday season can be, a festive spirit encourages better tipping and gift giving from your most beloved clientele.

Even if your business doesn’t increase during the holidays, it can benefit from creating a holiday spirit. Hospitals, assisted living homes, and large neighborhood HOAs benefit tremendously from keeping their building and grounds festive. Patients feel comforted and at home with the holiday décor. Residents feel welcome when they arrive home after dark to a gorgeous outdoor Christmas lighting display. And that feeling of Christmas becomes known, making your neighborhood or facility a desirable place to go or live.

Don’t wait. And don’t increase your labor costs by having your maintenance crews working on it for days or more. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. We’ll create a gorgeous Christmas lighting design for your business. We’ll install, take-down and even store your lights for next year. Get started today, we know you want your lights up by Thanksgiving, and we need to get started now. 763-208-0555

Upgrade your Edina LED Landscape Lighting Before the Long Winter Nights Run Up Your Electric Bill

Do you love your Edina landscape lights? Do you wonder how you ever got through the fun summer parties and long winter nights without them? While no one likes when the sun is setting before 5 pm, it does take the edge off when you receive a warm welcome home, with your Edina landscape lighting guiding the way.

Running your low-voltage or line-voltage outdoor lighting for as many as 6-8 hours at night in the winter can add to your already higher energy costs in the winter. But if your system were LED, the cost could be difficult to notice. LED uses 80% less energy than Halogen.

Edina LED Landscape Lighting Upgrade

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we feel strongly about being good stewards of the Earth. So much so, that we founded our sister brand, Conserva Irrigation to help conserve fresh water resources. When it comes to energy, every reduction in use and every implementation of technology that can allow for the lifestyle impact of that reduction to be minimized is of extremely high value.

We are pleased to offer LED landscape lighting upgrades for your existing Edina landscape lighting system. We can retrofit most systems with LED for a massive reduction in energy use each month as well as a lower ecological footprint long-term with the increased longevity of the lamps themselves. With each lamp lasting 30,000-50,000 hours, compared to 2-5,000 hours with Halogen, there will be fewer lights in landfills and less energy consumed to produce landscape lights.

Call today to learn more about Edina LED landscape lighting upgrades and retrofits. 763-208-0555

More about Edina LED outdoor lighting.

Winter is Coming. Savor the Outdoors in Minneapolis, Before It’s Too Late!

School is back in session, the days are beginning to shorten, and the nights are getting crisper, giving you a sense of what is on the horizon. Summer is coming to an end, and the most comfortable outdoor weather of the year is upon us. With cool nights and warm days, September is a stunning time of year to enjoy the outdoors in Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina and the surrounding suburbs. How will you maximize your outdoor living before winter arrives? Might we provide a few suggestions?

Adventures on the Water

Get out on the Lake for one (or several) more pontoon cruises, kayak trips, stand-up paddle boarding, tubing, skiing, or swimming. In the land of 10,000 lakes, Lake Season never seems long enough. So before it passes you by, get out on Lake Minnetonka, White Bear Lake, Lake Calhoun, Ham Lake, or any other of your thousands of choices, and enjoy lake living before ice skating season is upon you.

A Night on the Town

The Minneapolis night-life is fantastic. And nothing is better than being able to enjoy dinner on a roof top deck or outdoor dining patio in the summer. With spectacular skyline views and demand by diners to be outside, most restaurants offer outdoor dining spaces adorned with amazing outdoor lighting for nighttime enjoyment. Before dinner, take in the Minnehaha Falls, then follow your meal with a romantic stroll on the Riverwalk. With gorgeous weather and so much to see, now is the time to get uptown.

Throw a Backyard Party

Whether you do it for Labor Day, a Sunday Vikings game, a special family event, or just because, be sure to get one more backyard barbecue in before the winter weather forces you indoors. Fire up the smoker or the barbecue grill, get out the yard games for one last round and invite the masses. With Minneapolis LED outdoor lighting, you can let the last outdoor party of the season extend well into the night with plenty of visibility on your deck, patio, or other outdoor living spaces. (Don’t forget the mosquito control.)

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we love outdoor living almost as much as we love the great Twin Cities. Combine the two and you’ve got your own slice of paradise. We enjoy providing outdoor lighting to support your outdoor lifestyle, be sure to call us for the best LED outdoor lighting design, installation and service in Minneapolis. 763-208-0555

Enjoy a Celestial Effect Year-Round, Every Year with Minneapolis Moonlighting at Your Home

Are you disappointed that the total eclipse was not quite total here in Minneapolis? Do you enjoy celestial events, stargazing, and hunter’s moons? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we have a perfect way to enjoy a magical celestial effect, every night, all year long, every year with moonlighting.

What is Moonlighting?

Moonlighting is an outdoor lighting technique that mimics the light of a full moon. As the light cascades down through tree branches across your property, you enjoy the same magical moments enjoyed by amazing hunter’s moons.

We achieve this effect by mounting down lights strategically in your surrounding trees. With the right tree and the right placement, you can enjoy a gentle wash of light across a large area of your property.

Moonlighting is perfect for large patios and decks. They provide perfect lighting for outdoor activities such as volleyball, horseshoes, bean bags, and around swing sets.

While we can’t recreate an event as remarkable as a total solar eclipse, we certainly add a bit of everyday magic to your yard for nighttime use.

Read this previous story about moonlighting in Minneapolis for more great ideas. And if you’re ready to add beauty and magic to your Minneapolis home for nighttime use, call now for a free design consultation. 763-208-0555 With long winter nights right around the corner, you’ll be glad you did.

Minneapolis Outdoor Christmas Lighting: Schedule Now Before Back-to-School Madness

As each new season and holiday creeps into the space of the one before it, we find ourselves surrounded by back-to-school products in June and Halloween decorations in July. While we find this rush to the next big thing obnoxious, in the professional Minneapolis Christmas Lighting industry, it might actually make good sense. While we hate to mention Christmas in July, we would love it if you did!

Whether you love Christmas, hate it, or are somewhere in between, you can certainly get on board with 1.) letting someone else handle your outdoor Christmas lighting and 2.) getting it off of your plate now rather than later.

Our Christmas lighting services are for both commercial and residential properties and include design, installation, take-down, and storage.

  • We recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience to plan your professional Christmas lighting.
  • If you are a new Christmas client, we can make big design decisions now, order lights, and add you to the schedule.
  • If you are a returning client, we can simply get you on the schedule, but if you’d like to make changes or additions we can work out those details now.

What is the Hurry?

Most people want to enjoy their holiday lighting from Thanksgiving through Christmas, but there is a limited window for installing Christmas lights. That window can be made even smaller by unforeseen weather conditions. Making our schedule now allows us to staff up properly and avoid having to tell people no. (We hate doing that!)

Great Christmas lighting design is not a one-size-fits-all. We work with you to create the holiday lightscape that fits your personal style and property. This design process is not lengthy, but it does add an element to the process.

In addition, we frequently receive calls from clients after Thanksgiving. Depending on their needs, it often is too late to get the products they want most in time. It can also be too late to fit them in the schedule for installation. So for the post-Thanksgiving procrastinators, this is your reminder to get a head-start this year.

Christmas in July

Beat the holiday rush this year. Cross one thing off your hectic holiday to-do list now, before school starts and you find yourself so wrapped up in the day-to-day that Thanksgiving arrives in a flash and you haven’t given Christmas lighting an additional thought. We’re happy to plan now, in July, August, the sooner the better!

Call today to schedule your professional Christmas lighting design consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. 763-208-0555

Not convinced? Check out Eight Reasons You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Minneapolis Garden Lighting: Brighten your Blooms for Nighttime Enjoyment

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” – Theodore Roethke

Stunning Minneapolis gardens are anticipated all winter long. While covered in winter’s deep freeze, we dream of green leaves, pink petals, and the fragrant blooms of a lilac tree or rose bush. As the ice begins to melt and the wet, muddy spring pushes in, we begin to clean out our garden beds in search of that first daffodil or tulip sprouting through the soil. With so much waiting and anticipation, it’d be a shame only to enjoy your beautiful garden during the daylight hours. With Minneapolis garden lighting, your blooms can shine all night long.

Garden Lighting for Flowers

Garden lighting transforms your garden from daytime vibrancy to nighttime richness. The colors of your reddest roses and yellow lilies will shine truer in the subtle glow of our LED landscape lights. Without the bright summer sun washing them out, you’ll enjoy depth, texture, shadow and the coloring of all of your favorite flowers. Not only that, you’ll gain the easy enjoyment of night-blooming jasmine, moonflowers, and tuberoses.

Garden Lighting for Focal Features

There are more than just flowers to make our gardens special. From statues, fountains, trees, and large structures like gazebos or arbors, our gardens don’t only rely on blooms. With custom Minneapolis garden lighting, you can enjoy a perfectly illuminated statue on your evening walk, or hang out in the gazebo for an evening of drinks under the stars. Whatever your favorite garden feature, we’ll make sure it gets the attention it deserves after the sun sets.

Garden Lighting for Pathways

Garden pathways are a magical treat. They can take you around a secret bend to a field of jasmine or a perfectly groomed rose garden. When it comes to proper garden lighting, illuminating garden paths is a must. Provide yourself and your guests with a guiding light to view all the most treasured flowers, shrubs, and trees in your garden anytime, day or night.

If your Minneapolis, Edina, Wayzata, Bloomington, or Minnetonka garden is hidden under the veil of darkness each night, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today! We offer custom garden lighting design, meticulous installation, and the best outdoor lighting services available. 763-208-0555

Long Summer Days are a Perfect Time to Install Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting at Your Home

Are you loving these long summer Minneapolis days? With the official sunset being after 9 pm and total darkness even later, you may be blissfully forgetting the 4:30 pm sunsets that come in winter. While we hate to remind you of those darker winter months, we urge you to remember them, even if only for a moment.

Prepare Now for Long Winter Nights in Minneapolis

Minneapolis outdoor lighting is lovely for year round use. In the summer it allows you to enjoy the warm nights well past sunset on your deck or patio. In the winter, it provides much-needed visibility when the days are very short, and you are driving home from work in the dark (and maybe in the snow).

If you’re not a night owl, you may not think much about outdoor lighting and landscape lighting this time of year. The sun is up before you and you may already be indoors before its light has completely diminished for the day.

As we enter the cooler months of fall, the days will begin to shorten, until at last, it is dark at 4:30 in December on the winter solstice. This gradual change makes it difficult to notice at first, and then all of a sudden, you find yourself battling early sunsets and snowfall all at the same time. Professional outdoor lighting can ease the burden of short days by illuminating your home, driveway, walkways, and outdoor living spaces for increased visibility, safety, and security.

Install Before the Ground Freezes

Don’t wait! If you delay until darkness falls before five and the temperatures struggle to rise out of the teens, you might have to wait until spring. Outdoor lighting installation in Minneapolis is limited to months when the ground is not frozen. We urge you to consider your winter outdoor lighting needs now, before the weather changes and the ground freezes. With the added benefit of enjoying a gorgeous late summer and fall in your backyard after sunset, you’ll be glad you called.  Call today for a lighting design consultation. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Summers are About Lakefront Living – Day & Night with Outdoor Lights

Minneapolis lakefront living is all about the great outdoors. From Lake Minnetonka to the lakes of Eagan and Bloomington like Bush Lake, Lake Cornelia, and Hay Lake, year round outdoor activities provide residents with plenty to do.

But nothing beats summers at the lake in Minnesota! Whether you like to set anchor at the Big Island gauntlet on Lake Minnetonka, or you prefer hosting friends and family at your lakefront home, there is something magical about summers on the water.

As your friends arrive with their beverages, boating, and swimming gear, you sit back and relax, preparing for another weekend of summer fun! One way to extend that summer lakefront fun is by adding LED outdoor lighting to your home and property. Proper lakefront lighting should be subtle, providing sure footing and a fun atmosphere without infringing on the magic of the moon and stars reflecting on the pristine waters. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis has just the right touch for creating this balanced custom lighting design for your Minnetonka, Bloomington, or Eagan home.

Dock Lighting

festive dock lightingSubtlety is key for dock lighting. Whether you’re relaxing in your Adirondack to enjoy the night sky, or needing sure-footing for returning after a nighttime boat ride, dock lighting is important for nighttime lake usage. We most frequently use just enough light for a little visibility, but if you have an expansive dock with an outdoor living space, we might just hang some party lights overhead for those fun Friday nights on the water.

Patio Lighting

Patios are perfect for summer parties on the lake. Add a celebratory vibe with custom string lighting, festive lighting, market lighting, no matter what you call it; it is perfect for transforming a space into a fun party atmosphere. In combination with hardscape lighting for your outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or fireplace, you can wait until the sun has set to come ashore where the party will continue well into the night.

Deck Lighting

Nothing beats the view of the waterfront from your lakeside deck. Increase the enjoyment after sunset with custom deck lighting. After a long day on the water, your deck is a perfect place to play cards, laugh with friends and party. Deck lighting is not just cap lights, with stair riser lights, under-mounted railing lights and even moonlighting or festive lighting, your deck is the place to be after the life jackets are hung up for the day.

Path and Stair Lighting

lake house outdoor stair lightingLakefront properties in the Minneapolis area are not perfectly flat and easy to navigate spaces. Often the best views are from homes perched high above the shoreline. Maximize nighttime enjoyment around your entire lakefront property while minimizing risk, with custom path and stair lighting. We can illuminate natural steps from the shore up to your home; we can provide an easy guide from the water’s edge to your outdoor living space and everywhere in between. (Essential for those sun-stroked, beer drinking summer party days.) Get the most out of your lakefront property at night with strategic landscape lighting that adds beauty and function.

The land of 10,000 lakes doesn’t need to be the land of 10,000 lights. Your Minnetonka, Eagan, or Bloomington lakefront property is a magical place, and we want to keep it that way with the right LED outdoor lighting design to meet your summer party needs. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Commercial Festive Lighting Encourages Nighttime Fun on this Uptown Apartment Rooftop Deck

When it comes to trendy Uptown Minneapolis neighborhoods, commercial property owners have a lot of competition for filling their apartment and condo units. Today’s young professionals want to live near shops, restaurants, and fun nightlife, in buildings that provide all the amenities to maximize the enjoyment of personal time. From major amenities like gyms and pools to community spaces like rooftop patios and outdoor entertaining space, elevating the guest/resident experience will keep units full. Making sure your community spaces are functional both day and night with beautiful outdoor lighting is an economical way to make that happen.

Location, Location, Location & Amenities

The Boutique 28 apartments in the heart of uptown just made life a lot harder for competing apartment complexes. They offer a variety of creative, private units; some even feature private rooftop decks. While they already had the location, the city skyline views, and an onsite gym, it was time to add the finishing touch.

The community rooftop deck was already stunning. It features multiple areas for relaxation, dining, and a grill for summer barbecues. It even features a modern gas fire pit with gorgeous lava rock for relaxing with friends at the end of a long day. And with stunning city skyline views, all it really needed to complete the effect was commercial outdoor lighting for extending those fun evenings into the night.

Commercial Festive Market Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we are proud to have designed and installed stunning permanent festive market lighting over the rooftop deck. These 120 LED lights add visibility for nighttime use, but more importantly, they create a cool vibe. Residents will be clamoring to entertain friends and family on this posh rooftop deck, with the city skyline providing a magical nighttime backdrop to this fun and functional outdoor living space.

So far, the response has been great. Boutique 28 manager, Annie, told us in response to the new lighting, “We just absolutely love them, they are so beautiful. I can’t express enough how easy it was to work with Tom. He was so responsive, always answers the phone and my questions. We couldn’t be happier and working with him was a breeze."

Improving your business’s outdoor living space with Minneapolis commercial outdoor lighting is a great investment for improving the guest or resident experience. The joy brought to their lives will be shared with others, creating a word-of-mouth buzz your business will reap benefits from for years. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today to get started. 763-208-0555

Unique Father’s Day Gifts: Give the Gift of Illumination This June

Has your Dad worked his entire life to give you and your family everything you needed? Are you struggling to find a unique and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for him this year?

When we become adults, it suddenly becomes more difficult to find the right way to honor our Dads on Father’s day. A paint handprint on a homemade card just doesn’t mean the same thing coming from a 20, 30, 40, 50-something year-old child. And ties and coffee mugs just don’t scream “thoughtfulness.” It’s time to step up your Father’s Day gift-giving with a truly thoughtful gift that will bring your Dad joy for a long time to come.

Consider these top three reasons to give Dad an LED outdoor lighting system this Father’s Day.

Outdoor lighting is perfect for the Dad who has it all. A custom designed system increases safety and security at your Dad’s home, giving you both peace of mind.

Most noticeably, LED lighting will add nighttime beauty to his property. Professionally designed outdoor lighting will accent your Dad’s handy work for nighttime enjoyment. Whether he is an avid gardener, he built his own deck or patio, or is the king of a lush green lawn; everyone will appreciate seeing his hard work at night.

We’ve noticed a trend centered around giving experiences as gifts instead of objects. By giving your Dad an LED outdoor lighting system this Father’s Day, you’ll be setting the stage for endless evenings on the deck or patio with friends and family. What better way to say “I love you” than to illuminate your Father’s outdoor living spaces for increasing quality time together.

