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Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Effects for Your Home and Landscaping

Have you ever driven by a home in the Minneapolis area, and just think, “WOW, look at that lighting?” If you have, chances are, that home has a professional outdoor lighting design. The difference in professional lighting design and a DIY project is usually distinguishable – both by the actual placement of the lighting, but also in the lighting products used.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we revel in creating truly unique outdoor lighting schemes, that are custom tailored to each home and property. Whether you reside in an urban or suburban area, we have many outdoor and landscape lighting solutions that will evoke a delightful “wow” from those, who see your home at night. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible lighting effects and products, which we use to achieve them!

Minneapolis home and landscape lighting

Whimsical landscape lighting effects

Our outdoor lighting products are made to evoke emotion and fancy! Our specialty attraction lighting fixtures not only light your landscaping for safe travel through your yard or garden space, but they are decorative structures in the daytime, which become veritable image projectors at night. They cast their cut-out designs directly onto your paths and landscaping, creating a magical setting for you and your visitors.

Water lilies create a whimsical landscape lighting effect

Dramatic backyard lighting effects

Remember when you were a child, and spent countless summer evenings in your own backyard catching fireflies, playing tag, squeezing every ounce of daylight out of your day of play? Now, imagine a setting like this backyard, where it appears that the bountiful light of a harvest moon is shining down through the trees, and allowing you to remain outdoors after hours. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can create such a scene in your own backyard with our dramatic moonlighting techniques and products – even hanging your “moonlights” directly in the tree canopy above to brilliantly illuminate your favorite backyard spaces!

Minneapolis moonlighting outdoor lighting effect

Breathtaking home lighting effects

No matter the style of your home, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can create a truly awesome lighting effect for your home’s façade. Our professional Minneapolis outdoor lighting designers are wise to utilizing specific lighting products, where to place them, and how to properly direct lighting onto beautiful elements on your home. They also know how to utilize negative space. Notice the gorgeous shadows created by the sconces and Juliet balcony balustrades and how they work in contrast with the most-lit areas below. Also notice the completely unlit turret and dormer, where the trees below are highlighted instead. Our designers know that all areas don’t have to be washed with light to play into the total lighting effect!

Great Minneapolis outdoor lighting also uses negative space for effect

Are you ready for a unique outdoor lighting effect for your Minneapolis area home and property?

minneapolis outdoor lighting done rightThese are just a few examples of our outdoor lighting design and installation capabilities. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is a trusted source for many homes and businesses’ outdoor and landscape lighting needs. If you are looking to replace or add to your existing system, we can achieve the look you desire. If you need an upgrade to LED lighting, check out our outdoor lighting upgrade and retrofit services! No matter your need, no matter your desired effect, we can help bring your Minneapolis area home and property out of the shadows.

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