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Minneapolis Patio Lighting

You’ve created a beautiful living space in your yard with the addition of a patio. Now it’s time to have friends over for dinner, a holiday party, barbecue or cocktails. After all, entertaining is exactly what you had in mind. It would be a shame to have to move your evening indoors at sundown because you didn’t add proper lighting. Patio lights are your key to extending your beautiful days into fun nights.

The Art of Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting is more of an art than a science. And just like every piece of art, the canvas determines the approach. If you have a paver patio with a beautiful stone fireplace in the center, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will take a custom approach to illuminating it for function and beauty. With paver patios we use several techniques as described below to create an ambiance, lighting up your patio with just the right amount of light to set the tone for the evening. Below are some patio lighting techniques we use in our outdoor lighting designs.


The idea for paver patios is to illuminate from above and around, not technically using patio lights to illuminate the space. Our moonlighting technique uses soft washes of light to enhance your patio and areas around it from above. Do you have a tree near your patio? We will work with a tree climber and electrician to hang a light from the perfect branch to cast a beautiful majestic glow through the branches and right on to your seating area. Shadow is an important part of outdoor lighting. Just as the moonlight filters through the tree branches and leaves, our moonlighting technique does the same carrying some of these shadows down on the patio below.

Landscape lighting

Highlighting your gorgeous meticulously grown Minneapolis landscaping and flower beds near your patio is a perfect way to achieve striking effective patio lighting. You’ve waited all winter for your garden beds to flourish again. We will use just the right fixtures to highlight those beautiful flowers and plants while also casting a luminous glow around and onto your patio. We’ll also highlight surrounding focal points in your yard such as trees and statues to add just the right intrigue inviting your guests to spread out onto the property.

Hardscape lighting

With so many patios featuring vertical stone and hardscape features such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, bars, and sitting walls, our hardscape lights are becoming a fast favorite for patio lighting design. Mounting these patio lights right under the capstone to wash down the texture of the stone or brick is a favorite technique.


We focus on creating lighting that highlights the home, garden, patio, and other special landscape features by using unobtrusive fixtures that blend right into their surroundings. Uplighting can illuminate the vertical structures adjoining your paver patio such as trellises, pergolas, walls or planters to highlight your unique outdoor decorative elements.

Down lighting

Adding just the right down lighting on the back of your home to shine down on the patio is a great technique for making your patio an extension of your indoor living space. By placing the light high on the house with the right fixture you can enjoy your eating or sitting areas the same as you do during the day without the harsh glare of a standard flood light.

Festive string lighting

To take full advantage of the gorgeous Minneapolis warm season by hosting weekend parties and events on your patio we suggest festive string lighting. Allow us to install the festoon lights across your patio space or over your pool to create a fun atmosphere encouraging guests to take in all the summer night has to offer.

Patio Lighting in Minneapolis can be the key to a successful summer barbecue season. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer design consultation and exceptional standards of care for our clients and their property. For a free consultation or to learn more, please give us a call today at 763-208-0555.

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