If you’re interested in a custom LED outdoor lighting system for your Dad, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. With your help, we might even be able to make it a surprise! 763-208-0555

“Helping the Environment” Homeowners Upgrade to LED Outdoor Lighting & Smart Lighting Systems

Trends in outdoor lighting and landscape lighting can change on a dime. Homeowners’ motivations ebb and flow with the economy, the political landscape, and their individual priorities, lifestyle, and goals. Recent changes in landscape lighting trends have been lead by technological improvements. Better looking and performing LED lights and improved automation with smart controllers and timers are today’s hottest development.

Just a year or two ago, LED replaced Halogen as the main product for new landscape lighting installation. With 80% less energy use, it was an obvious move for new installations with its beautiful appearance and performance. This year Houzz has discovered new and encouraging lighting trends in their 2017 Landscape Trends Study.

A survey that included “977 homeowners who have undergone, or will be undergoing, outdoor renovations” found 45% of outdoor-renovating homeowners updated or installed outdoor lighting.

LED & High-Quality Lighting is Preferred

The best news is in the details. While you may be tempted with the aisles and aisles of lighting options at the big box stores, you’ll be happier with the design, quality, and longevity of professional outdoor lighting. Professional quality fixtures, expert lighting design, and meticulous installation will leave you thrilled for years, and we’ll be here to help you out if maintenance or adjustments are needed.

Don’t take our word, according to the survey, homeowners across the country are opting for higher-quality outdoor lighting. In fact, 73% upgraded to LED! While LED landscape lighting has a slightly higher up-front cost than some other options, over the long life of the product and the energy savings, it is actually the better value overall. Utility savings and environmental benefits make it an easy decision when a system needs updating to go ahead and upgrade it to LED.

Smart Landscape Lighting

smart landscape lighting While we have been hoping for and anticipating these trends, we are surprised and excited to hear that about 20% of the outdoor lighting renovations/additions have involved smart lighting. With the recent availability of smart landscape lighting controllers that allow you to manage your lighting from your smartphone, everyone can work towards making their entire home a smart home.

The Houzz study sites “helping the environment” as a key factor for some outdoor renovations. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, being good stewards of the planet is on the top of our mind as well as our sister brand Conserva Irrigation. Our goal is to help you make environmentally friendly choices for your home and life that do not compromise on quality, effectiveness, or in the case of lighting, beauty. Call today for a free nighttime landscape lighting demonstration. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Automated Color Changing Outdoor Lights

Imagine controlling your landscape lighting from your cell phone, from anywhere in the world. Okay, now imagine it is more than just a simple programming and on/off interface but offers detailed customization of your LED landscape lighting zones, color, saturation, and intensity. A system so smart that it automatically adjusts to the changes in sunset and daylight savings time for your exact location.

In a world of smart TVs, smart homes, and smartphones, it is no surprise that many parts of our life are getting easier to manage with automation. When it comes to landscape lighting controllers, the technology keeps getting better and easier to use with every implementation. Our smartphone landscape lighting controller is so easy you won’t even have to ask your kids to help.

Zoning, Dimming and Color Control

Our wireless cellphone landscape lighting controller allows you detailed customization of color, timing, and dimming across four zones. Set different colors, lighting temperatures, and schedules on the deck or patio for ambiance while keeping the lights on in the driveway at a brighter setting for added visibility.

With at your fingertips dimming controls, you can now change the mood with the touch of a button. Go from hosting a lovely dinner party with friends easily into having one more glass of wine with your sweetie before turning in. With one touch, those party lights can be dimmed to create a more romantic lightscape.

Easy Color Lighting Changing Controls

Color changing RGB landscape lighting Have you taken the leap to colored LED or RGB lighting? Our controller helps you easily change the color of your light scenes with an easy to use color, hue and saturation scale. You can set themes with your favorite colors and save up to 250 for one touch changes anytime. Think about it, you can set holiday colors at Christmas, warm fall colors in September, maybe support your favorite charity with pink in October or your favorite team – purple for the Vikings of course!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer the latest technology for landscape lighting controllers. We are excited to turn your landscape into a colorful scene that is beautiful and easy to customize whenever your mood or the occasion requires. Call today for a free design consultation at 763-208-0555.

Edina Landscape Lighting and Architectural Lighting for Excellent Nighttime Curb Appeal

There are many fantastic reasons to make Edina, MN your home. While the proximity to Minneapolis certainly plays a part, there are many other factors. One of which is the charm that can be found amongst the vast variety of homes. From traditional and transitional to mid-century and Craftsman, Edina is anything but a cookie-cutter bedroom community. If the unique charm of your Edina home is what drew you in, try adding architectural lighting to illuminate your favorite features at night. With a combination of architectural facade lighting and landscape lighting, your home can become a nighttime curb appeal masterpiece.

Edina Architectural Lighting

A favorite technique for architectural lighting is the wall wash. Using a gorgeous LED uplight that is the perfect brilliancy, we highlight the exterior charms of your home. If your home has a covered front porch or stately columns, we’ll start by illuminating the height and beauty of those columns. Brick, stone veneer, cedar shake, HardiePlank, or vinyl siding are all a lovely site. With proper wall washing, we’ll highlight the colors, depths, and textures of your home’s exterior materials for interest and intrigue at night.

The second story of your Edina home is just as important as the first. We offer beautiful outdoor lighting technique such as eave-mounted lighting to highlight all of the glory of your upper floors. Second and third-floor dormers are a perfect feature to illuminate. But the pure height of your home is a lovely quality to highlight, so we’ll make sure the highest peak of your roofline doesn’t go unnoticed after nightfall.

Edina Landscape Lighting Completes the Effect

Homes do not stand on their own. Even the smallest lots offer some area to include in the outdoor lighting design. Without adding landscape lighting to your architectural lighting design, you could be creating a dead space that counteracts the beauty of your home’s façade.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we recommend Edina landscape lighting as part of the complete package for the best curb appeal and functional lighting results. We’ll start near your home to highlight flower beds and shrubbery. Then we’ll move out to make certain pathways leading to your front door have clear visibility for navigation. Depending on your driveway length and tree coverage, we may add some visibility for safety. Lastly, we’ll create points of light around the middle and perimeter of your front yard. Using carefully selected trees, landscape features, and shrubbery, we’ll highlight the expanse of your property to give the lighting design a finishing touch.

Are the favorite features of your Edina home going unnoticed after dark? It is time to illuminate the joys of your home with architectural lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Minneapolis. Call today 763-208-0555 to schedule your complimentary nighttime demonstration.

How Do I Maintain My Minneapolis Landscape Lighting?

Spring cleaning is in full swing in Minneapolis. As we anticipate the warming weather, some of us get out at the earliest possibility to begin preparing our landscapes for outdoor living. If you’ve been out and about and have noticed some overgrowth or other obstructions to your Minneapolis landscape lighting system, you may be wondering about the best way to go about inspecting, adjusting, and tuning-up your system for better performance and aesthetics. Follow our guideline below to make sure you don’t miss a thing:

Start in the front of your home and take a walk around your property checking each light until you make it back to the front gain. As you arrive at each fixture, check the following items:

  • Remove and clean the lens of each light to ensure the lighting effect is not dim or completely blocked by dust and mud.
  • Inspect the light itself for any visible signs of damage like cracked lenses.
  • If the light is tipped or toppled, stand it back up and press it into the ground.
  • Note the direction the light is aimed. Make sure it is going the direction intended as best you can.
  • Look between the light and the intended illumination – trim branches or leaves where necessary to clear the area.
  • Take note of any added landscaping that may require you to call us and move the light for better placement.
  • As you move from light to light, observe the ground for wires exposed by foot traffic or erosion and rebury where necessary after checking them for damage.

Once each light has been inspected, cleaned, and adjusted, manually turn your landscape lighting system on and take a second lap to check each light again.

  • Look for burnt out, dim, or otherwise malfunctioning lamps.
  • Check the voltage at each fixture to make sure there is no electrical interruptions.
  • Check the lighting effect from each fixture (this might be easier at dusk) to ensure your desired design is still in place.

If any of your lights are not working, call us, we’ll come out and assess the reason. While it may seem like a burnt out bulb, it could be a buried line was chewed through or otherwise damaged during the winter.

Don’t forget to review your landscape lighting timer settings to make sure your lights are coming on and staying on when you desire. If you’re tired of adjusting and readjusting your timer for the change in day length or daylight savings time, call today! We have many options available for self-adjusting timers.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Plan

An annual check of your Minneapolis landscape lighting system is vital to keeping it looking as beautiful as it did on day one. We recommend a spring maintenance visit to ensure nothing was damaged during the snowy winter months and optimize it for gorgeous summer nights.

Our annual maintenance packages will allow you to forget about it. We’ll come out once a year and check your system, reprogram timers, make repairs, adjustments, and trim foliage to improve aesthetics. Please call us today to learn more about an annual maintenance package for your landscape lighting system. 763-208-0555

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Our Sister Brand, Conserva Irrigation Challenge You to Make a Water Conservation Pledge

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we, along with our sister brand Conserva Irrigation believe strongly in the responsible use of our natural resources. While we deploy energy saving LED landscape lighting, Conserva works diligently to help businesses and homeowners lower their water use by improving the efficiency of their irrigation systems. They also work closely with the Wyland Foundation, an organization dedicated to “promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life,” for broader water conservation efforts.

Andover Wins 2016 National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation

Last year, Conserva worked with students at Andover High School during the Wyland Foundation’s National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation contest. Putting it in the hands of students, Conserva challenged the students to gain as much community participation as possible. In their very first effort, Andover with support from Mayor Julie Trude won the contest for cities in the 30,000-99,999 range!

Water Conservation in Minnesota

We are excited to see what this year brings as the Wyland Foundation prepares to launch the contest on April 1st-30th. We hope that our LED outdoor lighting customers can take this to their communities to spread the word about water conservation. With water being such a vital part of our landscape in Minneapolis, we hope to make a local win an annual tradition.

This year you can help your city win by pledging your support at http://www.mywaterpledge.

Upgrade Your Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Timer to Avoid Daylight Savings Time Headaches

Have you been wrestling with your Minneapolis landscape lighting timer all week? Did you manage to get the settings changed after daylight savings time arrived, but it took you 30 minutes, an hour, or more to accomplish the task? If you still can’t find your manual and are letting the lights come on an hour too early, avoiding the subject, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can help.

Many aging outdoor lighting systems use manual timers that can be confusing and cumbersome to reprogram. Worst of all, they don’t account for changes in time like Daylight Savings Time. Leaving you in a lurch to hunt down your manual twice a year and every time the power goes out.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we prefer to use newer outdoor lighting timer technology that is easy to use and will adjust itself for life’s interruptions and changes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatically adjusts dusk and dawn times for your unique location – including DST changes
  • Wireless control
  • Easy to use from a smartphone app, computer or tablet
  • Compatible with any 120V outlet indoors or outdoors
  • Retrofitting it with current landscape lighting systems is a breeze

The easy to use computer and mobile app make adjusting your lights from anywhere at any time a possibility. This is perfect for when you travel for work or vacation and want to make it look like you are home. It also comes in handy if you go out for a late night on the town or have a late arriving flight home and want your landscape lighting on later than usual for safe arrival.

While our landscape lighting controllers are simple to use, we really can set it, and you can forget it. Unless you have a special occasion or travel plans, you won’t ever have to reprogram your new landscape lighting timer.

If you need help with your current outdoor lighting timer or are ready to replace it with hassle free new technology, give us a call today! 763-208-0555

Attention Minneapolis Restauranteurs: Spruce up Your Outdoor Dining Space with Custom Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Do you ever choose a restaurant strictly because it has an outdoor dining area and it is too beautiful to be indoors? I do. With a long winter and plenty of gray days, Minneapolis residents love to take advantage of the perfect weather for outdoor dining. Don’t let your restaurant fall behind during the busy summer season by having a sub-par outdoor dining patio. Add or upgrade your dining patio with help from our commercial outdoor lighting design experts.

Every Dining Patio Needs Some Lighting

Gone are the days of the five o’clock dinner hour. People are busy with work, kids, activities, and traffic! Dinner can often be pushed back to 7, 8, 9 p.m. on weekdays and even later on the weekends. If you limit your outdoor dining to daylight hours you are selling yourself short.

Create that perfect dining experience that allows your guests to sit on the patio, unwind, relax, and enjoy fantastic food and drinks. If you create an atmosphere that is just right, they might stay a while and order more drinks or dessert – an easy upsell your wait staff can count on. An easy upsell that can push your sales past your lofty goals. Best of all, they’ll come back frequently and tell all of their friends about it.

Best LED Commercial Lighting Design

Our expert designers will work with you to create a custom outdoor lighting design that fits the unique décor and clientele of your restaurant. Do you host live music on the weekends? Is your crowd young, hip and modern or maybe a little bit country? Whatever your specific target is, we can meet it with our LED outdoor lighting.

Popular outdoor restaurant lighting choices include:

• Festive string lighting overhead.
• Specialty accent lights atop planters.
• Ambient hardscape lights under capstones and counter tops.
• Stair riser and deck lights for easy navigation.
• Focal lighting on statues, trees, or other accessories.
• Landscape lighting and path lighting within the surrounding softscapes.

Take your Minneapolis restaurant’s outdoor dining space to a whole new level with the addition, upgrade or redesign of your commercial outdoor lighting. Increase your summer revenue and create a line out the door every weekend. Call today for a complimentary design consultation and free nighttime demonstration. 763-208-0555

2017’s Hottest Wedding Decoration Trend in Minneapolis is Lighting

Gone are the days of ribbons and tulle, balloons and paper hearts. Today’s Minneapolis bride and groom want sophistication, class, and elegance for their big wedding day. A once in a lifetime day should reflect the love and wishes of the happy couple, and customized temporary lighting can do just that.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer gorgeous LED lighting for indoor or out. We create custom wedding lighting designs to fit your style and your venue for a memorable backdrop to your big day.

Wedding Lighting Ideas

Some favorites are luxurious festive string lights to hang over dining areas, under tents or above the dance floor. A nod to vintage fairs, these lights create an ambiance of days gone by. A classic feel that puts everyone in the mood for love.

If your wedding is outdoors, we can illuminate gazebos, trellises, and arbors to create cozy areas to mingle.

Illuminating paths and walkways will help your guests navigate the venue to find what they need and enjoy the full splendor of the property where you are so graciously hosting them.

Create a wow moment for arriving guests with grand uplighting along the front of your venue to let the world know a momentous occasion is happening tonight.

Custom Wedding Lighting

Looking for something different? Modern? One-of-a-kind? We are happy to source new lighting just for your special day. A touch of whimsy, a fanciful feast, or a down-home barn wedding would each require wedding lighting that fits the motif. Whatever your dream wedding entails, we’ll find the perfect lighting for you.

Customer Care

We’ll work with your wedding venue, florist and everyone else who is part of the wedding décor team to make sure we coordinate our efforts in a way that results in a complimentary design. With our commitment to making your wedding planning as easy as possible, we’re happy to work with your schedule and meet at your venue when it is convenient for you. Your satisfaction is our goal and we won’t stop until you are thrilled.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today for a free wedding design consultation. 763-208-0555

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Invites you to the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show 2017

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show is the best place to start planning your spring home renovation projects. With vendors and contractors from every industry, you can view the latest designs and find the best people to do the work!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will be at booth 424 with all of our latest LED landscape lights. From path lights and flood lights to decorative lighting and permanent festive string lights – you can get a closer look at 2017’s top outdoor lighting trends.

Our lighting experts will be on hand to answer your most prevalent questions and can even schedule a complimentary nighttime demonstration at your home or business. We offer the best outdoor lighting design, installation, and service in the area, serving residential, hospitality, commercial properties, and even temporary special event lighting.

We hope to see you at the Minneapolis Convention Center on February 24-26, or March 3-5th. If you can’t make it, give us a call, we are thrilled to come to your property and discuss how Minneapolis outdoor lighting can benefit you. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S,
Friday, February 24 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday, February 25 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, February 26 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday, March 3 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday, March 4 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, March 5 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Be sure to check out our sister brands in adjoining booths: Mosquito Squad and Conserva Irrigation

Why it is important to use a professional for your Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

For many, your home is the single biggest investment we make in our lifetime. The elements that make a house a home are more than just brick, mortar and wood, they encompass your entire property. Homeowners that show pride in ownership are generally the neighbors with the best looking lawns, the home that is well kept and maintained, and those that are wise to the benefits landscape lighting can provide.

Landscape lighting helps accentuate the pride you have in your property. With this in mind, why would you trust such an important asset to the hands of a novice? You wouldn’t trust your veterinarian to diagnose and treat your broken bone would you? Or trust your plumber to install your backyard pool? Of course not, just because someone has some level of knowledge of a field with slight similiarities to their trade doesn’t make them an expert at that specific trade. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis outdoor lighting is ALL we do. It is not a sideline, add-on or service we offer as an a menu item in conjunction with other specialties. It is our exclusive trade and we take pride in our business in the same way you take pride in your home.

We encourage Minneapolis homeowners to do their homework before choosing an outdoor lighting professional to design and install their landscape lighting. It is a wise idea to steer clear of a company with claims of being a master of all things involving the exterior or the home. Landscaping firms, lawn maintenance companies, irrigation firms and other outdoor improvement specialty companies may advertise outdoor lighting as a by-line to their main area of expertise, and while some may turn out to do an okay job, putting your faith in a company that doesn’t specialize in outdoor lighting singularly is like playing a game of Russian roulette.

