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5 Benefits of Taking Advantage of our Annual Maintenance Plan

We always ask clients, “Does your outdoor lighting look as good as the day it was installed?” We know that harsh Minneapolis winters can take a toll on outdoor lighting installations. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to take care of your lighting, by taking advantage of our annual maintenance plan. What will we do for you this spring?

exterior home lighting maintenance

1. Conceal wiring exposed by erosion or foot traffic and check all connections.

We know that snowmelt can cause ground erosion, which might expose your landscape lighting wiring. As well, wiring might also be in an area of moderate to heavy foot traffic. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will come to your home in the springtime to inspect your lighting system’s wiring. To keep your system in tip-top working order, we will scrutinize your entire electrical installation, making sure all connections are viable, and conceal any exposed wiring. With our annual maintenance plan, we’ve got you covered!

2. Realign, adjust, and clean lighting fixtures.

Months of heavy snow can take a toll, even if you work to keep snow off your fixtures. Fact is, your lighting fixtures will endure many a snowfall and will be covered at times, if not all winter. Not to worry! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will come to your home at the end of the winter season and adjust any fixtures that have been affected. Additionally, we will clean all the lenses. We will ensure that your lighting is in perfect alignment, cleanly and beautifully highlighting your landscaping, walkways, and home.

landscape lighting maintenance
We’ll keep your outdoor lighting system running and looking like new!

3. Halogen bulb replacement.

Where applicable, we will perform a yearly bulb replacement. This is a task that you likely would not look forward to performing on your own, as it can be very time-consuming. Leave the worry to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Let it be our job to keep your halogen lighting beautifully lit. Yeah, that’s covered in our annual maintenance plan!

Want to change your halogen lighting to cost/energy-saving LED? See the benefits of retrofitting your system!

Beautiful Minneapolis LED landscape lighting

4. Check your automatic timing operation and controls.

If you have an automatic timing lighting system and want to ensure that it is always in perfect working order, taking advantage of our annual maintenance plan is imperative. Our skilled and experienced technicians will execute a complete system check and perform any repair or maintenance that is required.

Don’t have automatic lighting control? Check out our lighting control automation!

smart outdoor lighting controller
Control your entire lighting system remotely, and set it to work automatically!

5. You will be an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Vip client.

When you call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis for repairs or adjustments as an annual maintenance plan holder, you will receive priority status. All our annual maintenance plan clientele receives VIP service when it comes to maintaining your lighting system. After the winter season, we become inundated with service calls. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your call will be a priority, no matter how busy our technicians are?

post-winter outdoor lighting adjustments
Minneapolis snow is imminent. Don’t let your lighting fall victim to harsh winter weather!

Severe Minneapolis winters can take a toll on any outdoor installation – from landscaping to wear and tear on your home to outdoor lighting. Don’t let your lighting fall victim to wintertime weather. Take advantage of our annual maintenance plan, and never worry about whether your lighting is in proper adjustment, proper working order, or is running safely and soundly. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will inspect your entire lighting installation and make any and all necessary adjustments or repairs resulting from bitter winter elements, and it’s all covered under our annual maintenance plan!

Are you worried about how your lighting system will endure the harsh winter snow, ice, and the snow melt in the springtime? Become an annual maintenance plan holder and leave the worry to us! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis! 763-208-0555

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