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Minneapolis LED Landscape Lights Create Gorgeous Energy Efficient Curb Appeal

LED lighting is not only for your special events or holiday décor; Minneapolis LED landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your home and property year round. These fantastic looking lights are far beyond what you might remember from the early days of LED. The color is gorgeous, they don’t need to warm up first, and their energy efficiency means a lower electric bill and a very rare need for an LED bulb replacement.

LED Landscape Lighting for Paths

Our antique brass LED path lights are one of our most popular fixtures. They create a lovely wash of light onto any concrete, gravel or paver stone pathway. LED path lights are also a great choice for intermittent washes of light within flowerbeds and other landscape features.

LED Landscape Lighting for Trees

With an LED focal light, we can uplight your favorite Oak, Maple or Birch tree to show off its height, gorgeous trunk texture, and stunning foliage. With an adjusted wider wash, the same LED light can be used to spread across the wide canopy of shorter ornamental trees like Japanese Maples and Hydrangea trees making a perfect focal point in the center of a landscaping bed. We can even use LED landscape lighting within a tree to shine down the tree trunk or across your property for a magical moonlighting effect.

LED Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living

LED landscape lighting is a perfect way to illuminate your outdoor living area to make it more functional for nighttime use. With properly placed LED lights in the landscape around the perimeter of a paver patio, you’ll gain visibility and an unbeatable atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing or everyday use.

LED Landscape Lighting for your Landscape Accessories

Illuminating the best features of your landscape can be done well with LED landscape lighting. We’ll neatly tuck our antique brass LED lights within your landscape so they can shine with a dramatic or subtle focus on your unique landscape accessories. Whether it is a large structure like a pergola or gazebo or gorgeous statuary and fountains, make sure your favorite daytime feature remains enjoyable after dark.

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