Installing landscape lighting can be difficult, requires lots of knowledge and can be fraught with perils if not done correctly including the risk of fire, the risk of cutting important power and other lines just for starters. We specialize in residential and commercial landscape lighting here in the Minneapolis area. Through our experience comes a level of commitment that makes us a household name in outdoor lighting in this area. We know what it takes to bring out the best features of your home and landscape. Among our specialties is landscape and garden lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, pool and water feature lighting, deck and patio lighting and multiple facets of commercial outdoor lighting. One of the biggest benefits of using an established company like us for your outdoor lighting needs is that we have proven that we have staying power within our market and demographic region. We only use the best product and provide superior maintenance and service.

Along with our talented owners, managers and designers our install teams take pride in all of our landcape lighting installs and each property we service. All the work is done by hand and in most cases, clients can’t even tell we have been there other than the fact their property looks beautiful at night. Don’t trust your single biggest investment to inferior fixtures or a cut-rate company with inexperienced installers. Our company practices what we preach and we stand behind our fixtures and our workmanship every step of the way!

Call us today to learn more about why we are the most trusted lanscape lighting company in the Minneapolis area (763) 208-0555.

Come see us at the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show this weekend!

The US Bank Stadium just enjoyed its first season with the Vikings; now the venue is switching gears to host The Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show. If you are a homeowner searching for new ideas and information on an upcoming home or outdoor living project this show is a touchdown!

Home and trade shows are one of the best places to get the inspiration you need as a homeowner to begin your remodeling or addition with confidence. Participating in these all-inclusive events also gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with homeowners, like you, to talk about the unlimited possibilities for your home and landscape through outdoor lighting. We strive to improve not only the beauty of your home but also its versatility and functionality.

If you are interested in learning more about adding a new outdoor lighting system or expanding or improving your existing system — we can help. Not only are we the Minneapolis and Maple Grove areas premier LED outdoor lighting designer and installer, but we also specialize in LED outdoor lighting maintenance and LED outdoor lighting upgrades. We service all systems even if not initially installed by us.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will be located in booth #937, so stop in and speak with one of our talented designers about your anticipated project. Show hours for the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show are Friday and Saturday, January 27th -28th from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm, and Sunday, January 29th from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Admission is as follows:

Adults (At the door) $12.00
Adults (Online)  $10.00
Children Ages 6 – 12  $4.00
Children Ages 5 & Under  FREE
Group Tickets (Minimum of 20 tickets)  $8.00 each

HERO DAY will be Friday, January 27th. All active and retired military personnel, fire, police, healthcare professionals + teachers get into the show FREE! THIS OFFER DOES NOT EXTEND TO FAMILY MEMBERS. ONE COMPLIMENTARY TICKET PER ID. To receive a complimentary admission, simply show your valid ID at the Box Office. For your service and sacrifice, we thank you.

A $3 Discount on admission will also be offered for seniors at the box office ($9 box office price) on Friday, January 27th.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is the only choice for outdoor lighting! Stop by the home show and say hello or call today to learn more. 763-208-0555

2017 Spring Home Improvement Project Ideas: Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

While we may just be dreaming of the impending arrival of gorgeous spring weather, if your life is anything like ours, it will be here in the blink of an eye. Are you spending this last bit of winter planning for a big spring home renovation, small home improvement project or some outdoor living updates? Minneapolis landscape lighting has become one of the most popular choices for that spring refresh your outdoor living areas, lawn, and landscape needs.

Top Benefits of Choosing Landscape Lighting for your Spring Project

  • No dust in the house

  • No opening a “can of worms.”

  • No brushing your teeth in the kitchen (bath renovations)

  • No cooking on a hot plate (kitchen renovations)

  • No big tractors in the yard

  • No “I’ll finish the trim next weekend” for three straight months

  • Dazzling nighttime landscapes

  • Luxurious nighttime outdoor entertaining

  • Increased outdoor living satisfaction

  • Jealous friends and family

  • Improved safety and security

Adding landscape lighting to your property is a great choice for improving your lifestyle and home without the hassle of a large renovation or a medium do-it-yourself home update. We’ll handle the outdoor lighting design, installation, and adjustments without interrupting your life. No dust or mud in the house, no out of commission rooms for weeks at a time and no surprise cans of worms.

If your landscape, patio, deck or home exterior just needs a little extra something this spring, call today for your free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. 763-208-0555 Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers top quality LED landscape lights, custom design, and the best installation process in the area.

Tips & Tricks for Using your Minneapolis Landscape Lighting as Holiday Lighting

If the thought of climbing ladders and spending a freezing cold Minneapolis Saturday outdoors for 3 weeks of holiday lighting enjoyment makes you cringe, we have a few ideas for you. First of all, next year, call us, we’ll be happy to design and install your holiday lighting. We’ll even come back and take it down and store it for you.

But, if you are looking for other alternatives; ideas that will give you a sophisticated look with little effort. Here are a few easy tips and tricks for transforming your existing landscape lighting into a magical holiday display. Ideas you can implement for a last minute festive look

Hang wreaths where focal lighting and wall wash lighting is already focused.

Replace illuminated focal features like small statues and fountains with holiday themed items, like reindeer, Christmas trees or even Santa Clause himself.

Make use of gorgeous tree lighting by hanging iridescent or shiny ornaments and bulbs from the branches. The reflecting results will be one-of-a-kind.

Add ribbons, garland and other holiday swag to posts, gazebos, your home, and landscape walls that are illuminated directly or with nearby ambient landscape lighting.

Swap out lenses or lamps for holiday themed colored lenses. Red and Green for Christmas, Blue for Hannukah or go with a New Year’s amber/gold color.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we love the magic and festivity of a great holiday outdoor lighting display. If you are interested in having us handle next year’s holiday lighting or you are ready to get a flexible landscape lighting system installed. Call today! 763-208-0555 And have a Happy Holiday Season!

Design Your Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lighting Design for Early Spring Installation & A Full Season of Enjoyment

Did you know that winter is the best time to get your Minneapolis outdoor lighting project underway?

As the winter closes in on us and the days get shorter and shorter, you may be reminded of your outdoor lighting needs more frequently. But you may also be thinking you need to wait until spring to get started. While a frozen ground does indeed impede our ability to install new systems, it doesn’t stop us from designing them and getting materials ordered and ready to go. What better way to make use of the cold winter months than to plan for the gorgeous spring weather that is on the way.

Reasons why winter is the best time to design your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system.

  • Outdoor lighting experts face an extremely busy spring season. Right now, they have some extra time to give you special care and attention, getting you through the process faster.
  • Less wait time for each step in the outdoor lighting design, installation or service process.
  • With the design and material orders being completed now, your new outdoor lighting system will be on the schedule for installation as soon as the ground thaws.
  • Spring days are also shorter than summer days. You’ll be able to have your system in the ground when the sun is setting early and you could really use that added visibility.
  • The New Year can mean new prices. If prices increase for 2017, you could beat the system by getting your contract signed now for the earliest spring installation.

Prepare for a gorgeous Minnesota spring today, by starting your LED outdoor lighting design process now. Call 763-208-0555 for your free consultation.

Create Holiday Magic with Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

There is more than one way to illuminate your home for the holidays. While icicle lights, c9 string lights, and colorful mini lights are some of the most popular festive ways to create holiday cheer, we have some alternative options that might be appealing. With well-designed LED landscape lighting, you can enjoy a magical effect for holiday gatherings and all year long.

Alternative Holiday Tree Lighting

To create magical points of light that dot the landscape in your hard, we can illuminate the trees from below. The LED uplighting will show off the breadth of your pines and the gorgeous bark and high reach of your deciduous Maples and Oaks. For a bit of added cheer, colored lenses can be added in whatever shade you prefer. While red and green can be customary, try a nice icy blue for a more modern feel.


Nothing beats moonlighting, except moonlighting after a good snow. There was always something so magical about a fresh snow with a full moon shining across the glittering landscape. Now you can enjoy that moment each, and every time the snow falls. As the snow cascades, the light will glitter and dance while you soak up the festive feeling of the winter holiday season.

With Minneapolis landscape lighting, you’ll create sophisticated holiday magic for guests and passersby that can be enjoyed tremendously from inside your home during your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday parties. Best of all, no climbing ladders, no taking the lights down. These lights will serve as gorgeous and functional outdoor lighting for year round enjoyment.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we are proud to offer a large variety of LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting designs to fit every homeowner’s needs. Call today to learn how LED outdoor lighting can create magic at your Minneapolis home with a free nighttime demonstration.

How to Make Minneapolis LED Landscape Lighting an Integral Part of your Landscape Design

Minneapolis LED landscape lighting is an essential piece of any landscape design. Whether it is a complete overhaul or a new landscape, without LED landscape lighting your investment will go unnoticed under the darkness of night. Nightfall provides an opportunity to create a magical outdoor escape as LED landscape lights breathe new life into your blooms, shrubs, trees and accessories. A flower or tree that is gorgeous during the day provides a whole new view at night. Our LED landscape lights will add shadow, depth and bring out the true colors of your beautiful foliage.

Illuminate Blooms

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you love your flowers. With LED landscape lighting you can take your garden from a daytime stunner to a magical nighttime garden. Whether it is to show off your daytime blooms at night or to get a rare magical glimpse of night blooming moonflowers, primrose or jasmine, LED landscape lighting is perfect for flower beds and flower gardens.

Highlight Focal Features

Many Minneapolis landscapes feature one or more main focal points. From trees to fountains, and blooming shrubs, these items are what anchor our landscape design. LED landscape lighting is perfect for shining a spotlight on your favorite landscape item. Our LED up lights will make sure your statuary or favorite tree is the first thing guests see when they view your landscape after dark. As sure as your guests are in awe of your landscape design during the day, the nighttime magic of highlighting your centerpiece will provide a new and admired aesthetic.

Encourage Adventure

Whether it is a winding path illuminated with path lights or an area in the far corner of your property that features some focal lighting to draw guests to it, adding landscape lighting into your landscape design is a great way to encourage adventure. While your main outdoor entertaining space is where guests are going to spend most of their time, there is something magical and intriguing about following path lights through the landscape to find what is waiting around the corner. Illuminating picturesque areas in the depths of your property invites guests to venture out, enjoy the sites, smells and starlight away from the house. 763-208-0555

Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Effects for Minneapolis Homes and Landscapes

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we always say it is about the lighting effect, not the light fixture. An easy thing to say when you offer top quality LED outdoor lighting fixtures that blend in beautifully with the surrounding landscape design. Today we are going to put our money where our mouth is by sharing with your our Top 5 lighting effects and what it takes to create them.

  • Moonlighting
  • Wall Washing
  • Path Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Water Feature Lighting

Minneapolis Moonlighting

Moonlighting can also be called downlighting. We prefer “moon” because it is a more accurate description of the effect, rather than the technique. When we choose the perfect tree and mount the right light to wash down through the branches, the effect is similar to that of a hunter’s moon illuminating your entire yard, deck, patio or garden.

Minneapolis Wall Washing

Proper wall washing can be done by shining a light up or down a wall, depending on the wall. For instance, a stone retaining wall is a perfect place to mount a light to wash down the natural stone. More often than not, wall washing is achieved with an uplight placed in just the right spot and aimed up the wall of a house, building or other vertical structure. The technique is impossible to explain, but the resulting texture created speaks for itself.

Minneapolis Path Lighting

Illuminating a pathway is ideal for safety and visibility. It is important that path lights are not so low to the ground that they can’t wash the light over the intended path. While big box path lights often create points of light along a path, the OLP difference can be seen as our path lights wash light across the path in a 360 direction for real added visibility at night.

Minneapolis Focal Lighting

Focal lighting, sometimes called uplighting, is a fabulous effect that works well for many functions. It is a technique that has the light aiming directly at its intended specimen. One of our favorite items to highlight with focal lighting are trees. Trees look beautiful with a light shining up into the far reaches of their branches. A broad wash for ornamental trees and a tall narrow wash for Maples, Oaks, and other large trees. Uplighting is also great for vertical focal features such as statues, gazebos, and pergolas.

Minneapolis Water Feature Lighting

The sound of a flowing river is soothing to the ears anytime day or night. But what about the eyes. Don’t let your water feature disappear under the dark of night. Koi ponds, fountains, and other water features can come to life at night with water feature lighting.

Bonus: String lighting

While string lighting is not the effect, it is difficult to put words to the effect they have, so we need to call them by their name. You might call them festival lights, carnival lights, party, bistro or café lights. Adding these gorgeous permanent lights to your outdoor space creates the nostalgia of the good ole days. They make your space fun no matter what the occasion and they promote a smile to come across your face. Maybe we’ll call that effect “Smile lighting.” Their effect might be different for everyone, but they are sure to make everyone feel good.

If your home or landscape is ready for one of the Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Effects in Minneapolis, call today. We design install, and service the best outdoor lighting systems in the Twin Cities area. 763-208-0555

Brilliant From Above: Minneapolis Driveway Lighting

Landscape lighting and LED outdoor lighting doesn’t only be about beauty. Sometimes your goal for installing outdoor lighting can be a necessity or practicality. Is your Minneapolis driveway long, twisty, dark or hidden? If so, illuminating your driveway might be a matter of safety and liability. While there are many types of lights and lighting effects available for this task, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we have our favorite. Moonlighting, sometimes called down lighting is truly the best way to illuminate a Minneapolis driveway year round.

Why Moonlighting for the Driveway?

Often you’ll see a driveway illuminated with path lights along the edge. Other times a nearby retaining wall will have hardscape lights to provide a guiding light. Both of these tactics are good ones. But if you don’t have a retaining wall, the lights have to go in the ground and with Minneapolis winters, those lights can easily be buried in heavy snow. This can cause a couple of issues for the homeowner. One, the lights will be rendered useless until enough snow melts off of them. During the middle of a snow storm could be when you need them most. Secondly, the lights can be damaged by plows or slip and slide mishaps during the winter months.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis prefers to illuminate area driveways from above. With the proper use of down lighting, we can create a magical moonlighting effect across your driveway for visibility at night and during inclement weather. With lights mounted strategically in nearby trees, you’ll enjoy the wide wash of light across your driveway along with the peace of mind in knowing they won’t suffer the repercussion of a sliding car or an over-zealous snow plow.

Moonlighting Provides Greater Coverage for Long Driveways

Long driveways are quite common in the Minneapolis area. By choosing LED moonlighting for your driveway, you’ll get more coverage per light. When lights are close to the ground, they only have so much area they can illuminate. When we strategically hang our LED downlights in trees, we can cover a greater space with a gentle wash of light than if we were dealing with post lights or path lights. This allows you to use fewer lights to cover your long Minneapolis driveway.

Minneapolis moonlighting is perfect for driveways, pathways, patios and decks; adding visibility and safety for easy travel and nighttime use. Offer your guests a warm welcome with moonlighting for your driveway today. Call now 763-208-0555 for a free nighttime demonstration.

Minneapolis Commercial Holiday Lighting: A Perfect Task for the August Slow-Down

Making your business a festive place to be during the holiday months is a great way to create a generous giving vibe. Retailers, restaurants, clubs and hospitality venues around Minneapolis spare no expense in making sure their guests and customers feel the holiday spirit as early as possible each year. While it may seem as easy as stringing up a few lights and some garland, you may quickly realize that it is a huge undertaking for every business, especially during the crazy holiday rush. Spare yourself the man hours and frustration of planning and installing your commercial outdoor holiday decorations this year and leave it to the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.

Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation

With almost 20% of U.S. retail sales coming during the holiday season, creating that holiday spirit is essential to maximizing your retail performance. Whether a consumer is in a restaurant, retail store or event space, the willingness to splurge goes up by inducing the gift-giving spirit that comes with well-designed holiday decorations. Create that feeling before they even walk through your doors by adding gorgeous LED c9 string lights along the front of your building. Choose garland, wreaths, and other accessories for that finishing touch. And hire us to create the magic. We’ll save you time, energy and a potential mishap by creating a gorgeous commercial holiday lighting design, installing it and taking it down. We’ll even store them for you over the winter, saving you valuable inventory space.

Commercial Holiday Lighting is for Many Types of Business

Your business isn’t guest or customer centered? Holiday outdoor lighting is for every type of business. Apartment buildings and HOA’s love Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as we create a desirable atmosphere for residents. Driving up the value of homes in the area is easy when it looks so good!

Brick and mortar businesses of all varieties create the holiday spirit for their employees with gorgeous holiday décor. Keeping employees engaged during one of the busiest times of the year can be as simple as decorating for the season so they can feel the holiday spirit all day long.

No matter if your creating widgets, selling widgets or serving the business who makes the widgets, adding professional holiday outdoor lighting is a great way to improve productivity, creativity, and sales across the board.

What is Included in Commercial Holiday Lighting?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we’ll work with you and your budget to design a gorgeous outdoor holiday display that fits your business needs. We’ll install everything, take everything down after the holidays and store it for you during the summer months. You don’t have to untangle anything, lose a day or two of productivity from your best workers to install or give up valuable space for storage. Just call us, we’ll handle it all. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis LED Landscape Lighting Will Add Value To Your Home and Life

When embarking on a home or landscape renovation journey, there is a great deal of decision-making that happens before you get started. Is this project going to improve my life? Will this project add value to my home if I decide to sell in the future? Am I doing everything I can to make sure this project has long-lasting value and is done right? One of the first steps in making all of these decisions is choosing what project to undertake. With expert advice from Architectural Digest, we can confidently suggest adding Minneapolis landscape lighting to your home will not only allow you to enjoy flowers, trees, and shrubbery at night but will also add value to your home.

Minneapolis Landscapes are More Than Just Flowers

To create a gorgeous landscape that gives you hours of enjoyment and adds value to your home, it takes a great deal more than just planting a few annuals and weeding the flower beds. Landscape design done right requires a multitude of elements that work in synchrony. With hardscapes such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls as well as softscapes like flowerbeds and strategically placed shrubs and trees, each item is an important piece of the puzzle. Add to it a structure or focal piece like a pergola, gazebo, water feature or statue and you’ve got yourself a complete landscape. Almost…

Landscape Lighting is Critical

With so much going into the perfect landscape design, it would be a shame to let it go unnoticed under the cover of darkness. As real estate associate Jill Penman points out in Architectural Digest, outdoor lighting is “crucial”. With the help of a professional landscape lighting designer you can be sure that the perfect combination of elements that has become your landscape will look as good or better than during the daylight hours. With the subtlety of properly designed and installed LED landscape lighting you should notice the illuminated, not the light source. You should also enjoy a dramatic effect that is at the same time stunning and understated.

If you’re ready to complete your landscape with crucial landscape lighting while adding value to your home, contact us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. 763-208-0555

Lakefront Security with Subtle & Gorgeous Minnetonka LED Outdoor Lighting

Minnesota living is at its best when on a lake. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a lakefront home, on Minnetonka or any other lake, then you know the joy of the lake daily. The fishing, the water sports, and the quiet mornings watching the sunrise ripple across the water with a cup of coffee in hand.

Lakefront Living Can Present Unique Security Needs

While lakefront living is luxurious and fantastic in many ways, it can present a few unique challenges. Most homeowners enjoy a more private backyard with only one street side to keep secure. But with a lakefront home, the lakeside also provides easy access to the back of your home from the water. With the addition of strategically placed LED outdoor lighting, we can help you secure the entire perimeter of your lakefront home. From the front drive to the end of your dock, your lakefront home will be subtly illuminated with a stunning outdoor lighting design.

Lighting Control Automation

Whether you’re out for the night, on vacation or a work trip, a dark lakeside is an easy target. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can provide security lighting that will work for all situations. With our Lighting Control Automation system, you can program lights inside and outside your home for the realistic appearance of being home even when away on an extended vacation.

While your lifestyle goals may require outdoor lighting for entertaining on the lakefront, you will find that with a strategic outdoor lighting design, you’ll enjoy the safe feeling of a well-secured home too. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. 763-208-0555

Create a Warm Welcome for Residents and Guests with Minneapolis Neighborhood Entry Lighting

Is your neighborhood entrance underwhelming, shrouded in mystery and cold under the dark of the night? Each year your HOA spends hundreds of dollars to make sure the entrance is gorgeously landscaped with annual pansies and perfectly trimmed hedges. It is a shame to let this beauty go unnoticed each night after sunset. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers gorgeous neighborhood entry lighting to make your subdivisions signs, hardscapes, posts, gates, and landscaping visible and stunning all night long. Nothing offers a warm welcome home after a long day at work like a properly illuminated neighborhood entrance.

Signage and Wall Lighting

Many neighborhoods build gorgeous rock, brick or stone walls to mark the name of their neighborhood. These walls are stunning landmarks that assist visitors trying to find your home. If the sign is hidden under the dark of night, your guests may have trouble finding you. With proper uplighting techniques, we can create a gorgeous wash of light up your walls to show off the beauty, depth, and texture of the stone or brick. And with the addition of a focal light, your neighborhood name will be clearly visible to visitors and passersby.

Entryway Landscape Lighting

It is common to have gorgeous well-manicured landscaping in front of neighborhood entries. Whether it is in front of your sign, gatehouse or the median, this landscaping is a big investment for the HOA each year. Enjoy the gorgeous flowers and shrubbery as you enter and exit your neighborhood after dark with help from entryway landscape lighting. Our copper and brass LED lights use 80% less energy than Halogen lights and will allow your landscaping to shine. Even with the harsh Minneapolis winters and the occasional small bump of a landscaper’s lawn mower these lights will continue to look great and function beautifully.

From Saint Louis Park to Minnetonka, Wayzata and Edina, homeowners are paying HOA fees to gain access to great amenities and help their neighborhoods stay clean, beautiful and safe. Some of these fees go to making sure your neighborhood looks as good from the outside as it does inside. With neighborhood entry lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you can make sure the gorgeous entryway is seen at night, is safe, secure and provides welcoming invitations to residents and guests alike.

Call today for a free nighttime demonstration for your Minneapolis neighborhood entry lighting. 763-208-0555

Christmas in July for Minneapolis Business and Commercial Properties

Christmas? In July? Yes. I know you don’t think you’re ready, but nothing will keep you cool like thinking ahead to the winter months for business planning. Don’t worry; we’re not asking you to start playing the Christmas music in your store or anything that crazy. We are just simply asking you to begin thinking about your business or commercial property Christmas lighting plan for this year. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer the best, hassle free professional holiday lighting design in the Twin Cities. If you want to let the pros handle it so you and your employees can focus on more important tasks, call now to get the process started.

Beat the Holiday Rush

Our schedule fills up fast; our vendors need time to ship us the exact lights for your custom design and we need to get out there and hang your lights before the frigid Minneapolis winter sets in. We often find that customers don’t really think much about their Christmas lighting until it gets closer to Thanksgiving and for a professional quality holiday lighting design and installation, that is just too late.

Professional Holiday Lighting Design

The first part of our process is walking your property with you to see what you envision. Then we’ll go back to the studio to create your custom Christmas lighting design. Once you see the design and approve it, we’ll get the lights ordered. As fall approaches we’ll schedule a time to install your holiday lighting system where it will be ready for the flip of the switch on Thanksgiving Day. So you can see that this is not simply grabbing some lights from the big box store and spending a Saturday hanging them half-hazard.

Christmas Light Take-Down & Storage

When the holidays are over, and it’s back to business as usual, our crews will take your lights down and store them safely in our climate controlled storage facility for next year. Our LED Christmas lights are top quality and will last for years, making your investment in the equipment a long-term business endeavor. With so many businesses getting so much of their annual sales around the holiday, it is to your benefit to create that perfect Christmas spirit to put your patrons, guests, and customers in the spending holiday mood.

Read more about our Minneapolis commercial holiday lighting service, and if you’re ready to get this task out of the way before the busy fall and holiday rush arrives, call today. We’d be happy to put your business on the schedule today. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Café Lighting for Patios, Decks and Outdoor Entertaining

Maybe you envisioned it in a dream or caught it on a prime time sitcom. The large backyard dining table with amazing festive lighting strung over the entire area. Not tiny little Christmas lights, but stylish bistro lights with round bulbs that make the area very cool. We call them Café lights, due to their popularity in outdoor bistros and cafés. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can make this dream a reality, year-round on your deck, patio or porch.

Permanent Festive String Lighting

Creating the aesthetics for that perfect atmosphere in your outdoor living space takes a combination of design elements. From the basic form of your space; a patio, deck or porch to all of the tiniest details such as landscaping, accessories and lighting. Café lighting, bistro lighting or festoon lighting, whatever you call them, café lights will create the dream space you always imagined but never quite achieved. And the best part is, they are not just for the day or the weekend, they will make your outdoor space permanently more fun.

The Best Minneapolis Café Lighting

While you may notice festive lights are a hot trend when you see a hardy display of them at your local big box or club store, you may not realize that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives café lights are different. First, the quality and durability of our lights is unsurpassed and backed by a 5-year warranty. Our café lighting is customized to fit your unique space, so you are not stuck with whatever length and number the store forces on you. Just like all our most popular lighting, our bistro lights are top quality LED for beautiful illumination with low energy use and cost. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of our professional design and installation which results in the exact outdoor living dream you have imagined.

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect outdoor living space and just haven’t quite gotten the effect down, call today. Minneapolis LED café lighting might just be the missing piece. 763-208-0555

Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Timer Instructions

Are you comfortable enough with technology and your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting system to reset your own timer? If not, we are more than happy to help you over the phone or at your home. If you are comfortable tackling it yourself, we want to make sure you have a resource with all of the relevant instructions.

Choose your timer below to download a PDF of your timer instructions. As always, please do not hesitate to call our office for assistance or to request a copy be mailed or email to you. 763-208-0555

Intermatic DT620

HB800 Timer Instructions

HB88RC Timer Instructions

Dial Timer Instructions

X10 Timer Instructions

Out of Sight Out of Mind: Long Lasting Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting May Need a Tune-Up

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, one of our customers’ favorite features is the long lasting durability of our outdoor lights and lamps. You may go years without never having to swap out a bulb or touch a thing.

When it comes to your home and property, it is nice to have beautiful features that don’t need a lot of maintenance or upkeep. The downside of this is “out of sight, out of mind”. While you see your outdoor lights every evening, you may not really look at them closely. You may not have noticed the landscaping around them has grown lush and large since your original lighting design and installation or that one light in the midst of the design is no longer functioning.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is here to keep your system running smoothly and looking great for the long haul. When we come out for a service, repair or maintenance visit, we will take the time to inspect your Halogen or LED outdoor lighting system from A-Z. Here is just a small glimpse of what we’ll look for:

  • Cut lines
  • Dirty lenses
  • Burnt Out Bulbs
  • Overall Lighting Design
  • Overgrown vegetation

We won’t just inspect these items, but we will remedy them. Our outdoor lighting experts will replace bulbs and repair cut lines. We will also clean dirty lenses, adjust lights that have been tipped or tilted, and we’ll even trim back hedges. If landscaping is significantly overgrown we’ll move lights to a better more effective location.

When the sun goes down tonight, go outside, look closely at your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system. Are some lights hard to see, or aimed the wrong direction? Even if we didn’t install your system, call today. 763-208-0555 We’re happy to adjust, repair and service other systems to get them looking great again.

We Shine Together Like the Moon & Stars: Moonlighting for a Magical Minneapolis Backyard

Gone are the days of hanging a large vapor light at the top of a tall electrical pole. Gone are the days of mounting a large mosquito attracting flood light under the eaves of the back of your home. Today’s backyard lighting designs offer beautiful effects to match your beautiful landscape. Today’s Minneapolis outdoor lighting offers functional backyard lighting for nighttime living without harsh glares, swarming bugs and bats swooping in for their dinner. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis moonlighting, your summer nights will come to life for making memorable moments to last a lifetime.

Let the Games Begin with Backyard Lighting

Moonlighting is one of our favorite lighting effects for active backyard entertaining after dark. If your yard features grassy areas for horseshoes, volleyball, corn hole or swingy ball, the setting sun can bring an end to your weekend winning streak. With moonlighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Minneapolis, you can enjoy night games of any variety under the glow of a well-placed moonlight.

Romance & Serenity with Minneapolis Moonlighting

The magic of moonlighting doesn’t end with yard games. By choosing the perfect branch in the perfect tree, our moonlighting will wash down through the branches and leaves creating enchanting dancing shadows across your lawn, deck or patio. This effect is perfect for a romantic dinner al fresco for two, a glass of wine under the stars or a quiet evening on the deck just listening to the crickets chirp.

Minneapolis Driveway Lighting

If the captivating aesthetic effects of Minneapolis moonlighting aren’t enough to win you over, consider the functional safety aspects. Moonlighting is perfect for adding light to long driveways. In the Minneapolis climate, traditional landscape lights along a driveway can easily be run over during snowy weather or slippery conditions. But with professional moonlighting at strategic intervals, your driveway can be visible year round in any conditions.

If you’re ready to get rid of the mosquito attracting flood light while still being able to live outdoors after dark again, call today for a free nighttime demonstration. 763-208-0555 And if mosquitoes in your yard don’t need a light to find you, be sure to call our sister company Mosquito Squad for the best mosquito control in the Twin Cities.

Saint Louis Park Outdoor Lighting for a Luxurious Home Renovation

Along with our sister company, Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is happy to announce our participation in The Green Grossfield Project. This project is a fixer-up home renovation story headed up by Jordana Green, a radio host on WCCO Radio. Along with her fiancé Marc Grossfield, she is transforming an old home into an updated dream home to be featured in Midwest Home’s 2016 Luxury Home Remodelers Tour. And when it comes to making a modern home a dream, nothing compares to adding beautiful LED outdoor lighting and the most efficient irrigation system available.

Nestled in Saint Louis Park, just outside of Uptown Minneapolis, the original home was built in 1948. Featuring 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths the home was in need of some serious updating. Along with the 1950’s wallpaper and old carpet, the home just wasn’t functional for a family. While updating and expanding the home is the main object, they will also have some repair issues to deal with such as a basement suffering from water damage.

Currently in process, they added 1,400 square feet with a second story addition. The addition will include 3 new bedrooms and a master suite. They are also updating all the current rooms to function and look better. They will also add outdoor living space with decking and patio additions.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we design custom outdoor lighting designs to match any home style or family needs. The Green Grossfield project features a very modern design and gorgeous paver walkway. To highlight those features while fitting in with the aesthetic perfectly, we chose to install Hinkley Atlantis Series path lights. Their modern design not only matches the coach lights on the house but they match the homes minimalist look. Complementing the modern design of the home with modern LED outdoor lighting fixtures is as equally important as highlighting the home with gorgeous illumination.

Follow the progress of this exciting home renovation on the Green Grossfield Houzz project page. It will be featured in the Luxury Home Remodelers Tour on August 13-14 & August 20-21. Be sure to keep an eye out in Midwest Home magazine for a feature story when the project is complete. In the meantime, Conserva is installing a highly efficient Minneapolis irrigation system, and we may just be installing some more gorgeous LED outdoor lighting. Stay tuned for more on this Minneapolis outdoor lighting transformation story…

Luxurious Outdoor Living with Edina LED Outdoor Lighting

Luxurious Edina outdoor living is more than a stunning paver patio, deck, pergola, and fire pit. To make your outdoor living spaces more functional and absolutely stunning, add quality, reliable LED outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer just that, the best quality copper and brass LED lighting fixtures as well as the most thoughtful custom outdoor lighting design in the industry.

Your LED outdoor lighting system is all about you. We listen closely to identify your goals, needs and dreams to create the perfect outdoor lighting plan for your lifestyle. Best of all, we’ll be here to listen long after installation is complete, so your LED outdoor lighting system can continue to function at peak design and peak functionality for as long as you own your home.

Edina Pergola Lighting

Edina outdoor lighting is all about the right technique for the outdoor living space. We have a variety of fixtures and techniques that are perfect for your outdoor space. Starting with your specialty outdoor structures that long to be bathed in gorgeous LED lighting, we love to illuminate pergolas, arbors, and gazebos. Depending on your goals, we may add café lights for a festive mood, focal lighting to highlight the structure or even task lighting mounted above for an outdoor kitchen situated underneath.

Edina Patio Lighting

Today’s patios feature stunning paver bricks and stones to create patio walls, floors and fire pits. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer outdoor lighting that can be mounted right in between the layers of pavers on your vertical hardscape structures. Hardscape Lighting is perfect for underneath patio wall capstones and counter/bar tops.

Edina Deck Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers the best in Edina deck lighting. While decorative post cap lights look stunning and provide an ambient glow around your entire deck, we love to use stair riser lights for added safety for ascending to the deck at night. We also have fantastic half-moon copper deck lights that are perfect for washing light down columns and under railings for sure footing and an elegant look.

If you’re ready to give your Edina outdoor living space that extra punch of beauty and functionality it needs call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. 763-208-0555

Why Professional Quality Outdoor Lighting is the Best Choice for Your Minneapolis Landscape Design

When you think of outdoor lighting or landscape lighting you probably think of the plastic type you can stick in the ground along your front walkway. These lights come from one of the big box stores and can be solar powered or low-voltage. While plenty of people are happy with the lighting these landscape lights emit, we can’t help but share with you the dramatic difference you’ll enjoy if you choose our high-quality copper or brass LED lights and the professional installation that comes with them.

Copper vs. Plastic

Choosing quality outdoor lighting fixtures means choosing copper or brass. Copper and brass fixtures will weather nicely to a nice patina that blends in beautifully with surrounding landscape. Plastic fixtures will fade, warp, fog up and generally look less than stellar after just a few years in the elements. Our copper and brass fixtures can withstand rain, wind, high heat, UV rays and snow without deterioration or corrosion. Brass and copper fixtures can also take some bumps without shattering, cracking or breaking the way a plastic outdoor lighting fixture will.

LED vs. Solar

While we love saving and using sustainable forms of energy, the solar-powered landscape lights of today just don’t get the job done. Their solar panels are small, and the light they emit is weak and runs out a short time after the sun goes down. With LED landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you’ll use very little electricity and have more control over when your lights are on and when they are not. You’ll also enjoy a custom landscape lighting design that will make your home and garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Professional Installation vs. D.I.Y. Low-voltage installation

Installing low-voltage landscape lighting yourself can be done. But, we wouldn’t recommend it. Forgetting the lower quality of the lights themselves, there is a lot that can go wrong when working with electricity, digging to bury lines and placing lights for optimal aesthetic appeal. Some jobs are best left to the professionals to give you the best results and save you an entire Saturday (or weekend) driving back and forth to the hardware store, troubleshooting what step you missed, and potentially causing a problem in your home’s electrical system.

Luxurious Landscape Lighting Design

Big box landscape lights look completely different than a professional outdoor lighting system when the sun sets. Rather than washing light onto the path or landscape feature for visibility and beauty, these lights create points of light that don’t travel very far from the source. The effect is a more festive look like what you get from holiday lighting versus the elegance and safety created by lights that illuminate paths, landscaping and homes.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is your best choice for adding charm and nighttime function to your home and property with outdoor lighting. Our quality bronze and copper fixtures along with our professional design and installation make all the difference. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration. 763-208-0555

How to Choose Focal Features for Minneapolis Landscape Lighting Illumination

Choosing what to illuminate in your Minneapolis landscape lighting design is one of the biggest tasks for our outdoor lighting design team. Each home and landscape present unique opportunities for creating a gorgeous custom lighting design. Sometimes the homeowner has a favorite tree, shrubs or statuary they are adamant about illuminating, but other times homeowners feel they don’t have a specific landscape feature worth highlighting. That’s where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis comes in to work our design magic.

Tree Lighting

One of our favorite techniques for adding focal points around a landscape is by choosing the most unique, the most decorative or the tallest tree(s) on a property for highlighting. Trees are majestic and stunning in their own right. Whether you have 50 trees on your property or 5, we can choose the right trees to apply focal lighting, creating points of light for your enjoyment. The best part about tree lighting is that deciduous trees change so much throughout the year, making landscape lighting a great way to enjoy the transformation of the seasons.

Focus on Flowers

Flowers, blooming trees and flowering shrubs make for perfect focal features in your landscape lighting design. Our copper and brass fixtures will blend right into the greenery allowing your purple, pink, white or yellow blooms steal the show. During the bright light of a sunny day your flowers might wash out a bit, but with focal lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis your pinks and purples will be more vibrant, your yellows and oranges will be richer and your reds will be bolder.

Create Your Own Focal Feature

Our landscape lights are designed to be concealed within your landscape for a focus on the illuminated. However, we do have one exception. Our attraction lights are gorgeous daytime sculptures that act as artistic landscape lighting at night. They create designer shadows across your walkway and landscape, becoming a focal feature themselves. They are perfect for creating an anchor in the midst of a large flower bed.  A perfect alternative to a fountain, garden gnome or landscape flag.

If you’re ready to illuminate your gorgeous Minneapolis or Lake Minnetonka landscape for nighttime enjoyment, call today. Our nighttime demonstration is complimentary and is sure to impress. 763-208-0555

A Minneapolis Graduation Party to Remember

Having children is an experience that is hard to put into words. You strive and stress from before they enter the world, through their first day of Kindergarten, their first friendships and their first broken hearts. There are times when you wish the clock would speed up through particularly difficult stages and other times when you want to push the pause button and let a moment live on forever. While you can’t change the speed of time, you certainly can take the time to mark their biggest accomplishments with a celebration they’ll never forget.

Outdoor Lighting for Exceptional Graduation Parties

Graduation is a pivotal moment for a parent. The moment that marks an arrival to adulthood and a departure from childhood. While you knew the journey to this point was a difficult hard-won task, no one ever told you that planning their graduation party would be as stressful as the rest of it. If you’re planning your child’s Open House or Graduation party you are quite likely getting into the thick of preparations already. Did you get working on the backyard the moment the last snow thawed and wish you had more time to get it just right? Maybe you’re installing that patio, deck or sand volleyball court you’ve always wanted. Whether you have big renovations or just some basic spring landscape clean-up, don’t forget the outdoor lighting.

Graduation parties are meant to go well into the night. Send your child off to adulthood with the party of the century. Don’t let the darkness envelop the festivities causing everyone to go indoors or worse yet, go home. We have top quality, long-lasting, copper and brass LED outdoor lighting for all of your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Deck Lighting

Minneapolis deck lighting is a great way to extend your graduation party into the night. It adds safety and a great party vibe for celebrating well into the night.

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is a must have for your Minneapolis graduation party. You’ll illuminate the food and beverage area, dining space and dance floor – all key factors in keeping a party alive.

Pool Lighting

Adding Minneapolis pool lighting will allow your graduate and their friends to really cut loose and swim safely well into the night. After all, what is a graduation party without some splashing around?

Special Event Lighting

Minneapolis special event lighting is a great way to temporarily illuminate tents or add permanent festivity to your patio, deck, pergola or other outdoor entertaining space.

Don’t leave your child’s last hurrah to fizzle at nightfall. Add Minneapolis outdoor lighting to your outdoor entertaining space today for a lifetime of graduation party memories. Don’t delay, graduation day is fast approaching. 763-208-0555

Give Your Home a Competitive Edge in the Busy Real Estate Season with Brilliant Outdoor Lighting

Are you in the process of listing your home for sale? Are you looking to sell fast and for top dollar? Are you considering how to make your home stand out amongst the crowd? LED outdoor lighting increases the value and curb appeal of your Minneapolis property, giving you a competitive advantage in this busy home selling season. Outdoor lighting creates a gorgeous first impression that gives potential buyers a warm welcome and a sense of security. The initial feeling a person has upon arriving at your home is one that can significantly affect their feelings about the home overall.

How does Led outdoor lighting improve my home’s value?

Curb Appeal

Your home’s first impression is the one that matters most. Especially when you’re trying to sell. The curb appeal gained from a well-designed, high-quality, LED outdoor lighting system is invaluable to creating that warm, welcoming, “I am home” feeling. The emotions of buying a home are such that whether or subtle or dramatic, your outdoor lighting design can create a strong feeling in buyer’s which can increase your sale price and speed up your sales timeline.

Visually Increase Square Footage

When your outdoor spaces are illuminated with a professionally designed outdoor lighting system, they become a part of your living space. When a buyer views your property for the first time, this extension of square footage while not on paper, gives them a sense of having plenty of space to spread out. With outdoor space being functional day and night, your home buyer will know they are making the right decision.

Accentuate Character and Beauty

Your home and property are a package deal. With LED outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you can highlight the best features of both. Our outdoor lighting systems are designed to highlight your home’s unique character, including colors, textures and design features. High-quality landscape lighting will draw the buyer’s eyes around your entire property to ensure they see all of the beautiful details that make your home perfect for them.

Energy Efficiency

In today’s Minneapolis real estate market, home buyers are looking for home’s that are energy efficient. With every energy efficient utility, appliance and fixture in your home, you can ask a little more while impressing today’s eco-conscious and monthly budget conscious buyer. Our LED outdoor lighting systems use 80% less energy than Halogen and bulbs rarely need replacing, making maintenance a non-issue.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is your best choice for adding value to your home with outdoor lighting. Our quality bronze and copper fixtures along with our professional design and installation will captivate homebuyers for a quick sale. If you’re looking for a good investment to help speed up the sale of or maximize the sale price of your home, outdoor lighting is a great choice. Call today for a free consultation 763-208-0555 or fill out the contact us form on our home page.

Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lights: What is a Light Emitting Diode?

When it comes to outdoor lighting, LED outdoor lights are the biggest transformation the industry has undergone. The technology that was used early on for cell phone displays and electronics has come of age, making for gorgeous outdoor lighting effects that look as good as or better than traditional low-voltage outdoor lighting.

What is LED Lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The science behind LED could bore you to tears so we think it is best explained by this video that tells you how a variety of light bulbs work.

After viewing the science behind the Light Emitting Diode, you may still wonder, what are the benefits of LED versus those other lights?

Less Heat

The first thing you’ll notice is that the electricity in LED lights is not heating up filament until it gets so hot it burns like in incandescent and Halogen lamps. You can conclude that LED is not as hot as incandescent Halogen, nor does it “burn out” as quickly.

Less Delicate

Next you’ll notice that LED doesn’t require tubes like fluorescents and vapor lamps or a special coating like fluorescent. Without the glass tube or bulb to contain the gas or the filament, LED lamps are much more durable than other types of lighting. LED outdoor lights benefit immensely from having a high resistance to vibration, shock and weather elements.

Less Electricity & Longer Lamp Life

Lastly, you’ll notice that the electrons responsible for emitting light in LED lamps are cycled back through the process of excitement and relaxation, making for an extra-long bulb life. A process which, by the way, requires less than 80% of the electricity than is required for heating up filaments until they burn.

As if using less than 80% of the electricity of Halogen, with no UV rays to hide, very little radiated heat and a much longer bulb life wasn’t enough, LED outdoor lights look great too! In recent years, the manufacturing and technology of LED lamps have advanced at the speed of light. It used to be that LED lacked color options and was low intensity. But today’s LED technology allows for a large range of brightness levels and easy control, making LED perfect for outdoor lighting design.

If you’re interested in LED outdoor lights for your home, call today for a free design consultation, or learn more about LED lights on our website.  763-208-0555

Illuminate Your Minneapolis Landscape Design with LED Outdoor Lighting

Gearing up for the spring thaw with help from a landscape designer? Creating a gorgeous Minneapolis landscape is a treasure to behold after a long cold winter. If you’re redesigning your landscape this spring, make sure you call us before you get to planting day.

Highlighting your gorgeous new landscape design with a custom Minneapolis landscape lighting system is a great way to get the most mileage out of your stunning yard.

Front Yard

Illuminate the colorful petals that line your front flower beds with strategically placed landscape lighting. Whether it is early spring daffodils or summer-long petunias, our landscape lighting will pull out the rich colors for all to see after the sun sets.


Guide visitors to the door or around the side of your home with gentle path lighting to lead the way. Path lighting is a great way to adorn space for a natural unification of your soft and hardscapes.

Back Yard

Highlight the gorgeous greenery that lines your patio, deck or lawn’s perimeter. From Boxwoods to Hostas, we will make sure the landscape design around your entertaining space looks splendid after nightfall.

Focal Features

With great Minneapolis landscape design comes fabulous focal features. Whether it is an ornamental tree, statuary or a water feature, our focal lights are a perfect solution to draw attention to your favorite landscape piece.

Calling us early in the process is imperative to getting the best LED outdoor lighting design for your new landscape. It also allows us to work with the landscape designer to install electrical lines before the landscape design is done, to avoid disrupting the gorgeous work they’ve just finished. Call today for your free landscape lighting design consultation. 763-208-0555

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis at the 2016 Minneapolis Home & Garden Show

Come see us at the 2016 Minneapolis Home & Garden Show. Booth 813.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will be at the 2016 Minneapolis Home & Garden Show with our partner brands Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities & Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities. The annual Minneapolis Home & Garden Show is a great starting point for all of your spring home improvement plans. With so many services in one place, you can get everything you need to make the summer of 2016 the best yet. Plus, we heard Drew & Jonathan Scott of HGTV will be there on Saturday, March 5th.

We will be presenting the latest in LED outdoor lighting technology for your home and business. Our lighting experts will be on hand to answer all of your questions about our products and services.

When it comes to Minneapolis landscape lighting and Minneapolis outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures, the finest lighting design and the best installation & service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, meaning our relationship doesn’t end when your lights are installed. We are here to serve you for the life of your outdoor lighting system; for maintenance, service and repairs.

If you are unable to make it to the convention, call today for a free consultation and complimentary nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration 763-208-0555 We hope to see you there!

Minneapolis Convention Center

Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Hours
Friday, February 26 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday, February 27 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, February 28 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday, March 4 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday, March 5 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, March 6 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting is for Every Season

Minneapolis landscape lighting is perfect for every season of the year. With your ever-transforming property, we can create the perfect landscape lighting design to take advantage of every twist and turn the seasons’ offer. Our expert landscape lighting designers will take into account your stunning spring blooms, your lush summer foliage, the spectacular fall colors and winter’s unique snowy transformation.

Highlight the Excitement of that First Spring Bloom

If you’re counting down the days until the first daffodil pops through the soil, you quite likely are eager to get back outside and enjoy your lovely landscaping. Whether you garden yourself, trust it to the professionals or a combination thereof, there is just something about watching everything come back to life after a long winter. With the addition of Minneapolis landscape lighting you can view your ever-changing landscape through every season’s magical transformation day or night. Let us design the perfect landscape lighting system to illuminate your favorite tulips and the first blooming lilac shrubs and crab apple trees.

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting for Summer Entertaining

With the proper landscape lighting design, we’ll successfully illuminate your backyard entertaining space with direct and ambient lighting. Allowing you to take full advantage of the summer season with cookouts, bonfires and an evening under the stars. With our help, you can extend your outdoor living space with strategic focal lighting around the perimeter of your property. Highlighting trees, statuary and beloved shrubs around the perimeter encourages your guests to venture out and explore the beauty of your landscape.

Minneapolis Peak Fall Colors

In autumn, we venture out to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to celebrate the harvest and the cooler weather. But the most anticipated event is the transformation of deciduous green trees to the vibrant yellows, oranges and ambers that make for spectacular scenery. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we consider that transformation in our design to ensure you can enjoy Minneapolis’s peak fall colors day or night.

Winter is Good for Landscape Lighting Too

There’s more to landscape lighting than highlighting your blooming flowers. Minneapolis landscape lighting is great in every season. When winter arrives and all the leaves have fallen, your large elm or oak tree becomes an entirely new site. With magnificent branches emerging where leaves have hidden them, you get an entirely different look and feel. With focal lighting, we can add even more magic to this lovely season for trees. And when the snow falls the magic goes even further with glistening ice on every branch and a joyful ambient glow off the snow-blanketed yard.

Call today for your free Minneapolis landscape lighting nighttime demonstration 763-208-0555 or email us at [email protected]

Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Transforms Your Post Holiday Home for Year Round Magic

Does your Minneapolis home seem empty and boring now that the holiday décor is packed away for the year? You’re not alone in feeling as if something is missing. The cheer created by your Christmas lights and outdoor decorations is sorely missed during the long nights and frigid gray days of January and February. Don’t suffer through this feeling next year. With LED outdoor lighting, we can create that warm cheerful feeling year round. With a strategic combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting, your home will be as gorgeous year round as it is during the holidays.

Minneapolis Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is a great year round substitute for c9 roofline lights. Highlighting the height and character of your home’s design, architectural lighting allows your home’s beauty to be seen at night. We’ll place focal lights to uplight the front façade of your home from below. Highlighting the texture, depth and design from the ground to the roof. For two-story home’s, we may add soffit lighting to illuminate particularly decorative peaks or dormers, creating a post-card perfect scene. The result is an illuminated home that offers a warm invitation to come inside and cozy up by the fire.

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

While architectural lighting certainly adds a great deal of that warm welcome you are missing, Minneapolis landscape lighting provides the finishing touch. Your home is more than just your house. Your property and landscape are just as important. We’ll strategically place landscape lights to illuminate important paths and highlight beautiful plants and shrubbery around your property. We will shine gorgeous focal lights up into the lovely trees dotting your front yard, for that bit of extra life you enjoyed when your trees were wrapped in string lights. With the magic of landscape lighting your home will be instantly transformed, as you enjoy the changing greenery or falling snow all year long.

If you’re feeling the post-holiday décor blues, let us help. Call today for a free consultation so we’ll be ready to install your new outdoor lighting system as soon as the ground thaws. 763-208-0555

Moonlighting is a Great Choice for Outdoor Lighting in Snowy Minneapolis Weather

Outdoor lighting is a great way to provide guidance in hazardous winter weather. With so many lighting options, we just had to share with you one of our favorite lighting effects that look lovely in winter weather. Moonlighting, down lighting, however you name it, lighting from above is perfect for gaining visibility in the snowy winter weather. And when the snow falls, the magic begins as the light bounces off each and every snowflake.

Driveway Lighting from Above

With a long driveway in winter, you quite likely have trouble keeping people on it when they are backing out. With help from driveway lighting, you can keep them safe and keep your yard undamaged. While path lighting would look lovely, it could get damaged by overzealous snow plows. Our favorite driveway lighting approach is to mount lights in the trees above to shine strategically across your driveway. The result is a well-lit driveway that is easy to navigate no matter what the weather.

Decks & Patios

If you’ve ever enjoyed the site of your yard under a “hunter’s moon” you know why we love moonlighting. When applied to your deck or patio, moonlighting provides a gentle all over glow that makes outdoor living at night a glorious occasion. With a snow covered backyard, it’s a real treat to get outside and enjoy the light reflecting off the blanket of snow that blends your patio & lawn into a single entity.

Now if we could get winter to arrive, we might be able to enjoy the snowy sites. Call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. 763-208-0555

The Splendor of Minneapolis Architectural Lighting in Winter

Like a postcard, your Minneapolis home has been covered with inches or feet of snow. While a large snowfall can bring stress when clearing driveways and sidewalks or while driving, it really is a gorgeous site. With lovely snow-capped eves, architectural lighting for your home is more beautiful than ever. With the proper outdoor lighting washing over your eves & dormers you get that glistening winter wonderland look and feel all winter long.

Do you have picture perfect frost around the edges of your frozen windows? Architectural lighting can catch those frosted white corners, furthering that classic winter look. When icicles form, the lights will bounce off the glistening ice creating a winter ambiance that can’t be beat. Arriving home in the dark of the late afternoon will be a treat with the warm welcome you’ll receive. The warm glow from within your home will be carried through to the outdoors to calm any commuting anxieties for a lovely winter evening at home.

Have you ever admired your snowy yard under the light of a full Hunters Moon? Our architectural lighting gently reflects off the snow-covered shrubbery and lawn for an all over-illumination that is simply magical. With little flecks of extra shimmer across your snowy yard, it will look like a child spilled glitter over a white blanket of cotton. The soft illumination across your entire yard will make your home a lovely site for passersby’s and guests alike.

Enjoy the splendor of the glistening blanket of snow from within the warmth of your home. The emanating glow that will wash across your snowy landscape provides a beautiful view from within. With architectural lighting, you not only create stunning curb appeal on these snowy winter nights, but you gain the unexplainable cozy winter feeling of sipping coffee by the roaring fire as the cold winter winds whip up a beautiful site outside.

Call today for your free Minneapolis outdoor lighting free nighttime demonstration or email us at [email protected] and our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Top 7 Reasons For Outdoor Lighting in the Dazzling Minneapolis Snow

Snow presents another great motivation for adding outdoor lighting to your Minneapolis home. While winter can be blistering cold, it can also be the most beautiful time of year. On average, Minneapolis receives 55 inches of the glimmering white powder each year. Nothing beats the scenery during and after a fresh snowfall. Unfortunately, many of our non-working hours are dark on these short winter days. With help from outdoor lighting, you can enjoy the snowy sites from inside or out, all winter long.

7 snowy reasons for outdoor lighting

1. Glistening Fresh Powder

The stunning Minneapolis scenery is made that much more beautiful after a fresh snowfall. When virgin snow has no footprints, no muddy spots and no gravel shoveled into it, you’ve got to take a moment to enjoy the view. When the sun sets at 4:30 that can be hard to do. But, with outdoor lighting, the stunning snowy scene is made even more glorious with the light reflecting off the glistening fresh powder.

2. Nighttime Snowball Fights

It can be easy to let the mid-afternoon sunset end your snowy outdoor activities. But if the temperatures are not too frigid to be outside, you have to take advantage of every moment. With outdoor lighting at your Minneapolis home, we can achieve just the right amount of light to create a perfect snowball battleground. Providing plenty of light and shadows for the ultimate snowball showdown.

3. Magical Falling Snow

The movies get this one right every time. There is absolutely something magical about falling snow. You don’t have to be a child to understand the feeling it creates. This enchantment is amplified when it is dark outside. With just the right amount of outdoor light to bounce off the individual flakes as they float down to the ground, you will enjoy the childlike wonder of watching the gorgeous snowfall.

4. Snowman Snow

Snow in Minneapolis is not always conducive to building a snowman. If it is too cold or too dry, the snowman just isn’t going to hold. Don’t miss the opportunity to build the perfect snowman because the sun has set already. Perfect snowman snow can be a once per season event. Grab a scarf, hat, carrot and buttons and get out there and build that snowman.

5. Late afternoon sledding

There is nothing quite like snow sledding after the sun sets. With help from our landscape and tree lighting you can create guidance in the dark for the kids as they make the most of a perfect winter day.

6. Snowy evening in the Hot Tub

Imagine relaxing in the hot tub while the snow falls. Enjoying the perfect warmth and relaxation while the contrasting cold snowflakes dance around you. With spa deck lighting, you can see the light glisten off the snow while you relax and unwind after a cold snowy day.

7. Ice Skating After Dark

If you live on Lake Minnetonka or another of the many lakes or ponds in the area, you are definitely taking advantage when the ice is frozen enough for ice skating. With landscape lighting and dock lighting, we can highlight the path to the lake and the perimeter of the water for romantic nighttime ice skating. We can even install temporary festoon lighting over the frozen water for a nighttime ice skating ritual all winter long.

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Family, Fun, & Feasts – Let the Holiday Parties Begin with Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting

Great Aunt Doris is coming for Thanksgiving. Don’t let her try to climb your front stairs in the dark of the long winter nights. With all of the holiday parties upon us, and the sun setting before five o’clock every day, your guests could be facing a treacherous arrival or departure from your home in the dark. Provide a warm invitation, safe entry and a festive atmosphere with Minneapolis outdoor lighting. Maybe more importantly, a safe exit as guests head home for the evening, which could present added obstacles such as ice, snow and food comas.

A Warm Welcome with Minneapolis Entry Lighting

Provide a guiding light to your holiday party guests by adding Minneapolis entry lighting to your home’s exterior. We can add lighting to your front porch, stairs, and pathway leading from the driveway so that your guests can reach the front door with safety and ease. The results are practical, but the effect is your home becomes a warm and welcoming site on these long winter nights.

A Classy Festive Atmosphere

Not everyone loves Christmas lighting, and even if you do, you may not be ready to turn them on for Thanksgiving. With so many holiday parties on the horizon, it is nice to offer a classy illuminated look for Thanksgiving and save the LED Christmas lights for your Christmas or New Year’s party. With exterior lighting along the front of your home, we can create the magical feeling of holiday lighting for the whole year. When the nights are long and the snow has fallen, having your home softly illuminated with Minneapolis outdoor lighting creates holiday magic for you and your guests.

Safe Travel on Sidewalks and Pathways

Given that it is dark more than it is light during this festive holiday season it is quite likely that your holiday guests will be coming and/or going under the cover of darkness. With Minneapolis winters being what they are it is more important than any other time of year to provide safety lighting along the walkways, stairs, and driveway that lead to your home. Traveling by foot in the dark becomes even more treacherous than normal if a little bit of snow has fallen or a puddle has frozen over. Keep your guests safe with Minneapolis path lighting.

Call today for your free Minneapolis outdoor lighting free nighttime demonstration or email us at [email protected] and our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com. Happy Thanksgiving from the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis team!

Quality Outdoor Lights & Top Notch Customer Care

It’s not about the lights or the lighting effects, it’s all about you! We want you to get the best customer care in the industry. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis we pride ourselves on the quality of our outdoor lights, but more importantly we pride ourselves in how we care for you. When you get what you need from us, we’ve done our job. That means our relationship doesn’t end when the installation is done. We are here for the long haul, if you have any issues with your lighting, you can call and we’ll come to your home or business, figure it out and fix it.

“…the best contractor we’ve ever worked with.”

Long Lasting Relationships

Our referrals and repeat clients testify to our focus on quality customer care. When we have a client so happy with their outdoor lighting system they tell their friends & call us back several times in the same season to add more lights, we know we’ve done our job. Whether your service technician is Todd, Delane, Russ, Jake, or Tom, we will treat you like royalty. With our fine-tuned listening skills and clear communication, every encounter with you is a chance to build our relationship. We treat you like family. Sharing family stories, discussing the Vikings latest performance and predicting what the winter is going to look like is not an uncommon occurrence when we come out for an install or a service call. The more we know you, the better we can serve you.

Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Being the leading experts in outdoor lighting design & installation is not the only thing we do. We are your best choice for Minneapolis outdoor lighting maintenance and LED upgrades – even if someone else put in your lighting system. We are often called out to troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning landscape lighting that has been installed by a landscaper who is out of business or impossible to contact. Sometimes the problem is a simple fix, other times the system is low quality and/or installed incorrectly. Whatever your outdoor lighting challenge is, we will be here today, tomorrow and always to keep your home properly illuminated.

“I can’t believe how much nicer our home looks at night with all of the lighting working properly.”

Call today for your Minneapolis outdoor lighting free consultation to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis difference. 763-208-0555

Invite Your Customers in & Invoke the Holiday Spirit with Minneapolis Commercial Christmas Lighting

Nothing gets your customers to throw caution to the wind and spend generously on gifts for the ones they love like the holiday spirit. Set the mood from the minute they approach your property with professional outdoor holiday lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Our experts will design the perfect indoor or outdoor holiday decorations design. If you have a few trees out front, a business sign at the entrance with landscaping, a large lobby to light up, or you just want your store front lit up, we can do it. From Christmas wreaths & garland, to LED roofline lights to holiday tree lighting we can create the perfect holiday vibe.

Christmas Wreaths & Garland

Adding Christmas wreaths and garland to the lobby, doors and even the exterior of your business is a lovely way to add holiday greenery. A classy Christmas décor element, our experts will install your wreaths and garland for that professional holiday look your business needs. When choosing wreaths and garland to accompany your lights you can achieve that holiday spirit both day and night.

Christmas Roofline Lights

Classic LED string lights on your business roofline is a perfect way to create a festive mood. Perfect for a shopping center or downtown store front, we’ll do the climbing to install and take them down. But if you want, we can leave them up. Classic string lights are perfect for that special event or sale, simply turn them on for added attention and fun.

Holiday Tree Lighting

Creating a classic holiday look outside of your business can be accomplished with simple tree lighting. Whether you have a large tree as a centerpiece near your entrance or your parking lot is lined with smaller ornamental trees, we’ve got the prefect LED Christmas lights for you. Tree lighting can be the trickiest outdoor Christmas decoration, as you have to get the Christmas string lights in just the right branches for that winter wonderland feeling. All while climbing a ladder, tree or being in a cherry picker. Don’t take on the liability of asking an employee to climb your tree! Let us do the climbing while you focus on what is most important, your business and customers.

Call today for a commercial holiday lighting design consultation. 763-208-0555

Outdoor Lighting Month in Minneapolis

To celebrate Outdoor Lighting month we thought it would be fun to talk about the enhanced lifestyle that can be gained with various outdoor lighting designs. The best way to do that is to show you with a gallery of outdoor lighting ideas. Whatever your outdoor lighting goal is, we can achieve it with landscape lighting, deck lighting, and exterior home lighting. Look below for some great Minneapolis outdoor lighting ideas.

Minneapolis Attraction Lighting provides your landscape with a gorgeous piece of art. During the day you have a unique sculpture that creates moving shadows as the sun advances across the sky. Then when the sun finally sets and you turn on your designer light, the artistic design casts a gorgeous shadow in every direction while illuminating the desired space.

Minneapolis Deck Lighting can provide you, your family and your friends with extended outdoor living time. Whether you’re illuminating your deck for a dinner party or barbecue or you have a hot tub that could be safer and more enjoyable, deck lighting is a great enhancement for your outdoor lifestyle.

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting will provide depth to your nighttime landscape while illuminating all of your favorite features. If you have some gorgeous night blooming flowers you don’t normally get to enjoy or you have a favorite cluster of trees in the back corner of your property, landscape lighting can extend the hours you get to enjoy your yard. With the added benefit of increased safety and property value, landscape lighting is a no-brainer.

Minneapolis Special Event Lighting is perfect for every outdoor occasion. From an outdoor wedding to a weekend barbecue, we can illuminate your outdoor space with just the right festive mood. Whether you’re interested in festoon or string lighting or something more daring like orb lighting, we can create everything from classic traditional charm to modern party vibes.

Professional Christmas Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is a real treat. We have all the outdoor Christmas decorations you want without the hassle of digging them out, climbing ladders, hanging lights, and taking them back down again. And with our professional design services your Minneapolis outdoor holiday decorations will look better than ever.

Minneapolis Architectural Lighting highlights your home’s unique character, relief and style at night. By illuminating your home’s exterior after dark you gain safety and security as well as luxurious curb appeal.

While these are just a few of our best ideas for your outdoor lighting inspiration, the only limitation is your and our imaginations. Together we can design the perfect outdoor lighting system for you. Call today for your free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. Give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

How Much Energy do Outdoor LED Lights Really Save?

With LED technology hitting a golden era, many people still don’t realize how much energy LED lighting can really save. When it comes to outdoor lighting systems, the energy and cost savings is hugely significant. To help you understand the significance, we’re going to show you with a bit of math using an average outdoor lighting system as our case study.

Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lighting

The average outdoor lighting system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area includes about 20 lights. With a 20 light Halogen system we require the use of three 250 watt transformers for wiring all of the lights to your home’s electrical system. Already you’ll be saving money with LED as the same 20 lights in LED would only require one transformer. While the average low-voltage outdoor light is 35 Watts, you can get the same lighting effect with a 7 Watt LED fixture.

20 Halogen Outdoor Lights vs. 20 LED Outdoor Lights

The average 20 light outdoor lighting system with 35 Watt bulbs equals 700 Watts on a Halogen system. An equal number of lights in a comparable LED outdoor lighting system with 7 Watt bulbs only uses 140 Watts. I like to think about it in terms of the standard indoor light bulbs that we all grew up with in our lamps and indoor light fixtures. Everyone is familiar with these 60 Watt bulbs. If you think about your outdoor LED lighting system with 20 lights, you are only using slightly more energy than 2 of those bulbs you grew up with. That’s for 20 lights!! A savings of 560 Watts when you go LED vs. Halogen or 80%.

Whether you want to save energy to be green or to save cash, the benefits are clear.

Yes. You Can Upgrade Your Current System to LED.

We recently upgraded a client with a 58 fixture outdoor lighting system from Halogen to LED. He is now saving energy as well as significantly lowering his electrical bill each month. One of the added benefits of the outdoor LED retrofit is freeing up space on those transformers we mentioned. This client freed up a ton of space and was able to have us install a few more lights while we were there, and he still has plenty of space on his transformer.

If you are looking for LED outdoor lighting installation or you need to upgrade your current system to LED, now is the perfect time. With the days getting shorter and fast, the savings you will experience during the long winter months will be huge! Call today for a free consultation and nighttime demonstration. 763-208-0555

Don’t Trip, Stumble or Feel Your Way Around: Longer Nights Need Outdoor Safety Lights

The days are getting shorter already and by Christmas it will be dark before you leave the office in the afternoon. The longer nights mean you will be doing many of your weekday outdoor activities and chores in the dark. Whether it is arriving home from work, taking the trash out or shoveling snow this winter, let Minneapolis outdoor lighting help guide the way so you can avoid treacherous falls.

Driveway Lighting Twin Cities

The addition of driveway lighting to your home provides a multitude of benefits. With guests and deliveries arriving after dark throughout the winter, you provide a guiding light for their vehicle. I don’t need to tell you how hard it can be to tell where the driveway ends and the lawn begins when the ground is covered in snow. With driveway lighting you can highlight that perimeter to keep your lawn from being damaged. It also provides a lovely warm and welcoming beacon for you to arrive home after work each day.

Path Lighting Minneapolis

Navigating your property in the dark is much trickier in the fall and winter months. With possibilities for black ice and with snow on the ground it can be difficult to see where your path is and if there is slippery spots to avoid. With the addition of Minneapolis path lighting you can get better visuals for taking out the trash, shoveling the snow and enjoying the magic of a Minneapolis winter’s night. And if you have children playing in the snow, there is sure to be some occasional forgotten sleds, shovels and snow gear to avoid tripping over.

Deck Lighting Lake Minnetonka

Your deck is your favorite outdoor hang out spot. When you don’t get home from work until after dark in the fall and winter months, it is hard to make good use of your favorite space. With the addition of Minneapolis deck lighting you can create a lovely illuminated space to enjoy all year and all night long. With step lights built right in to your stair risers, your footing will be safely illuminated for evening use. One of our favorite effects is to hang lights underneath the stair and deck railings. This provides additional safety by illuminating the perimeter of the deck and the hand rail, but it also casts an ambient glow around the deck for that relaxing feeling you’re after.

If you’re interested in adding additional safety to your home that adds enchanting ambience to your entire outdoor space, call today for your free outdoor lighting nighttime demonstration. 763-208-0555

The Best Time to Install Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting

Have you been considering adding outdoor lighting to your deck, patio, landscape or home? Home improvement projects always take time and consideration, outdoor lighting is no different. You have done your research, thought about where you want the lights and are eager to have them, you may have just not taken the time to call us yet. You may be waiting until spring, but I have to say, getting ready for spring in the fall is a better idea. If you’re considering pool lighting, dock lighting, lake lighting or landscape lighting, now is the time to call.

The Nights are Longer

You just got through the entire summer wishing you had your outdoor lights already installed. You had a perfect barbecue and your guests were having a great time, but then the sun went down. If you had patio lights and pool lights you could have continued the fun & festivities well into the gorgeous summer night. While those feelings are fresh, think about how the days are getting shorter and shorter right now. You might have a few outdoor events planned for this month or next, maybe the annual Halloween party or a big fall birthday bash. What if you had outdoor lighting ready to go? I’d hate to see your guests forced indoors at 5 or 6 o’clock when the autumn sunsets. Extend your gorgeous fall days into the dark evenings with outdoor lighting installation now.

Before the Ground Freezes

Winter in the Twin Cities is long, dark and gray. I don’t know about you, but there are some days where I swear the sun never even rose. By the time you get home from work in December, the sun will have already set. With the long nights of winter approaching, get your LED outdoor lighting system installed before the ground freezes. We can illuminate the entrance into your driveway and home so you feel the warm embrace welcoming you in from a long day at work instead of the cold dark Minneapolis winter air.

Spring is Busy for Outdoor Living Services

Everyone hires landscapers, pool installers, deck builders and outdoor lighting installation in the spring. Just like everyone shops on Black Friday. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather beat the rush wherever possible. Save yourself some wait time and hassle by getting your patio lights installed now. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we get a big rush of calls starting in April/May. If you want to make sure you have lighting installed and ready to go for your first big spring gathering, Easter or Memorial Day, call to get your lights installed before winter comes.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Now

Winter isn’t here yet, but the days are getting shorter, and fast. Enjoy your outdoor living areas before winter arrives with the addition of outdoor lighting. Then when spring arrives, you’ll already be ready to go. With occasional surprisingly good weather days hitting us as early as March, you can make use of every minute of those fleeting days by having your outdoor lighting already installed now.

For a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Bold Oranges, Brilliant Reds, Golden Yellows: Autumn in the Minneapolis Outdoors

Outdoor living doesn’t have to end just because Labor Day has come and gone. Autumn is a fantastic time of year to be outside in Minneapolis. The sweet smell of leaves falling and the crisp air is just right for throwing on a sweater and relaxing with a cup of coffee on the deck.

While drinking your coffee on the deck is a fantastic way to spend an autumn morning, many times homeowners under-utilize their deck later in the day. Whereas dinner on the deck in summer is a piece of cake with the sun setting so late, in the fall it might be dark already by the time you’re finished cooking. Don’t let darkness keep you inside when it is this beautiful outside. With deck lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis you can extend the usable hours on your deck and enjoy every bit of glory the fall season has to offer.

Dinner on the Deck

It’s getting darker earlier and earlier every single day. By December the sun will be down by 4:30 in the afternoon. While it may seem instinctual to stay indoors once the sun sets, that doesn’t have to be the case. With the addition of deck lighting you’ll gain a lovely outdoor space to entertain guests all afternoon and evening. Autumn is a perfect time to enjoy dinner on your Minneapolis deck. With a sweatshirt and a warm meal, entertaining outside in the fall is a great idea. You and your company can enjoy a delicious meal without the summer hassles of insects, heat and humidity, allowing you to enjoy great friends and great conversation well into the night.

Football Sundays

With televisions getting sleeker and slimmer, hosting Football Sunday in your backyard instead of your living room is a fantastic idea. Bring the big screen out on the deck and enjoy the changing fall leaves and the Vikings victory all at the same time. With deck lighting, even night games can be enjoyed on the deck, allowing you to keep the rowdy messy football party outside so the non-football family members can enjoy their Sunday afternoon in peace and quiet.

Outdoor Fireplaces

With deck lighting on your Minneapolis deck we can create a romantic ambiance that will encourage more use of your outdoor living area. If you splurged on a built in fireplace or fire pit on your deck, the addition of outdoor lighting will create that warm invitation a special someone might need. Nothing is better than snuggling up next to a fire under a warm blanket with someone you love. Enjoying the crisp fall air, the clear sky and starlight amongst the warmth of the fire is what autumn in Minneapolis is all about.

Get your LED outdoor lighting system in the ground before it freezes for the winter. Call today for your free night time demonstration to find out what deck lighting can do for your Minneapolis home. Give us call at 763-208-0555 or email us at [email protected]

The Top 8 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals To Install Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When it comes to getting in the spirit of the holidays, outdoor Christmas lights are a great way to set the mood. They add a lovely festive feeling to your home. Even from inside the warmth of your charming home there is nothing quite like the beauty of Christmas lights reflecting off the snow after dark.

While it can be a tradition in some families to dig out the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving weekend and spend the day climbing ladders and hanging lights, I am going to venture to say that not everyone appreciates the act of hanging them as much as they appreciate the end results. To help you let go of the guilt you feel over considering hiring someone else to do it, I’ve got a list of eight really great reasons you should hire a professional to hang your Christmas lights this year.

1. Led Outdoor Christmas Lights

The best new thing in holiday lighting is outdoor LED Christmas lights. We’ve got the best LED lights that will shine as bright as any lights you’ve ever hung before – but with 80% less energy use! Everyone can use a little extra money around the holidays, keep your electric bill down with our holiday LED C9 roofline lights. Our LED C9 string lights make a big impact in a classic way which is why they are a favorite among all of our holiday lighting customers.

2. Wreaths and Garland

Wreaths are a popular outdoor Christmas decoration the last few years. With green wreaths hanging over your windows you can get a classic holiday look. We offer LED pre-lit garland and wreaths allowing you to dress up your windows, front porch, entryway or portico while also providing festive light to create a warm invitation for your holiday guests. With a large variety of sizes and colors we have wreaths and garland to fit every style and scope.

3. Tangled Lights

We’ve all been there. We start out with the holiday music playing, a fire roaring in the fire place as we dig out the storage containers full of holiday décor. Within an hour the fire is off as we’re sweating and frustrated trying to untangle the Christmas lights that went into storage so neatly, but came out like a tornado was living in the box all summer. It can take hours to untangle lights, and then you may throw in the towel and go buy new ones in the end. We take down your lights, store them and get them back out next year, so you don’t have to touch a tangled string of holiday lights ever again.

4. Ladders

Heights? In the cold and snowy weather? Eh. No one wants to start their holiday season in the emergency room. I am not saying you can’t handle climbing a ladder. But, I am saying that it’s a dangerous endeavor. With thousands being injured every year hanging outdoor Christmas decorations it might just be an unnecessary risk. Keep your feet on the ground while our professional team does all of the climbing, reaching and hanging.

5. Burnt Out Bulbs

You’ve untangled them, you get the holiday lights hung, and then you flip the switch. You flip the switch. Did you flip the switch? Are they plugged in? Did a fuse break? GAH! There is a bulb out and it’s making the whole strand stay dark. Now you have to find that one single bulb that is holding up the whole show. Don’t put yourself through this torture ever again, let us handle the lights from start to finish. Better yet, if something happens a week after they’re up, we’ll come trouble shoot the issue and fix it.

6. It is Way too Cold Out There

While Thanksgiving is your goal for hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you do have to contend with unforeseen weather and other potential hiccups. Hanging outdoor holiday lights in Minneapolis can be a tricky proposition any time after October. It could be snowing, windy, raining, blizzardy or just down right too cold. And the closer you get to Christmas the colder it is going to get. Stay inside, poor a cup of coffee and relax while our team braves the elements and get your lights hung.

7. Professional Design + Professional Installation = Professional Results

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we offer a professionally installed outdoor holiday lighting design. We work very hard to make sure the design is exactly what you want before we order lights and show up for installation. So whether you are going for something simple and classic or you’re trying to win the neighborhood holiday decorating contest, we can make your outdoor Christmas lighting display the talk of the town.

8. Football

Do I need to say more? Whether it’s college or the NFL, don’t miss your favorite team playing because you were stuck out on a ladder hanging Christmas wreaths. The Vikings only have about 16 games each season, don’t miss a single one. Let us hang the lights while you watch the big game.

While there are many more than eight reasons to hire us to hang your outdoor holiday Christmas decorations this year, we thought this list encompassed eight annoying, great and funny reasons to give us a try this holiday season. Find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can add some cheer to your holiday season. Call today! It may only be September but it’s best to beat the crowd and get on the schedule before Halloween and Thanksgiving zoom by. Give us call at 763-208-0555 or email us at [email protected]

Curb Appeal for your Minneapolis Home. All Day & All Night!

Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Without curb appeal your home will never get the respect it deserves. While kitchens and baths may sell homes, curb appeal can keep potential buyers from even walking in the door. Even if you’re not selling, you want your Minneapolis home to make the best first impression possible. Whether it’s for your own need for a neat appearance, your neighbors’ appreciation at keeping the neighborhood as a whole looking great or you’re wanting to have the best house on the block, any reason for keeping your home’s curb appeal great is a good one.

Minneapolis Curb Appeal All Day

There are many items that need attention to keep your home’s curb appeal in tip top shape. You must trim your lawn and hedges regularly. You should keep your flower beds weed free and tidy. Adding mulch and flower bed borders will really spruce the place up. Keeping weeds from growing in the cracks of your driveway and sidewalk is another must do task. Don’t forget the home itself. Keeping shutters freshly painted, your home’s exterior power washed, and cracks or breaks should be mended immediately. All of these tasks are time consuming and worth every minute. Your home will look and stay immaculate if you keep on top of these items year round.

Minneapolis Curb Appeal All Night

A bit trickier is reproducing that fantastic hard earned curb appeal at night. There is not a good opportunity for people noticing your beautiful flowers, your neatly trimmed hedges or your freshly painted shutters under the dark of night. However, with some perfectly placed outdoor lighting we can create a new, more attractive curb appeal for your home after dark. You could potentially not even keep up with all of those day-to-day curb appeal chores and still have some curb appeal at night with the right outdoor lighting. We can shine a light directly on your home’s exterior to show off its beauty and character for passer-bys. We can place path lighting all along your driveway to highlight the beautiful, weed free concrete or brick pavers. We can illuminate your prized hydrangeas or Japanese maple with the help of some uplighting. Whatever your home’s best features are, we can illuminate them at night for curb appeal all night long.

Find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can add curb appeal to your home. For a complimentary consultation including a free night time demonstration, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected]

Bright Ideas in Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting

Humans have long worked hard to light up the night around us. Starting with campfires, torches, candles, lanterns, gas lamps, electric bulbs, halogens to the current innovative environmentally friendly LEDs, we see huge progress in outdoor illumination. It is a human need as basic as our need for food, clothing and shelter. So, let’s head outside and explore the new lighting options available that will change your lifestyle.

Dining al fresco

Have your ideas for eating a great meal outside ever been thwarted by the setting sun and lack of proper lighting? Maybe your grill station DIY flood light simply isn’t enough light for food prep. Have you ever, flashlight in one hand, or under your chin, tried to test your meat, seafood or veggies on the grill, struggling to tell if they are done or not? When your deck or patio has just the right outdoor lighting, both preparing and enjoying a meal out in the fresh air are made easier than cooking indoors.

With the addition of path lighting down to the lake and dock, refreshments can be enjoyed by the water without worry of stumbling or tripping because your steps are not clearly illuminated. Travel back and forth, easily with food in hand when path lighting is illuminating your way. One of the best things about our beautifully designed outdoor lighting systems is that they are custom designed for each home and family. The ambiance we are able to help create is truly breathtaking and unique. By subtly lighting trees with feature focal lighting, we are able to create an atmosphere that softly extends the outdoor space without adding harsh, blinding bright spots.

Entertaining Outside

Party time! Whether lakeside, by the pool or just in the spacious back yard of your home, having friends and family over for any occasion is all the better when guests can ebb and flow inside and outside of your home with a warm welcome. In the evening, meandering down a gently illumined path shows off your garden in a majestical way you just don’t get during the day. Under the gentle glow of ambient outdoor lighting, shadows, textures, and colors all glow in new entrancing ways.

You may not have a large enough home to be able to comfortably host a large party. We have all been to those gatherings, where the room becomes excessively warm and stuffy. There is a natural tendency to want slip outside when this happens. By including outdoor rooms in your design plans, entertaining is nearly effortless, as guests are encouraged to move outside or even stay outside. From cocktail parties to cookouts to birthday celebrations, neighborhood get-togethers, anniversaries and more, outdoor lighting expands your party possibilities. Outdoor lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere, whether it is just you enjoying a quiet zen moment or the whole neighborhood celebrating the end of summer.

Securing Your Home with Beauty

Surround your home in light with landscape lighting and architectural façade lighting. Setting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis apart from everyone else in the industry is our recommendation that you let us surround the sides and back of your home in lighting. While anchoring your entire home to the property, it also provides substantial safety and security.

By utilizing professional outdoor lighting design and installation, you are able to highlight the smallest details of your home’s exterior and garden. Pulling double duty, these gorgeous effects also secure your home. Unlike bugs, mischief makers are not drawn to light. They want to hide to avoid being seen. By creating a soft, welcoming glow around your entire home, there is no place where an intruder can feel safely hidden. Many times the lights alone will deter a would-be prowler from even attempting such a risky crime.

With an endless number of possibilities, these are just a few ideas for your outdoor lighting project. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we believe your home and landscape should be enjoyed, whenever you desire, regardless of the time of day or year. Crafting exquisitely lighted outdoor settings that reflect your personality, preference and style is a partnership that lasts long beyond the initial installation. To learn more about how we can help you with your outdoor lighting needs, we gladly offer free consultations. Give us a call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected]

Minneapolis Façade Lighting for Enhanced Character

Professional Outdoor Lighting Minneapolis

When considering outdoor lighting for your Minneapolis area home, be sure to choose a professional outdoor lighting designer. The improper lighting of a house can vary from having a few overly bright lights, to having too many lights that create a speckled look on your home. The goal of good architectural facade lighting is to render the home’s facade as well at night as it looks during the day. If you have a tall home, you want to be able to appreciate the full height of the facade with outdoor lighting. If your cottage style home has unique character with multiple architectural reliefs, you need to highlight your façade’s unique beauty at night.

Minneapolis Façade Lighting

Looking at the photo above, focus on the depth and texture of the materials used on the facade. You can actually see, from a distance the individual stones. The millwork at the peaks and the siding boards are rendering with texture and depth that could potentially be washed out by the wrong outdoor lighting. Good outdoor lighting renders the illuminated area the same or better at night, than it does during the day. Texture, depth and shadows are the key ingredient in that formula.

Not noticing the lights themselves is another important tenet of good outdoor lighting. Strong design focuses on the illuminated item, not the item doing the illuminating. Notice how we tuck the uplights into the landscape so that all you see is the home that is illuminated. While the coach lights atop the pillars are meant to be decorative, the remainder of the exterior lighting is installed to show off the home, not the lights.

led or Halogen?

We are always asked about LED. Is LED technology ready for prime time? Is the quality there to create the desired effect? Take a look at the two images above. One side is illuminated with LED, the other is illuminated with halogen. Can you tell the difference? Our Minneapolis clients are looking for LED in their outdoor lighting. The technology is absolutely ready for prime time. By using 90% less energy you’ll save a ton on your electric bill and the bulbs last an average of 50,000 hours. You won’t have to change your LED bulbs for many years.

For a complimentary consultation including a free night time demonstration, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected]

Sculpt your Evening in Light with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis

Offering Top Quality Home Solutions

In 2006, my business partner Russ Jundt and I, began offering proven outdoor solutions the common problems many Twin Cities families face around their home. Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities was the beginning of a great portfolio of service businesses in the Twin Cities. With Mosquito Squad we can give homeowners and businesses safe, reliable, and proven methods of eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from their properties. Today, with the addition of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to our community of services, you can see that our goal is simple: offer long-term, high quality solutions for homeowners in Minneapolis so they get the most use of their yards during Minnesota’s short summer season.

We are here in Minneapolis for the long-haul. Nine years and more than 1,500 satisfied clients later, we and our new partner Jake Mathre understand fully that our trusted attention to detail and professional client care puts us a cut above our Twin Cities competitors. Whether we are creating a lovelier home exterior, better curb appeal, or extending the time your deck and patio are usable past sundown, the addition of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is a perfect addition to our service offerings.

Outdoor Lighting is a Natural Fit

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is an organic fit for the Lake Minnetonka region. From Plymouth to Edina to Maple Grove and beyond, the beautiful landscape is just dying to be illuminated at night. Creating artistic and professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting is an essential priority for many local families. The next time you are driving through a Minneapolis area neighborhood, look at the outside lighting. Many homes have a pair of door lamps, which do little more than show the person who is standing at your front door. Did you see any home with professionally installed outdoor lighting? What was your first impression? You absolutely notice it, or better yet, you notice their home and property.

Professional, Innovative, Responsible Outdoor Lighting Design

With the addition of architectural façade lighting, you see nuances that you may not have noticed in the harsh glare of the bright sun. Subtle millwork or how the stone or vinyl exterior undulates creates contrast and texture. With column and wash lighting your eye is drawn up and around the home. When done properly, all these various lighting applications create an overall grounded feeling for a home, anchoring it to its landscape. Normally under the cover of darkness, a chiseled gracefulness is added to your home’s façade. By custom designing the illumination and the areas of shadow, professional outdoor lighting is all about the details.

During our long winters, outdoor lighting can improve a person’s mood. Snow is an integral part of our scenery, so it makes sense to work with outdoor lighting design so that snowscapes, as well as the later emerging greenscapes, when illuminated, shimmer and reflect back a cheerful welcome. Snow’s wonderland effect is perfectly enhanced by our exquisite decorative outdoor lighting features. The corresponding dramatic shadows are breathtaking year-round and can be transformative in a variety of areas on your property.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis we believe your home and landscape should be enjoyed, regardless of the time of day or year. Shaping exquisitely lighted outdoor settings that reflect your personality, life-style and design sense is a partnership that lasts long beyond the initial installation. To learn more about how we can help you with your outdoor lighting needs, we gladly offer free consultations. Give us a call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected]

Landscape Lighting in Minneapolis Provides Multiple Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Professional landscaping or do-it-yourself gardener – everyone deserves to have their hard earned landscape illuminated at night. Landscape lighting in the Minneapolis area serves multiple purposes. From illuminating your patio with ambient light around the perimeter to adding safety for navigating your property at night, landscape lighting is a fantastic solution for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

Safety with Landscape Lighting in Minneapolis

With the addition of landscape lighting at your Minneapolis home, you will gain the practical benefit of added safety. While navigating your property at night, there are many tripping hazards that could potentially cause a fall. With the addition of landscape lighting, you will be able to see what is in front of you without a spotlight blinding you into further darkness.

Luxurious Outdoor Living with Outdoor Lighting

Your property should be a haven to enjoy any time, day or night. With the addition of landscape lighting, you can gently illuminate your outdoor living spaces with a soft ambient glow. By highlighting the perimeter of these spaces with landscape lighting you achieve just the right lighting to make the space quite functional while still maintaining the peaceful enjoyable atmosphere you can enjoy every night.

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting to Show of your Beloved Landscaping

Whether you hire a landscape designer and gardeners to keep your landscaping lush and gorgeous or you are a do-it-yourself gardener, don’t let the beauty go unnoticed at night. With path lighting to gently illuminate your shrubs and flowers with light, you can create a perfect glow to highlight the plants without washing out their color or beauty. By adding uplights to your ornamental trees and even your large focal trees you can grab the attention of evening guests, guiding them to see all the beauty you have built and maintained in your yard.

With investments in time, money and sweat, your landscaping deserves to be seen day and night. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis we can illuminate your landscaping to illuminate your life.

For a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis Nighttime Demonstration

Seeing your home and landscape illuminated is an important moment in the decision to improve curb appeal, increase safety and security and expand outdoor living by adding lighting to the exterior of your home and property. Would you buy a car sight unseen and without test driving it? No. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we provide you a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration so you can make the right choice for your home and life.

How the outdoor lighting demo works

We start by visiting you and your home during the daytime. We walk the property with you and listen to your thoughts and needs while adding suggestions you may not have considered. We get to know you and understand who uses the space and how. If you have kids, pets or you do a lot of outdoor entertaining we take it all into consideration.

After we’ve worked on a custom outdoor lighting design, we schedule your nighttime demonstration. Our professional lighting experts will arrive at your home shortly before dusk, allowing just enough daylight to get the system in place and adjusted, highlighting all of the right features. When the hard work is done and the sun has set, we’ll call you outside to view your new and improved illuminated deck, patio, garden, home and landscaping.

When the sun sets the collaboration begins

That moment when you see your outdoor lighting for the first time is an experience you will never forget. And then you will walk around and view each light and each highlighted feature with careful consideration. With our portable demonstration system, we discuss each fixture, what it is accomplishing and even add, relocate or remove lights until the results are exactly what you want and need. These moments of collaboration are a wonderful creative effort that really connects us with our clients in a way that other industries do not allow for.

Having your children and spouse view and collaborate on the lighting design is even more rewarding. With everyone’s input we are sure to get just the right effect to meet everyone’s needs. You may even find we almost neglected a key spot in your yard if it wasn’t for the input of your daughter who reminded us all of how they like to play tag at night in the summer or basketball on the driveway at the end of a hot day.

Once the demonstration lights are exactly how you want them and you love it, we can get you on the schedule for an installation as soon as you’d like. By placing markers and writing up the design during the demonstration our professional installations crews will be able to come in and install your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system to specifications with no guesswork.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, call us today for your custom designed complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Deck Lighting Makes your Outdoor Living Space the Highlight of the Minneapolis Night

When you built your deck, you dreamed of the lifestyle it would allow you to lead. Coffee in the mornings, lunch under the umbrella and dinner and drinks with friends — over-looking the yard where the kids are running around. What you may have discovered shortly after is that the sunset on your joyful occasions way too early. As you were just getting comfortable with a drink in hand, the sun goes down and people wander inside. With deck lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you can extend outdoor living on your deck well into the night.

Dinner & drinks on the deck

If you’re like many Minneapolis area families, a dinner party with friends is one of your favorite ways to spend the evening. By preparing a meal at home, you can kick back and relax on the deck without having to worry about dressing up and keeping the kids quiet and still. Once you’re done eating, don’t let the sunset drive you into the house. Enjoy every minute of the evening with deck lighting illuminating the space. With our copper or brass half-moon sconces mounted on alternating posts, we create a wide wash of light around the perimeter of your deck to outline the party space. Now you and your friends can sit and enjoy a drink on the deck while the kids run around the yard playing flashlight tag and catching fireflies.

Camping under the stars

Speaking of the kids, they want to enjoy the deck under the stars too. The deck is a perfect place to let the kids stay out late or even throw out their sleeping bags for a campout. Without having to worry about creepy crawlies in the yard or setting up a tent, you can let your kids experience the outdoors the way we used to. By mounting lights under your stair railings and in the stair risers you can be sure your children will be safe while they venture up and down throughout the evening.

Hot Tub

Enjoying a soak in the hot tub is the best way to end an evening. With our pier mounted copper path light along your deck posts you can get a gentle wash of light that will add to the relaxing romantic mood. With the added benefit of safety for entering and exiting the hot tub in the dark, you no longer have to feel your way around in the dark. Now you can just relax, before, during and after your nice hot soak.

With so many additional ways to enjoy your deck after dark, there is no doubt that deck lighting is the right investment so that you can live the lifestyle you have always dreamt of. To learn more about our custom designed deck lighting and outdoor lighting systems or for a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Highlighting the natural night time beauty on the shores of Lake Minnewashta

Nestled along the shore of Lake Minnewashta in Excelsior MN sits a beautiful home atop a set of sixty boulder steps. With a beautiful view of the lake and a lovely yard to enjoy there was just one problem. Getting down those natural bolder steps to safely go for an evening boat ride or to sit on the dock was not easy in the dark. Not to mention, getting back up the boulder stairs after a starry nighttime cruise on the water.

When the homeowner first called us here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis they had a few broad goals such as adding curb appeal, lake appeal, and safety along the boulder steps. But they really were looking for some help in designing an outdoor lighting system that would provide those very practical goals while also creating a lakefront haven for them to enjoy every evening all year long.

Stepping on the beautiful property was a lighting designers dream come true. With boulder steps to highlight, trees to focus on and Lake Minnewashta to reflect it all back, we had a perfect canvas to work with. With the help of 40 LED lights we were able to turn an already beautiful canvas into a night time masterpiece to behold.

The first thing we did is uplight six trees in the front of the house. The lights provide soft focal points that illuminate and create an inviting entry onto the property. To continue the warm invitation we highlighted the front façade of the home to lead the guests’ right up to the door and complete that curb appeal the homeowners were really after. With the addition of path lights along the front landscaping to tie the house to the ground, the home becomes a picture-perfect vision for evening arrivals and passerby’s to behold.

Continuing with the path lights around the side of the home, we were able to create a safe guide along the two sets of boulder steps to get guests around to the lake out back. We used uplights under selected trees between the home and the lake and washed a couple boulder walls to create a gently illuminated yard. The real treat was treating the 60 boulder steps to a gorgeous wash of light to add the safety the homeowners were really concerned with. To get just the right effect while still gaining the safety, we used 6 downlights to wash the steps. With 2 watt LEDs, the effect is subtle and safe.

A lot of landscape lighting is too bright, especially when safety becomes a priority but with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we are aware of the huge benefits of subtle and gentle lighting that creates a safe nighttime haven. At the bottom of the stairs, we used a 43” decorative light to provide a beautiful artistic focal point for the homeowners and their guests. With one more uplight focused on a large oak tree, they can easily pick out their house when they are coming in on the boat at night. We were able to hit all of the homeowners’ goals while providing them a gorgeous outdoor living space that they will enjoy for years to come.

To learn more about our custom designed lakefront outdoor lighting systems or for a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Outdoor Lighting for your Lake Minnetonka home means creating a beautiful beacon in the night

Lakefront living is a dream come true. Allow your dream life to continue well into the evening and night with a home and landscape lighting system designed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Being in the land of 10,000 lakes (but really there are 11,842) we feel it is our responsibility to illuminate the beautiful homes and cabins that surround the Lake Minnetonka, Lake Minnewashta and the others to make a majestic treasure to behold from any viewpoint. With the additional benefit of creating safety and security to guide you to your dock and from the boat up to the cabin, outdoor lighting on your lakefront home is a win-win.

Reflecting light to illuminate the night

The lakefront side of your home is where all of the action is. Whether you are going in and out of the water, on a boat ride or just relaxing in your Adirondack chair you are spending more time lakeside than anywhere else on your property. With the addition of outdoor lighting to highlight your home’s architectural features, illuminate your decking or show off the new retaining wall you can create a magical retreat for the perfect night at the lake. The impeccable lighting will illuminate your outdoor living space while dancing majestically off the water to accentuate the tranquility lakefront living is known for. On a calm evening you may find a beautifully mirrored reflection of your outdoor lighting looking right back at you from the water’s surface, a treasure you won’t soon forget.

Beacon in the night for those night time cruises on the boat

With boating season being shorter than we’d like it to be thanks to the Minnesota winter, we know you are spending as much time out on your pontoon this summer as possible. To maximize your enjoyment and entertain your guests, a nighttime boat cruise is just what the doctor ordered. With purposeful and creative outdoor lighting we can create a beacon in the night calling you home from the lake upon your return. You’re home probably has a distinct feature like a large oak tree or a flagpole next to the dock that you rely on to guide you in during the day. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can help you choose the perfect beacon to focus a spotlight on for a guiding light home after dark. And when your friends and neighbors pass by, they will know without a doubt they are cruising by your stunning lakefront home.

Safety for returning to the house from the dock

Once you dock your boat and are ready to head up to the house after your nighttime outing you quite likely have cooler or other items to carry with you. The trip from the dock up the hill or stairs becomes an even trickier climb without proper safety lighting to guide the way. With many lakefront cabins being at a substantially higher elevation than the lake, it is crucial to illuminating the deck stairs, retaining walls, natural stone stairs or steep path from the dock all the way up to the house. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can achieve this added safety while using the same lights to create a majestic lakeside outdoor living atmosphere that reflects warmly on your lives.

To learn more about our custom designed lakefront outdoor lighting systems or for a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Decorative outdoor lighting for your Minneapolis area home

Is your landscaping missing that perfect focal point such as a fountain, statue, or bird bath? Outdoor lighting provides practical illumination and beautiful ambiance around your home, but that doesn’t mean that the fixtures themselves can’t become party of the beauty of your landscape. By using attraction lights for your decorative outdoor lighting your lighting fixture can pull double duty as art and as light.

Sculpture of illumination

Have you always wanted a beautiful garden sculpture but had trouble finding one that was just right? Many being way too extravagant, others being way too modern and still others being way too plain. With decorative outdoor lighting fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis you can get a sculpture for your landscape that is practical and has just the right touch of art. With a variety of designs and sizes you are sure to find one that is just the right decorative light to compliment your home and landscape.

Art from shadows

While attraction lights have ornate carvings and intricate design work that make them a beauty to behold at any time, they provide a special form of shadow art at night when they are on. Notice the floral design that is casting a shadow across the brick walk way in the picture. Each decorative light creates its own unique shadow across your path, landscape or lawn while the shadows within the light itself provide a centerpiece of intrigue and focus.

Art for all tastes

There is a vast variety of styles in decorative lights. Maybe you want two welcoming sculptures on each side of a driveway or path leading to your log cabin on Lake Minnetonka. In that case you might find a lovely pine tree design to compliment the rustic aura. Or maybe you want to add six lights to line the path leading up to your ultra-modern home in the city. To do that you might pick out an abstract design with clean geometric patterns. From leaves and floral designs to bold geometric patterns and clean Asian inspired lines there is a decorative lighting fixture for every application.

<Size does matter in decorative outdoor lighting

The variety doesn’t end in the artwork for decorative lighting. The size variation spans from pillars down to knee height and everything in between. If you are choosing to put a single decorative light in the center of your circular drive you would likely want one that is six feet tall with a beautiful ornate design. Whereas if you are using them to highlight the path leading to your dock at night you may choose lower stature attraction lights with a less intricate design to allow as much light to pass through as possible.

To learn more about our decorative attraction lights or for a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Don’t rent a venue. Host the party at your Minneapolis home with help from the best in outdoor lighting

An evening Wedding at your lake front home? Under your beautiful pergola?

You have a beautiful Lake Minnetonka property with the perfect gazebo. Your niece is begging you to let her have her wedding at the lake house. You finally agree, she’s your favorite niece and you should make good use of your lovely lakeside retreat. Then it dawns on you, a few of your path lights went out last summer, and over the winter you lost a deck light.

Even if your lighting system is older, wasn’t installed by us or is not working, we can help. Our professionally trained lighting experts can come in, assess the situation, repair & retrofit or upgrade anything that needs it. We can even add just the right uplights around the gazebo to make a picture-perfect scene for your favorite niece’s wedding.

An Unforgettable 4th of July

Usually, you like to go on vacation for the Fourth of July because it is the only time you can manage to get off of work. This year though, your kids have talked you into hosting a huge bash. They’re bringing their spouses, the kids, the kids’ friends, fireworks and are going to spend the weekend with you cooking out and swimming. Don’t wait until they are swimming the first night to realize the lights around the pool and patio aren’t working or need adjusting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we’ll check out your whole system and make sure it’s in tip-top shape so that the party doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Better yet, we can hang some amazing string lights from the pool house up to the main house creating a festive atmosphere that will always be remembered.

Event lighting for every Minneapolis occasion

You don’t have outdoor lighting? Don’t let that stop you from throwing that next holiday party, fundraiser or weekend blow out. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can provide you with special event lighting for your next occasion. Our special event lighting starts with festoon lighting hanging over your main party area but expands out to all of the relevant spaces in your yard. If you have a pool we can illuminate it to either invite guests to swim or to help keep partygoers from falling in. We can highlight the garden to encourage guests to go for a stroll, by hanging lights on the house or by hanging orb lights in nearby trees. We’ll create a one of a kind evening for you and your guests.

Does your home have an outdoor lighting system that has not worked in years? Or maybe it is working but you hate to use it as you watch that electric bill climb. We can repair systems that we didn’t install to get them up and running in time for your next big celebration. We also can do an upgrade or retrofit to older systems, converting them to LED for energy and cost savings. Not only will you have the safety, security, and ambiance of your outdoor lighting again, but you can have it at a lower cost than your older system allowed.

Don’t wait until the day of your party. For worry free maintenance and service or for a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s outdoor lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Transform your Minneapolis garden into a nighttime treasure with custom garden lighting

All day Saturday you planted, seeded, weeded, mulched and watered until you couldn’t garden anymore. Beaming with pride you stand back and take in the splendor of your creation. Only the sun is setting, and a veil of darkness falls over your meticulously groomed garden. Don’t let the fruits of your labors, the showroom of your creativity go unseen just because night falls. With custom garden lights designed and professionally installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, your garden can shine all day and all night.

Did you plant some moonflowers because you heard about the majestic glow they create when the moon reflects off of them? Don’t wait for a full moon on a clear night to enjoy these fragrant vines in all their splendor. Outdoor garden lighting will illuminate their beautiful white sheen as magically as the moon can, and better because you can enjoy them every night.

Yellow, red, pink, purple, green, and all of the colors in between make your garden the amazing creation that it is. The blazing sunlight can wash out your pinks and purples, make your reds bleed, and your greens turn yellow. Add some custom garden lights to your flower bed to bring to life the true colors of your blooming annuals. Your enchanting color pallet renders even better at night without the harsh glare of the sun.

You made three trips to the garden center to get the plants, the trim, the mulch, just right. As you unwind on your beautiful patio with a cold drink to celebrate the day’s successes and distress from those frustrating moments, wouldn’t you like to see what you’ve accomplished? Garden and landscape outdoor lighting illuminates your prized shrubs and trees while creating majestic shadows inviting everyone to spend their evenings in your amazing outdoor living space.

The remarkable spaces you’ve created in and around your garden will be illuminated for all to see. Softly illuminating stepping stones and pathways will guide the way transforming your garden into an inviting gathering place. As you mosey through the newly created depth and absorb the sweet smell of your floral displays you can transport yourself out of the daily grind and into tranquility and splendor to end your day on the right note.

You’ve waited all winter to get your garden and flower beds cleaned out and blooming, make the most of our short warm season with the addition of garden lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Be the envy of your neighbors who often don’t make it over during the hustle and bustle of the day, but arrive just in time for a luminous evening cocktail.

For a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior and garden lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

Achieve Increased Safety and Security with Great Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting

Imagine coming home from that much needed and rare date night only to run over your 10 year olds’ bike in the dark driveway. The damage caused to your car has ruined the night. The complete destruction of the bike will have your 10-year-old throwing fits for days. Let’s not even discuss the expense you are facing in repairing the car and replacing the bike.

Outdoor lighting, specifically a few floodlights and some path lighting can illuminate your driveway’s edge making it difficult to miss the occasionally forgotten toy. Add some specialty lights around your home’s main entrance to provide visibility and safety while guiding your visitors into the driveway and to the front door.

Are you constantly stumbling to the trash bins while taking the trash out in the dark? The last thing you want to do is walk around the dark corner of your house never knowing what is there or what you might trip on. Eliminate fear by illuminating the side of your house with up lights and your walkway with path lighting. Professional outdoor lighting will transform your home, creating a beautiful ambiance as well as eliminating places for any unwanted guests to hide.

As it relates to safety, it’s a well-known fact that would be intruders will opt for the home that’s dark, providing plenty of spaces for them to hide both on their way in and their way out. To that end, ensure your home is illuminated not only in the front but around the side and the back. We are not suggesting that you do away with your security system but a little outdoor light goes a long way.

Speaking of outdoor lights for the back of your home…

Are your teenagers begging to throw a Saturday night pool party? Why are you hesitating? Does the idea of twenty teenage kids running around your yard, hanging out on your deck and swimming in your pool give you nightmares? With the addition of deck, patio and pool lighting you can create a wonderful outdoor living space for your family while also gaining peace of mind when you begrudgingly agree to let your kids throw a pool party.

Not only will Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis allow you to keep a watchful eye on young party goers, you can keep all of your guests from tripping up or down stairs with subtle illuminating step and handrail lighting for your deck. Add festive special event lighting or an up light to your gazebo or pergola to keep the entire yard usable, visible, festive and safe for every occasion.

Find out how outdoor lighting can add safety and security to your Minneapolis area home with our free evening demonstration. With our free nighttime demonstration, we come to your home and set up temporary lights so you can see your home in lights before you purchase.

For a complimentary consultation including a free nighttime demonstration of your home’s exterior lighting potential, give us call at 763-208-0555, email us at [email protected] or schedule an appointment by visiting our website at minneapolis.outdoorlights.com.

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